Australian study exposes high social and economic cost of refugee admission

12000 Syrian refugees will be processed into Australia soon at a projected cost of $700 million. This cost covers processing the applications through to employment and education services, as well as social security payments over the next four years. However a new survey suggests that the bulk of these refugees lack the means to ever make the move away from govt dependency.

The survey of 2399 refugees from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran has provided the following results- .

  • 38 per cent report­ed not understanding spoken Eng­lish before their arrival
  • 15 per cent had never attended school.
  • Only 10 per cent had a university degree, and only 6% have any trade or technical skill
  • Many respond­ents reported high levels of psychological distress, includin­g post-traumatic stress disorder, and 36.7% reported poor physical health as well (compared to a 14% among Australians)

As expected, 88 per cent of the refugees surveyed relied­ on government payments for their main source of income and only 6.8 per cent reported wages or salaries as their primary income when they were surveyed in the three or six months after arrival­.

The research was commissioned by the Department of Immig­ration and Border Protection but responsibility for the work later shifted to the Department of Social Services.


4 thoughts on “Australian study exposes high social and economic cost of refugee admission

  1. How can these so called experts put a price on something with so many unknown variables.

    Long term Housing and benefits that can go on for ever.


  2. .:::> ❝ WOW really❓ and how much is our Government allocating to Australian’s below the poverty line, homeless. kid’s on the street, and those doing it hard❓, BUGGER ALL ‼︎‼︎ ❞


  3. Lets do the maths shall we. 12 000 Syrian refugees assuming they need support for four years. A staggering $ 700 000 000 over 4yrs or $ 175 000 000 divided by 52 weeks = $ 3 365 384.61 divided by 12 000 000 tax payers = 28 cents per week divided by 7 days = Average cost per taxpayer is $ 0.04c per day. What then is all the fuss.


  4. I can only assume that you missed this story about an aged care facility in Eltham (a northern suburb of Melbourne) that was taken over by St Vincents and the elderly are going to be (have been?) replaced by Muslim refugees:

    The media tried to keep this silent until there was enough outrage (it can be hard to find a place for elderly people here) that they eventually reported on it:

    Interestingly they felt the need to specify that that there’d be “no single men” admitted by themselves.


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