Mike Hosking’s atrocious pro-govt propaganda attack on RSA



I’ve never liked Mike Hosking as a broadcaster. To me, he has always been a stark example of what is wrong with today’s mainstream media, with his shallow approach and thin veneer of pretend knowledge that only allows the most primitive level of discussion on matters that are actually far more complex than the pea-brained Hosking or his likewise dimwited colleague Rachel Smalley could ever guess.

I don’t watch him and I don’t listen to him. Ever.

However a friend brought to my attention a video Hosking’s made attacking the NZ Returned and Services’ Association for their opposition to John Key’s flag change project. Its one of the most appaling and disgraceful slurs on the RSA that I have ever seen.

The RSA is a group of men and women who have actually done something to preserve freedom and democracy while Hosking and his self absorbed shallow mainstream media contingent have only ever sat on their well manicured hands.

In this case, the RSA are doing what Hosking and the rest of the mainstream media should be doing. Trying to shine some light on the appalling cynicism and fakery of the referenda processes.

The above video is my counter to Hosking’s disgustingly pro-Key pro-flag change attack on the venerable and respected RSA.

5 thoughts on “Mike Hosking’s atrocious pro-govt propaganda attack on RSA

  1. What more can be said..
    The RSA should abandon any political involvement in ANZAC day and let the media and politicians know that the fallen soldiers, that they remember, gave their lives for a society based on families and traditional values, of which the current generation take for granted and our leaders and opinion writers, debase and mock.

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    • That a prog invertebrate like Hosking sees fit to attack the RSA in this manner is an outrage. Someone should bend his nose and knock a few of his teeth out.


      • Or worse, ruffle his hair. If he’s the radio voice of the right we are stuffed.

        The problem with the whole process is that it doesn’t give a “no change” choice at an early stage. We risk getting backed into a corner unless we deface the voting paper so defacing is a valid option that is a democratic right.


  2. ITS NOT A DEMOCRATIC PROCESS the process we have gives a voice to those that want change via the first referendum while it gives no voice to those that do not want a change.. its not democratic . it should have been a referendum plain and simple on do we want a change or not.. the process we have is corrupt. and is set up so because key wants a change and is manipulating the process to achieve his goal.. he is abusing his power

    mike hoskings should be sacked for his insults of our Returned Servicemen. it was nothing more than abuse…. democratic process he calls it.. when the no vote dont even get a say in the first referendum.. whats democratic about that… but he should not be allowed to get away with insults abuse of our Returned Servicemen and women .. its disgraceful

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  3. Mike Hosking is nothing more than a coward. He is a coward in the true sense of cowardice. He is not a man but a mouse with a big mouth. He is incapable of physically defending his family, let alone being man enough to fight for his country. He is the weakest type of man, a man who attacks the elderly. Even worse the elderly who have fought for this country. He is that weak sort of man, that is to scared to walk a dark street in the middle of the night, because even the dark scares him. Mike Hosking you need to apologise to the RSA, and ask for forgiveness if you want to start any sort of journey back to being a real man.

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