Auckland Real Estate agents claim China ready to invest over $17 billion in NZ

The latest newsletter from said NZ could expect an inflow of over $NZ17 billion dollars from Chinese investors in the near future, as China changes its overseas investment rules. The newsletter says-

“This programme removes certain restrictions that were placed on Chinese citizens and businesses from purchasing and investing in property overseas. Chinese investors are expected to pour US$330 billion into overseas property investments throughout the world, and US$10.9 billion (NZ$17.2 billion) of that is expected to be invested in New Zealand.

This forecast is based on New Zealand attracting approximately 3.3% of that property-specific investment, as it has in the past when similar percentages of the Chinese affluent have chosen to invest in property abroad.

This investment should be welcomed on both the small and large scale; from employing realtors who are able to communicate in Chinese, to lobbying government to make the country more appealing to Chinese investors. The government and big business should look to make relevant improvements to the national education system as well as increasing the number of direct flights to China.”

So look for more invasion of New Zealand from Communist Chinese investors, with John Key and NZ Real Estate’s blessing. Don’t forget though readers. As John Key and his cohorts will tell you, there’s absolutely no downside to this event.

They’re all relaxed about it, and we should be too. Those who worry about our country and our heritage being sold out from under us, well you’re just a pack of old silly billies. Stop moaning and think of the money is Johnny’s message.


3 thoughts on “Auckland Real Estate agents claim China ready to invest over $17 billion in NZ

  1. Well good. Chinese have a business-friendly culture, hate communism and unions, and will stop bludging Kiwis who don’t deserve houses (whatever they might think) from buying in Auckland’s best suburbs.


  2. Thanks for that. An interesting read, especially when you see government policy on immigration was largely defined by cultural similarity.

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