Fairfax on “refugees”- same old cowardly deceit from same old white ants

That Fairfax employs ex News of The World “journalists” and gives them top billing demonstrates ably enough how starved they are for real journalists. Today we see more of the usual cowardly deceptive tripe that emanates from this source, in the form of a completely misleading article on the coming Syrian refugees.

This yellow journalist opens up her column by describing anyone who disagrees with left wing/ progressive conventional wisdom as a stupid asinine hate filled troll. Almost funny given her own article is a gross distortion of fact and reality, with so many false arguments rolled into one blanket deceit ridden contortion it should preclude any writer with a modicum of self respect from ever again proclaiming herself to be a professional journalist.

Firstly, she attempts to conflate radical Islam with the Irish Republican Army, a gross distortion that overlooks Islam’s war is against the West, not just one small part of it. This first deliberate misrepresentation, out of time and bearing no real comparison to the terror threat faced by the West today, keys you into the gross deceit that underpins the whole article.

Terrorists will be excluded from NZ’s refugee intake because they will be screened by govt. A claim so detached from reality it is laughable. In these days of forged passports, rogues states, mayhem and disorder, its not possible to vet anyone 100%. To say potential terrorists will be screened out by govt process is just so asinine and stupid. Terrorist organisations are equipped with every sophisticated means they need to deflect such scrutiny.

This pathetic excuse for a journalist clearly thinks hardened Syrian refugees are easily broken under the immense pressure of questions from some dopey immigration clerk and will tearfully admit they threw women and Christians into the sea to get a seat on the people smuggling boat.

Housing is not something I’ve seen factored into most of the anti-refugee arguments, however its number two on Fairfax’s list, and it won’t be a problem because— blah blah blah. Nothing really. Even if this was an important factor, above or equal to our internal security, then refugees will indeed add to any housing shortage that exists. Where the houses are makes no difference to the overall situation.

The refugees are not country shopping says our morally righteous advocate, a claim so outrageous in its blatant inaccuracy its amazing one would read it in a newspaper. Even one owned by Fairfax. The so called refugees come to the West, not Islamic countries, because of our welfare, and they’ve admitted this so often.

The writer attempts to deflect criticism that the Islamic countries are not doing enough with the claim that Turkey Lebanaon Egypt and Jordan are taking a number of refugees. When in effect these countries are only a small part of Islam while countries with vast material wealth and culturally aligned to the refugees, such as Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, do very little compared to the West.

We’re also given a lesson in “economics 101” from this posturing preaching progressive fool whose probably never run a business of made up an employee’s wage packet in her whole damn useless life. Refugees are no drain on our welfare and don’t take the jobs of locals. They spend money you see, therefore the economic equation works. I can’t find a graph for NZ, but here’s one for the US that makes things pretty clear.

Refugees on welfare

Any quick search for stats on this issue shows importing Islamic refugees is a practice that engages the host country in unacceptable risk, unacceptable expense and an unwelcome drawing down of our civility. Progressives are destroying a civilisation that our western forefathers spent centuries building, and they’re doing it in a few short decades, especially by welcoming culturally incompatible barbarians into our midst.

Sweden Syrian refugees

Sweden Rape capital

Sweden is the rape capital of Europe

See more on the rape issue here.

We don’t need the Syrian refugees, and we would have been much better of if we hadn’t accepted some of the Irish ones either, as the destructive treacherous and cowardly actions of the subject journalist so obviously show. We’ve paid a serious price for allowing this kind of progressive white ant into our society and our media. Its long past being a joke we can tolerate.

You can read the column here.

Update- New Australian study exposes high economic and social cost of refugee admission

7 thoughts on “Fairfax on “refugees”- same old cowardly deceit from same old white ants

  1. This is too funny, and made funnier by the fact that it was totally preventable. A do-gooder, bleeding heart, pathologically altruistic, status whoring German SWPL liberal came to help Syrian migrants and for his generosity was rewarded by a pawing, grasping mob of thieves robbing him of his bag of treats.

    [video src="https://i.imgur.com/hAj0gCT.mp4" /]


  2. Here stick this as your 6pm lead story journos, don’t worry it’s only five mins long

    This is a deadly serious situation that is already out of hand, despite whatever spin you bleeding-heart journos want to throw on it


  3. On twitter, the prog who wrote the subject article is seen proclaiming to one of her kin how “one should never read the comments”, and jointly sneering at the intellect of those who might criticise her viewpoint.

    This is what is wrong with these scum. They live in their one dimensional bubbles and will not countenance any political world outside. Cowards who lie out of smug convenience, laziness, and adherence to a broken and discredited ideology.


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