All Blacks used as propaganda

John Key And Richie McCawI was surprised to see the announcement of the All Black Team made in NZ’s parliament House.

I think I get the message though. The All Blacks and politicians are the same. Two teams of tough honest guys who battle it out and win. Or is it that the All Black’s success is down to politicians? Or is it that the All Blacks are into Global Warming? Maybe I didn’t get the message.

Oh, but Richie McCaw is definitely into Flag Change. Oh, and John Key’s the man.

Whoever the Rugby administrators were who allowed the All Black team to be used this way should be fired.

I’m already unhappy at the way the All Blacks have been used in recent times as a subtle instrument of apartheid. The dual language anthem and the prominence of the haka, a demeaning performance that no other team in the competition has need of, has irritated me for a long time.

The boys mingling and back slapping with the bunch of spineless compromisers whiners and progressives who currently inhabit our parliament building was nauseating to say the least.

Don’t be mistaken readers- this was a propaganda event. Richie and his boys were used by the NZ govt, National and John Key if you like, as propaganda tools. Sure Labour and everyone was there, because it would have been impossible to do it otherwise, and too openly seen for the political ploy it really was.

John Key told us a few days ago we shouldn’t talk down the economy, that is now straining under the burden of debt we should never have entered into. When the dollar was up, it was a vote of confidence in the NZ economy. Now its down, its a the long awaited rebalancing that’s going to help our exporters.

Its clearer every day that the National Party is just selling us the same old vacuum cleaner and all they’ve done is wrapped it in shiny new packaging.

The flag change is part of that. The All Blacks are part of it. Its all just weak socialist spin to disguise the fact that we’re governed by the same bunch of clueless commie monkeys as we were when Helen Clark was PM.

4 thoughts on “All Blacks used as propaganda

  1. Initially I was ho hum about the launch at Parliament. However after the way it was used to promote Key’s change agenda I came away honestly shocked at how manipulative this govt is. This was a propaganda master stroke and I wonder who is behind it. Saatchi and Saatchi again?


    • Shocking wasn’t it Kowtow?

      Have you noticed their latest tactic is to equate support for our current flag with “white supremicism”?

      Is it just me or are we now in Banana Republic territory with an emperor who has no clothes?

      Why does none of the MSM call him out? Why is it left to blogs such as this to hold politicians to account?

      “Truth is treason in an empire of lies”


  2. This is all very chilling. Bread and circuses. Keep the citizenry happily entertained and go about your own agenda… they won’t notice. Yeah, right!


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