John Key could have been NZ’s Donald Trump

Whenever I commented on the National party’s inertia in fighting global socialism, Nat party fan boys squealed back that there was nothing to be done because if Key or anyone in National spoke out against socialist convention the voters would dump them. So waving the white flag was the only option available.

Whenever I pointed to the success of Nigel Farage’s challenge to the status quo in the UK, Nat Party Progressives told me it just couldn’t happen in NZ.

I said it could happen in NZ and the problem was we have a mealy mouthed stand for nothing believe in nothing compromiser as PM, and that was the problem.

The response to this was always, “no Key’s doing the best that can be done”.

Well, Donald Trump is Nigel Farage on steroids, and his unprecedented popularity with US voters shows it can be done. All it takes is a man with guts and the commitment to change. When the voters see such a man they are drawn to him and will support him.

John Key could have been NZ’s Donald Trump, but surrounding himself with sycophants and yes men/women, and caving in completely to the left, he’ll go down in history as a UN panderer and Helen Clark’s socialist lackey.

5 thoughts on “John Key could have been NZ’s Donald Trump

  1. Please reconsider carefully RB. Donald Trump could be America’s John Key.
    See this story

    Do some research on how Michael Bloomberg became NYC mayor. That former Democrat backer (like Trump big time) used his money and medias savvy (like Trump) to buy the Republican nomination in heavily left leaning NYC. Notice how Trump gets very much OMG media coverage no other GOP runner gets (much because like Bloomberg did). The media is telling us who they prefer — even Fox (who have too many RINOs on staff) by suddenly acting towards Trump like CNN does to all the others.

    Trump is a modern Pied Piper. He knows to say NOW what everybody has longed to hear and he does it in spades. As the good book warns — Know a man by his deeds and not his words.

    For instance, Trump talks a good game about closing the border. Meanwhile all his resorts and golf courses are staffed by Independent contractors who hire, guess who?

    Trust me RB. Do that research on Bloomberg’s history and you’ll see a déjà vu pattern. You will thank me.


    • Thanks for your advice Pascal.

      I think most readers know my preference for POTUS is Cruz. I don’t think there is anyone even close to him.

      I don’t have any real faith in Trump as a Conservative. Why would I? He’s always in what scarce attention I have paid him come across as a Democrat. If you search on this site for Trump you’ll find I have been very critical.

      Its like Colin Craig here in NZ. I also had little faith that Craig would ever perform well. To my mind its not about that. Its about defeating the political class. If we’re going to change things we need a workable strategy. I don’t see any strategies out there at the moment that offer anything better than Trump. (for better or worse)

      And in Trump’s case its about defeating the mainstay of the political class and that is mass immigration and the deliberate destruction of our traditions and our culture.

      Notice that if you force the issue you can have a discussion about so many contentious items. Same sex marriage. Global Warming. Abortion. The political class don’t like it much but you can at least discuss these issues.

      One thing you cannot discuss is mass immigration. Its strictly off limits. By making this the centre point of his campaign, Trump is punching the political class in the head, and the people supporting him on this are punching them as well.

      Just think of it as a boxing match. Donald Trump against the political class. Who are you cheering for Pascal??

      Once Trump is the champion, we fight him and we defeat him. The main thing is the political class are not in the competition any more.


      • I have read Trumps books and I was impressed with his vision and plan on what to do. He writes common sense conservatism with more than a little free market as well. The more I see of Trump and look at the RINO or Dems alternatives the more I think he is the real deal for me.

        There will always be theories about this candidate and that candidate standing. Who knows what is true and is not. He is a showman with a dash of too good to be true freak factor but I doubt they will get as much as a speeding ticket from Trumps back story or garbage can. Even his ex wife speaks very highly of him. He has strong values, principles and business work ethic.

        Cruz is up there too but he simply does not have the independence and funding to get to the WH. I hope I am wrong. If anyone is going to win then I want it to be out of Trump, Cruz and Carson.

        I would love a Trump Cruz ticket.

        This is not just an American election for me. It is a global election. If Trump can get in and kick arse who knows, his action mentality and common sense may rub off on someone in NZ. I know it won’t be anyone in Labour or National.


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