Can business afford the cost of hiring Progressive women?

Woman with forkliftLuca Cicioni was new on the job and unsure of where things were. He saw a women passing by and asked her “Hi darling, can you help me?”.  The woman turned out to be the manager of the company and she fired Luca, a fork lift driver,  for referring to her as “darling”.

Many younger readers probably don’t know it but there was a time when women were not infected by the Progressive virus. What was different about them?

Well, the most noticeable thing was they had a mind of their own, and were not so easily influenced into what they could think or say. They were individuals rather than whitebait.

The second most noticeable thing was that they did not constantly compete with men. They existed in their own space, as man existed in theirs, and there was not the constant grating of the alpha male/ female contest.

Woman were not so plentiful in the workplace either way back. That’s because older generations understood the need for pro-creation, and gave it a priority above that of feminism. No matter how the Progressives re-write the rule book, its always nature that has the final say, and its women’s role to bear children.

Its also their role to raise and nurture the children while the man provides. Nature again.

A pre-Progressive woman may or may not have been offended by being referred to as “darling”. As I said, they made their own minds up and were not told what to think. If she was offended she probably would have said to the worker- “Yes, I can help you, but please don’t call me darling again.” If not she would have just helped him. Whatever, it wouldn’t have been volcanic.

Say the person Luca had approached was a male and he said “Hey mate, can you help me”? The guy would not have been focused on any issue other than whether he could indeed help. Unless he was too busy himself, he would have probably just said “Yes mate, what can I do for you?”.

So Luca’s problem would have been solved, he would still be earning a wage, and the company would still have a forklift driver.

The workplace today is overloaded with women, who are frequently hired to meet unofficial but politically correct demands for quotas. It has become a minefield for men, who cannot focus solely on the work to be done, but must always be wary of  the trivia of upsetting their female colleagues.

In factories, in shops and in boardrooms, the most important thing on so many male minds is not inadvertently offending Progressive women. As Italian new boy Luca Cicioni offended one of them.

All of this concern with the feelings and social dictates of Progressive women, or with their need to “compete” with men, is a massive distraction to the business of running a company.

Luca’s experience demonstrates there is a cost to business of hiring Progressive women. Many businesses must be doing their sums and wondering it that cost is affordable.

10 thoughts on “Can business afford the cost of hiring Progressive women?

  1. Not to mention Woman who are of child bearing age. With 26 weeks paid parental leave and the employer must leaves the position open.. are you supposed to fire the temp after 6 months?


  2. Why aren’t the left screaming about workers ‘ rights and wrongful dismissal here? Oh that’s right he offended a woman. That trumps his right to work.


  3. I’m starting to wonder if this has anything to do with the environmentalists, thinking we have enough people on this earth, what can we do, to reduce the population, more women working.


  4. Employers’ great challenge today is finding a way to avoid hiring troublesome sorts — and contemporary women are most definitely included — while staying out of the line of fire of the “anti-discrimination” laws. It isn’t easy…and an employer never knows whether an applicant is a shill sent to his doorstep by some government agency as an equal-opportunity test case.


    • I work in a project management environment and its very rare that a women can enter that environment and not bring the baggage of “equal opportunity” etc with her. Men can discuss a problem with other men quite frankly and without restriction on language. We can even yell and swear at each other without it having any lasting effect.

      The minute a progressive women enters the discussion, a secondary thread exists that distracts from the main objective, being that the men have to walk on eggshells for fear of being the unwitting butt of some manufactured “sexist” situation. (for example, sitting with their legs apart) Who really needs it?


      • My daughter is an engineer who often works as a project manager. She expects to be treated on merit and nothing else, and certainly isn’t bothered by language, jokes or whatever. She has no problem in a predominantly male environment, is confident in her level of competence and, more importantly, knows its limits. Not a ‘progressive’ by any means!

        I also sometimes work in project management, and some of the best engineers I’ve worked with are women, often young and very smart. As an old fogey I love working with young professionals (male and female), and funnily enough they seem to enjoy working with me.


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