Key should resign if $28 million flag change project is a flop

Sneaky John keyThe flag change project is John Key’s baby. Against so much advice to the contrary, he stubbornly continued to push it, and he allocated $28 million of taxpayer’s money to advance what is in essence his own pet project.

If the country rejects this project, by refusing to participate and by voting against change, that means the $28 million was wasted.

This is not chicken feed readers. This is twenty eight million real dollars. Dollars that I think John Key had no right to spend, in that he is abusing the office of Prime Minister in using it to promote his pet idea.

Key’s desire to change NZ’s traditional flag is something that he should have pursued from a private person position. He should have waited until he was out of office, and then raised the money and support privately, and then petitioned for a referendum, according to established procedure.

He didn’t do that of course, instead he just sliced $28 million out of the budget and used it to his own ends. He used government to his own ends and he used the office of PM to his own ends. And he apparently did this without a shred of conscience.

So, if after all of this the flag change is seriously rejected, by means of low participation and the retaining of the traditional flag, then who is accountable for the $28 million that has been essentially pissed up against the wall?

One man will bear the brunt of this waste and that man is John Key, and for his bad misjudgement of the country’s mood, his pursuit of a vain political ambition, and for the the abuse of the PM’s office, and for the waste of such a huge amount of money, Key should do the decent thing and resign.

6 thoughts on “Key should resign if $28 million flag change project is a flop

  1. I suggest instead of boycotting the first referendum write KOF for Keep Our Flag. This will of course not be counted but will be recorded and people will know it is a protest vote.


  2. Yeah, this flag referendum is bullshit.
    This is the issue on which Key will stand ot fall – maybe, a “day that will live in infamy”? 😉


  3. First referendum, vote for the flag without the “White Feather” on it, just to rub it in.
    Second referendum, vote for the current flag and send him his marching papers along with it.


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