Drowned boy shows Progressives are dangerous threat to Western civilisation

Who could not be affected by the picture of the body of an innocent and defenceless boy lying on the beaches of Europe? However, whether or not anyone is affected by that tragic scene is not the issue. Its how you process the information that is important.

Progressives saw the picture and immediately went into emotional mode. As they do in most things, and this is what I mean when I say they are a threat to Western civilization. They are apparently unable to react with rational thought and in today’s dangerous global political climate this could be fatal.

Once Progressives had seen that picture, they were mostly ready to give unprecedented access to the West by hordes of barbarians most of whom are not refugees but subversives who want to conquer Europe for Allah.

Here’s a cartoon by left wing propagandist Tom Scott from today’s Dominion Post.

Tom Scott Cartoon

Scott attempts to imply the boy was a victim of terrorism, when in fact he and his family had been living peacefully in Turkey for some years before getting on a boat and joining the invasion of Europe. Scott’s interpretation is a lie that to coin an old phrase, has galloped all around the world before the truth has put its foot in the stirrup. Among liberals anyway.

Notice in the photo below of immigrants arriving at Munich rail center. No women. No aged. No infirm. They’re all healthy well clothed males, and they’re mostly of fighting age. Notice their appearance. Do they look like refugees should look? Tired? Harried? Hungry? Thirsty? Desperate? Not to me. What Progressives have to tell us is how many of these “refugees” are terrorists or Islamacist idealogues intent on subjugating Europe to Islam and Sharia law?

Immigrants at Munich Train station

Progressives can’t answer that of course, but they’re prepared to take the risk. They saw a picture of a drowned three year old on a beach and this makes it all mandatory.

Anjem Choudrey, recently jailed and now out on bail for publicly supporting the savage barbarians of ISIS, said this –

“It may be by pure conversion that Britain will become an Islamic state. We may never need to conquer it from the outside.  Many Muslims are having 10 or 12 children per family. The swollen Muslim population will be enough to conquer Britain from inside. We do not integrate into Christianity. We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law. We will conquer you through the wombs of our women”.

He will do that too, if the West continues to allow irrational and emotional Progressives to control our political condition.

Here’s another picture of a body on a beach for them to get emotional over. He was an American soldier who died at Normandy bringing Europe the freedom Progressives are now ready to so casually cast to the wind.


10 thoughts on “Drowned boy shows Progressives are dangerous threat to Western civilisation

  1. Relating to your side bar and Sophia Magdalena Scholl. They made a movie about her, recall seeing it a while back. Not sure but a quick google shows it to be The Final Days, it’s on you tube. The Dietrich Bonhoeffer movie was very good.


    • Yep, apparently she was given the opportunity to publicly retract her beliefs or go to the guillotine, and she chose the guillotine. Actually, I remember I have seen that movie now. I agree, very good.


  2. Apparently the Government has buckled to public opinion and is to allow more refugees.

    Not sure were all this, pubic opinion came from, have seen no opinion polls etc but it smells like a stitch up.

    The Government appears to have agreed with the UN and now has to sell it to the NZ public. This would account for the opposition parties enthusiasm for it. It is a done deal lets get some Political capital out of it.

    Remember the media propaganda to sell our tokenism, remember we are World experts in identifying suicide bombers and road side IED’s, to support the Corrupt Iraqi Government.

    But do not worry next week we will be back on child obesity, poverty, abuse, going to school without breakfast or lunch etc. The answer will of course be a new TAX, the fact that TAXing a problem has never solved anything is irrelevant. Fat TAX, Carbon TAX, sugar TAX, how about increase an existing TAX.

    Then look for the next distraction to take our attention off it, IS pissing on a grave or something.


    • My thoughts to – where on earth did this “overwhelming” public opinion meme come from?

      All I’ve seen is the usual rent a crowd MSM scumbags and a bunch of brain dead progs “sharing” stuff on facebook. If they were really into welcoming more in, perhaps they should be “sharing” their own house.


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