How corrupt GOP plotted to ensure Jeb Bush win in primaries

Hate the Tea PartyThe RINOs who control the GOP (I wouldn’t be surprised if they were Democrat plants) have a plan to ensure Jeb Bush won the Republican primaries. It has various angles to it, including changing party rules around campaign finance and selection procedures. However the core of their plan is vote splitting. Aided by the newly proclaimed “winner take all” policy they implemented back in May 2015.

It a situation that explains why Trump is drawing such fire from the GOP. Because he has totally messed up these plans. Plans they have been working on for years.

Here’s how it works-

When their polling showed them Bush support was running low in any particular state, the RINOs had  a strategy to fix the problem. It involved sliding other nominees in to draw the vote away from the favoured candidate until his/her support was less than that for Bush.

Here is an example of how it is done using Florida as a test case. First they poll the state and get the initial figures, which may be

Bush 30% – Cruz 35% – Walker 35%

Bush is losing but its close. So they slip another contender into the fight and poll again.

Bush 25% – Rand Paul 10% – Cruz 35% – Walker 30%

Whoops, that didn’t work as good as it could have. Let’s try another angle.

Bush 25% – Rand Paul 10% – Cruz 25% – Walker 20% – Marco Rubio 20%

Ah hah, now we’re talking. Rubio works well as the splitter. But its still too close. Cruz is still a real problem, so there is yet another splitter needed.

Bush 25% – Paul 8% – Cruz 22% – Walker 19% – Rubio 20% – Rick Perry 6%

Job done. Under the new “winner take all” rules, Bush is now odds on for a comfortable win in Florida.

Now you know why so many are running in the Republican primaries. Now you know why the GOP is so pissed at Trump. Now you know what ruthless scheming Bush loving progressive scum run the Democrat Republican Party.

(This post is a precis of a much longer and more detailed account on The Conservative Treehouse.)

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  1. I read an article where someone described the Democrat and Republicans as two different cheeks but on the same butt. Every day I keep thinking it is true. I also think those two cheeks need to fall off the butt so the butt can get a new make over. But then again one can not really disguise crap, it is still crap.


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