Dutch sing welcoming song to “refugees”

How much of the above video can you watch without being overcome by nausea? A Dutch amateur choir is singing a welcome to a group of male “refugees” who are most likely Muslim. You have to wait until the last minute or so to see the group being welcomed. They are all young men of military age. There are no women or children visible, and neither are there any older men.

This is an excellent example of what I was referring to in my previous post “Drowned boy shows progressives are dangerous threat to Western civilisation”.

Such ignorance it borders upon the infantile. These incredibly foolish people deserve everything that is going to befall them in the not too distant future.

The problem is they will not be the only ones who suffer from the outcomes of their idiocy. People who are entirely against allowing these bogus “refugees” into the country will have to suffer the negative outcomes as well. And so will their children and their grandchildren.

What is to be done with such wet weak uninformed fools? Destroying our civilisation in a fit of naivety and narcissistic self indulgence.

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    • Nice One.

      Have you noticed that in all the civil defense crap about being ready not once do they mention personal security.

      If the Christchurch earthquakes showed us anything. It was that a significant portion of the population had no food in the house and the day that the takeaway shop could not open they had nothing to eat.

      Then there was the thieving that went on, open day for the criminals.

      By the next big Quack the first boots to hit the ground were hundreds of Police from Australia, and our military. The problem was that they had to empty out the local prison to house them, rather self defeating I thought.

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  1. Thanks for this Red – It really is he ultimate case of Stockholm Syndrome.

    I’ve posted this over in Commie blog although I don’t think it’ll do much good.

    They’ll be back to cheering on Key and how he is better than “Angry Andy” in no time while society crumbles around them.


    • They think its them and Key against the Labour Party and the mainstream media.

      Whereas the reality is that is you take away Key’s front office spin, he’s just another pissant commie Progressive whose actually shafting them in the same way as any left wing leader would be.

      I watched a video yesterday of Jack Marshall from 1973. Compared to Jack, Key is such a lightweight.

      Its just incredible that so many people believe Key offers any real resistance to the left.


  2. Hard to tell a jihadi from a non-jihadi. Are there signs to look for? Hmm… The world seems so much simpler and peaceful with the difficulty set to Useful Idiot.


  3. The only good that can come from this is the nationalist parties of Europe will grow and hopefully form a majority and then be in a position to act. Either way the future of Europe is bleak. Welfare dependency, increased terror ,suspicion and surveillance, a growing state , loss of freedoms such as expression,the ere will be forced “multiculturalism” as politicians abandon tradition etc Then will come the religious and race wars. “Progressive” policies to blame.

    As I said elsewhere previously ,this is not a Syrian refugee problem , it is the Great Migration and Europe will be overwhelmed.


    • They sure as hell will be as long as the type of idiot pictured in that video is permitted to prevail politically and socially. White ants who put no value on what made the West and will destroy it in their wilful ignorance. I see you trying to bring the same kind of fools to their senses at Kommieblog Kowtow. Full marks for persistence old chap.


      • That Dutch post caused me to think of what Geert Wilders is up to these days. His current polling places them as the the most popular party if an election were to be held today. Thankfully not all the Dutch have given up, yet.


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