Bendigo Riot- Political class arrogance is causing civil unrest

Bendigo Protest 2

You perhaps won’t see much of this in the news, as there seems to be a block on reporting, but yesterday, Saturday, the city of Bendigo, (Vic, Australia) experienced a mini riot when two groups of protesters clashed in the main street.

The local council gave the green light for the opening of the regional city’s first mosque in mid-2014. The building will include two prayer rooms, a shop and a community sports hall.

The Australian reports that

Locals opposed to the mosque argue it will cause traffic and social issues including the “Islamification of Bendigo” and a drop in house prices.

Several roads in central Bendigo were closed from 6pm Friday, and there were further blockades around malls in the city. Although there were no arrests made capsicum spray was used to break up minor scuffles. The pro-mosque faction burnt the Australian flag. A strong police presence remains on the streets.

What caused the riot? The intransigence and arrogance of the global political class who are forcing multi-culturalism upon the West at the expense of local cultures. They will not accommodate any dissent. They will not allow debate. Its all done and dusted. Hence the riots, the only avenue of expression left open to  those who disagree.

Momentum is slowly building all over the west. When this gets serious, as it inevitably will, we must not forget the political class who created this situation. There will be a reckoning.

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  1. From what I’ve read, almost all of the anti-mosque protesters were residents and ratepayers of the city of Bendigo, while most of the pro-mosque protesters were the usual leftard rent-a-mob crowd – socialist collective, union thugs, etc.

    The very good question has been asked of council, but of course not answered: why would they approve planning permission for a mosque which can accommodate 2,000 people, in a city which has a reported 36 (yes, thirty-six) practicing moslems?


    • Some are reporting that the anti-mosque faction, or as you say Gantt, the Bendigo citizens, broke through the cordon and punched some of the blow in Marxists. I have also seen people on Twitter saying it never happened.

      Whatever, I wish it had. Its long past time these Marxist traitors got what was coming to them. People are out of patience with treachery.


      • hmmm, let’s see. Two factions. On the one hand, law-abiding, rate-paying, job-holding citizens concerned about the importation of a plague of locusts into their community. On the other, unemployable anti-capitalist savages with a proven history of violence and destruction.

        Gee, I wonder which is the more likely to have started the fracas?


  2. Just goes to show why cops need BearCats,
    50cals and frankly A-10s or AC-130s. Put a permanent end to any kind of leftist insurrection.


  3. Let’s call multiculturalism for what it is – a nice sounding word that is permitting the marginalisation, destruction and eventual elimination of Western People and their civilization.

    My fear is that the when the inevitable happens and we are plunged into civil war, we choose the right targets.
    Not the immigrants themselves (a peaceful resolution can be hopefully reached) but the political class and their enablers. 90% of immigrants who move to the West, come for a better life and would assimilate if they didn’t have the political class backing their separatist ways.

    A day of reckoning is fast approaching.


    • There won’t be any civil war, EAD. If that were going to happen, it would have started by now. The list of crimes and usurpations by the imported Third Worlders is long. The excusing of their behaviour (put down to “cultural differences”) by our betters in the political and judicial branches is equally long.

      If the fathers of the Rotherham girls didn’t take affirmative action of a kinetic variety, why would anyone else?

      Hypothetically, however, were the situation to ever arise where we patriots implement a kinetic solution to the problem, I think KG’s hypothetical approach is the correct one. It wouldn’t take much – a very few targeted assassinations – a couple of judges, the odd politician and maybe a high-ranking bureaucrat or two would probably do it. Hypothetically, of course.

      As for the invaders themselves, they could quite easily be encouraged to self-repatriate. Outlaw the outward manifestations of their Religion of Piss (no halal slaughter, bulldoze the mosques, ban the burqa, no speaking Arabic, etc) – make the environment as unfriendly as possible. They’d soon get the message and FRO.

      All completely hypothetically, of course…


  4. Wait, what?!!! ‘The pro-mosque faction burnt the Australian flag.’ Doesn’t that just say it right there? What a fucking joke. They pander to a bunch of Islamists and attack Australians with genuine and legitimate concerns. Saudi Australia. How sad.


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