John Key dishonestly deflects a question on flag change

I made the mistake of listening to John Key interviewed on Wellington Radio today. The host, one silly little kiss arse lightweight by the name of Tim Fookes, was so ineffectual it was embarrassing. No wonder the left complain about Key getting a soft ride in the media if this is any kind of typical example.

Key was so full of waffle there were a hundred points he could have been pulled up on but the host let him ramble on incessantly.

In one early exchange a lady caller rang to ask Key about the flag. She stated Key was being disrespectful to the RSA. Key’s response was so arrogant and deceitful it angered me considerably.

Instead of addressing the caller’s point on the RSA, Key arrogantly labeled her a Labour voter, and continued to ridicule her by suggesting in his travels about the country, he hadn’t experienced much opposition to his flag change project, and that when he did, it was only coming from the Labour party.

This has to be a lie. A recent poll demonstrated 70% opposed the flag change. A figure that says quite plainly it cannot only be Labour voters who are unhappy with Key’s project.

It wasn’t the point anyway. The lady caller clearly identified with the RSA and Key should have given her some respect and answered her question directly and politely. Waffling about the Labour party didn’t cut it.

Key talks in slogans. (interspersed with an oversupply of irritating umms…) He repeats the same things all the time, a habit that suggests he thinks we’re all too stupid to know when we’re being lied to. So transparent, and so cynical. If only there was some real right wing critics in NZ this weak charlatan would be cut to pieces in no time.

Here’s the audio of the caller asking the question, and Key’s response.

If you want to hear how a real radio interviewer works listen to Sydney 2GB host Ray Hadley interviewing Scott Morrison on the Turnbull coup. Hadley does not top the ratings in NSW for nothing, and schoolboy Tim Fookes would do well to listen to Ray now and again. He’ll learn how to be a real grown up radio announcer.

John Key would go down like a sack of excrement if he was ever interviewed by Ray Hadley. There are no right wing (or more importantly Conservative) critics in the NZ media. That’s why Key gets the soft ride he does.

Bottom line here is though that Key’s arrogant and untruthful dismissal of the lady caller’s question was unbecoming of the office of PM. I’m amazed he’s still as popular as the polls claim.

8 thoughts on “John Key dishonestly deflects a question on flag change

  1. Watched Parliament briefly during question time and the arrogance from the PM was apparent there too.
    If they cave in over the fifth option as it looks like, underlines what an unprincipled bunch Key and National are.


  2. And this new how.

    I have also been left screaming at the fools to ask the obvious questions.

    Every day is a slow news day in New Zealand and our International news, if you can call it that, regurgitated B grade propaganda out of the States.

    Well it was last time I bothered to pay attention.


  3. He is very happy to have a debate about a flag, but he doesn’t want to have discussions about really matters. My question to HRH RT HON Sir King John Phillip Key I, is where is the debate about preserving the RMA? Where is the debate about China’s expansionist policies which will kill the rights of NZ’ers? This man behaves as if he is a victorious, triumphant emperor who presides over the greatest society on the planet. It’s absolutely disgraceful.


    • And where is the debate about the TPP? His government has done nothing but duck and dive and hide the true intent of the TPP from New Zealand. It will be pushed through while New Zealand is revelling in holding on to the RWC and celebrating having a black flag with a silver fern on it.


  4. This style is not new at all, if they don’t want to answer your question directly, they will sidetrack it. Saying its a labour issue is the way he does it. Key must really want this flag change.


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