Hillary cries racism, Trump slaps her down

hillary_hope_3263396cAllegations of racism are the left’s fall back position on every social issue they can’t logically defend. Its an allegation made by cowards, bigots, bullies and sleaze artists. Its the most despicable tactic and its used by the most despicable people.

The crooked Hillary Clinton, who should be in jail for wiping her personal server when the Benghazi commission wanted to see her emails, yesterday leveled the allegation of racism at Donald Trump.

Trump showed why he’s now polling at over 60% approval (up from 27% in May) when he fired back at Clinton’s cowardly smear.

Failing candidate Hillary Clinton, who is desperately trying to hold on to her lead in the democratic primary against Bernie Sanders, is knowingly putting out lies about my stance on illegal immigration. I said “Mexico is sending”— I’m not knocking immigration or immigrants, but rather am very critical of the country of Mexico for sending us people that they don’t want. Likewise I am very critical of illegal immigration and the tremendous problems including crime, which it causes.

She is desperate, she is sad, and she is obviously very nervous when she has to revert to issues that have already been settled given the absolute accuracy of my statement. She speaks about “my tone” and that’s the problem with our country’s leaders. They are more worried about tone than results! It’s not about being nice— it’s about being competent.

Hillary should spend more time producing her illegally hidden emails and less time trying to obfuscate a statement by me that is totally clear and obviously very much accepted by the public as true. I am honored, however, that she is attacking me, instead of Jeb Bush. Obviously she knows that JEB is no longer her real competition. The last person she wants to face is Donald Trump.

I’m still hoping Cruz can get up, but I admire Trump’s fight. He fought the sleazy attacks of Megyn Kelly, he fought the snide putdowns of FOX news, he fought the sleazy and corrupt smears of the Republican RINOs, he fought the whole damn political establishment and he has not apologised once.

In spite of the claims of well known pollsters and others of a “meltdown” or an “implosion” he goes from strength to strength. Showing that the voters appreciate seeing something that has been so lacking in politics for so long. Conviction, courage and strength.

I’m not going to endorse Trump for the simple reason I don’t know what many of his political views really are, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring his courage and audacity in sticking it to the political class.

4 thoughts on “Hillary cries racism, Trump slaps her down

  1. My view entirely Red.
    I applaud Trump for how he is totally disrupting the political elitists in the US political establishment.
    I do, however, hope that Cruz will come through all the bullshit and bluster when.the time to get real happens.


  2. I’m not going to endorse Trump for the simple reason I don’t know what many of his political views really are,

    No one knows, not even Trump.

    Obamacare – I’ll abolish it and replace it with something bigger and better.

    Immigration – I’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

    Everything Trump is for now, he was once against, and everything is against now, he was once for.

    He has no understanding of the US Constitution, the roles of the branches of government and thinks that being President is like being CEO of a privately held company.

    Donald Trump is Sarah Palin with worse hair and more money.


  3. I’ll believe Trump – or Cruz – or any other so-called 2nd Amendment Conservative – when they actually Open Carry, Stand Their Ground, and deal directly with the unconstitutional liberal menace besetting America.

    As they campaign, so they will govern. We want someone who knows the only Constitutional conversation to have with a liberal is a very, very short one.


  4. I love the way Trump gets stuck into the lies and spin the PC media put out. I do however, question some of his conservative principles. Like for example he talks quite often about putting on tariffs or increasing tariffs on imports etc.

    Ben Carson or Donald Trump will get the nomination. Ted Cruz would be very good also.


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