Kuwaiti official explains why Gulf States cannot accept refugees


I had to smile at this video. Perhaps less amusing is the expectation that such nonsense will probably find ready acceptance with the political class who maintain that the West has some unavoidable responsibility to accept mass invasion from cultures totally estranged from our customs, traditions and heritage. They will say “Yes, the Kuwaiti is right. They can’t go to the Gulf States, and this is why the West must take them all.”

For those who would prefer to see the reasons in text, here is what the official is saying-

Kuwait and the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries are too valuable to accept any refugees.

Our countries are only fit for workers. Its too costly to relocate them here.

Kuwait is too expensive for them anyway. As opposed to Lebanon and Turkey which are cheap. They are better suited for the Syrian refugees.

In the end, it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us. We don’t want people that suffer from internal stress and trauma in our country.

Update: Breitbart has a story on this issue where the Gulf States present another more realistic reason for their reluctance to accept the so called refugees, and that is that they cannot accept the risk of terrorism that such an influx brings. This of course is a completely valid reason, one that applies to Western countries as well.

Especially when ISIS is openly declaring its intent to have its agents mingle with the so called refugees, and proclaiming that 4000 have entered Europe by this means already.




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  1. Lol. good Find. Posting this in U.S. now thx. So basically they are too far above the rabble and prefer to send them to what they consider western cesspools. In reality, though, the Quran demands immigrants be placed around the world in hostile territories and be fruitful so they can be part of Hijad And be ready for jihad. Check my post at hardnoxandfriends under the name Uriel. One of my old segments even published the Hamas Covenant.

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  2. Says it all really, doesn’t it. Is The Government and the UN reading this.

    “countries are too valuable to accept any refugees” And we do not have any value here?

    “only fit for workers. Its too costly to relocate them here” Cost is no objective to their imported slave work force.Other Arabs would not be required to work.

    “too expensive for them anyway. As opposed to Lebanon and Turkey which are cheap” The pacific Islands are cheap, we could send them there.

    “In the end, it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us. We don’t want people that suffer from internal stress and trauma in our country” So one Arab is different from another Arab, when it suits them and anyway we do not want potential mental health and related criminal behavior.

    In short, not our problem.


  3. “we do not want potential mental health and related criminal behavior” Translation: So, it’s better for them to be sent anywhere else.Not In My Backyard. But, why can’t the Gulf states send money for food and shelter?


  4. Some brotherly love they show. (Shaking my head disgust)


  5. It looks like Key is going to cave. I wonder how many sleepers will be amongst our share. I bet it will be more than Christians.


  6. At least one bit of what this bloke says is what we should be saying although we would need to be clear about context.

    “In the end, it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us.”

    Our problem is that we have no point of reference any more to judge what is sensible.


    • Yes well said. In fact most if not all of these people are totally estranged from the traditions, customs and cultures that underpin western civilisation. How will their presence enhance our situation?

      It won’t. Mix barbarism with civilisation you just get an increased level of barbarism. Say these people get to England, eventually get citizenship and then get the vote. They’re going to vote for savages like Anjem Choudary. How the hell does that help civilsiation, liberty and democracy?? Madness.

      Some of these “refugees” are from Nigeria. There is nothing happening there.That they are even accepted as refugees is just more madness. To top it off, this group has been reported as throwing Christians off their boat to drown.

      FFS, liberals and progressives are cheering for these people to enter our societies?? We ought to send them back where they came from and our cities and towns would be enhanced if liberals went with them. Dangerous destructive idiots.


  7. Angela Merkel has single handedly screwed the Western World and other Western leaders are falling over themselves to further her narrative and capitalise on a perceived opportunity for increasing popularity and vote-winning. I would rather have the Cold War and nuclear threat my parents had than the future we will have if this utterly ridiculous situation is allowed to continue.


  8. kuwaiti’s, the guys we saved from demise (for Oil of course), are only saying what a lot of other countries feel, like Australia – whoever heard of them feckers taking in refugees? or even the US, africa or even Asia as a whole!

    no no let Europe deal with the crisis, we should have crushed ISIS when we had the chance, now we (in my opinion) are doomed.

    One day all these immigrant refugees (ISIS Sleepers) will answer the call for Jihad and every single European Country will have a civil war on their hands including us, which the then current Government will not have the slightest idea of how to deal with, and it will end up a White British Vs Every Other Ethnic – Civil dog eats dog war.

    Trust i truly believe this will be the end of our civilized country – maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but one day (probably when Cameron is long dead) the shit is gonna hit the fan!


  9. Europeans brace yourself coz tough times lie ahead of you. We in India have been dealing with the menace for decades and now courtesy IS, the spillover would have far reaching consequences in the EU. Talk some sense into the decision makers before this goes out of control.
    AsK, New Delhi


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