Stark political corruption at Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC 7:30 interviewer Leigh Sales & newly elected Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull

ABC 7:30 interviewer Leigh Sales & newly elected Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull

Most readers of this blog know the ABC is utterly corrupt to start with, mainly because its hiring policy deliberately discriminates against Conservatives.

This leads to a bigoted and narrow interpretation of any political event that might occur in Australia, and usually that interpretation disadvantages Conservatives and advantages Progressives.

Its a complete corruption of the ABC’s charter, but apparently nothing anyone can do anything about. The ABC, the largest propaganda force in Australia by far is the same untouchable political institution that has underpinned totalitarianism throughout history.

Of course Australia still has a democracy today, but it will not have it in the future if something is not done to control political corruption at the ABC.

I think the defeat of Tony Abbott as leader of the Liberal Party should be the trigger for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the ABC.

Why? Because Turnbull’s defeat of Abbott was in my opinion engineered by the ABC in order to ensure their funding levels were not further reduced.

Was there a meeting in some smokey backroom somewhere where this was decided, and a plan mapped out? I doubt it. Turnbull and the Progressives who control the ABC don’t need to involve themselves in such detailed planning because they all share the same mindset anyway. They just did it because they all think that way.

You’d have to be deaf dumb and blind not to acknowledge the growing intensity of the ABC’s attacks on Tony Abbott over the last year or more. Abbott had already cut their funding by $250 million, and there was a good chance it would be cut further. The Sydney Morning Herald reports today-

The ABC is preparing to begin negotiations with the government for its next three-year funding arrangement, due to be announced in next year’s budget. There is renewed hope within the broadcaster – buoyed by comments by new Communications Minister Mitch Fifield – that some extra funds may flow to the ABC following Mr Abbott’s removal.

So there you have it. The reason underpinning the ABC’s unprecedented attacks on a sitting and democratically elected Prime Minister. But there is more. From the same article, the Liberals have announced their surrender to the ABC.

The shift from Tony Abbott to Mr Turnbull represents a change at the top of the government from one of the Coalition’s biggest critics of the ABC to one of its biggest supporters.

“There will be no more culture wars,” a Liberal source said, flagging an end to the open hostilities between the government and the ABC during recent times.

It is disgraceful that a taxpayer funded broadcasting operation can blackmail and intimidate a democratically elected government in this way. There needs to be an inquiry into the ABC and its campaign to remove Tony Abbott as PM.

I suggest it involves a collection of broadcasts that clearly show their bias. There would be hundreds, but I would start with a comparison between interviews with Tony Abbot when PM and the recent 7:30 program’s interview with new PM Malcolm Turnbull. The antagonism towards Abbott is made even more clear by the sickly fawning over Turnbull.

If only there was a politician with the initiative and courage to process this matter. I am certain any fair and objective inquiry would show the absolute political corruption that riddles the ABC, and the outcome of such a finding should be its complete closure or at least a breaking up of its many branches and a selling off.

This matter should be given immediate priority. What is more important to Australia’s overall well being than the preservation of its democracy?

16 thoughts on “Stark political corruption at Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  1. The comparison of Leigh Sales interviewing Tony and then watching her interviewing Turncoat is unbelievable. Fawning over him just as Julie Bishop does as well. It just makes me sick at the injustice of it all. I will never vote for this egotistical man, who is there for power and prestige while Tony was there for the love of his Country. What a difference and yet look at what they managed to do. I am now an ex liberal voter.


    • All new PMs get a free ride in their first interview. Nothing new here.

      … while Tony was there for the love of his Country.

      Yes, a country he so loved he was prepared to sacrifice Australian ship building jobs to Japan.

      Yes, a country he loved so much that he destroyed the car industry, thus reducing the nation’s tax take and increasing Social Security in one hit.

      Yes, a country he loved so much that he fawned over an ageing consort to an ageing and increasingly irrelevant Monarch.

      Yes, a country he loved so much that he was always at odds with what made Australia a great place to live.

      Goodbye Tony. You won’t be missed.


  2. No, Newman was not fired. His term came to an end and was not renewed. The new administration probably doesn’t need a Business Advisory Council just sucking up tax payer dollars for no return.

    And is this the same Maurice Newman who was a board member of the ABC, and even chaied the board for several years? Yes, it is. How odd he didn’t notice all the “left wing bias” while he was on the taxpayer teat.

    Simply because a businessman says something does not make it true. It makes it opinion. What does he know about climate science? Nothing.

    He also wanted Abbott to launch a witch hunt into the BoM, even though regular audits showed its work was exemplary.

    We don’t need people like that “advising” the government. Abbott gave him the job because Abbott knew Newman would tell him what Abbott wanted to hear, not what was best policy.

    Facts: Still fucking with the right wing mindset.


  3. “We don’t need people like that”

    Who’s we?

    The collection of reality denying time wasting Marxist fuckwits you represent?

    Well that sure counts for a lot.


      • So its a fact that you speak for all of Australia.

        Y’know, I’m amazed you commies can even tie your own shoelaces.

        Come on here announcing you know best, and that you have the facts blah blah, and the minute you’re under any kind of pressure we just get infantile rubbish. You speak for no one but yourself, in spite of your delusions.

        Newman does know the ABC is biased.


        “What it (the ABC) does have is a duty to all Australians to broadcast honestly the best available evidence on both sides of the argument so that we can make up our own minds. This is not happening.”

        Turnbull could have renewed his contract but he didn’t because Turnbull the progressive banker wants a carbon trading scheme. He can’t back away from it without looking like a class hypocrite, and I don’t think he will. Whatever, his bitch Bishop is goiing to sign Australia’s sovereignty away on this issue or something just as bad in Paris. Guarantee it.

        There is a tonne of suspicion regarding the BOM’s figures and it should be investigated. They dodged the audits, they didn’t pass them.

        These are facts that you deny for no good reason other than they challenge your cockeyed communist viewpoints.


        • Well, Russell, it took you a while, but finally you have reverted to type by calling me a communist. It is all you are left with when you are, as usual, on the losing side of a debate.

          Is that quote from Newman the best you’ve got? The both sides argument is always trotted out by the right when they know they have lost and have no rebuttal. Well, guess what, sometimes there is only one side.

          Evolution v Creationism? Only one side has data, fact and explanation, the other is just special pleading.

          Some 7/11 franchisees deliberately and knowingly breaking the law by underpaying staff? Only one side.

          Other times, there are far more than the simple 2 side equation so beloved of the right. The rise of ISIS? Multi faceted. Climate change? Multi faceted.

          When there is an attempt to bring a Muslim in to a debate about Islamic terrorism you scream blue bloody murder and try to shut down the debate.

          You, Andrew Bolt and the rest of the far, far, far right hate the ABC, not because of its perceived leftist bias, but because the ABC runs stories such as the 7/11 wages rip off, the exploitation of foreign workers in fresh food producing, forgotten PTSD in those we send to useless wars. Stories, in other words, that the Murdoch press would never run, stories you would never see on Fox.

          The ABC is a valued institution because it IS independent. Abbott wanted to destroy the ABC, just like he wanted to destroy everything that was good in Australia. He had a dystopian view of the future, one firmly rooted in the 1930’s.


          • Communist is not an insult. Its a political classification that in my opinion applies to many people who mistakenly call themselves socialists and progressives.

            I do not hate the ABC. Hate, although your comments here are dripping with it, it is an emotion most Conservatives have little time for. I hold the ABC in contempt for pretending to be what it is not. It pretends to be an objective provider of news and information when it is in fact an Orwellian or Goebellian propaganda organisation.

            I think this pretence makes it a cowardly and dishonourable organisation and the people who work there the same.

            You hate Andrew Bolt and myself and any one else who writes or speaks in the same manner because we are BEYOND YOUR CONTROL.

            This fact drives you crazy and its the only reason you’re seen on here with your spittle flecked inaccuracies slogans and red herrings.

            As for the 1930s, Conservatism is not an ideology that drifts in meaning as time goes by. Its not something that reshapes itself to fit in with what is currently fashionable in degenerate places like Hollywood or on clapped out TV shows like Neighbours or Shortland Street. Those despicable conduits for cultural Marxism the left push upon the low information voters.

            1930s or 2050, the principles of Conservatism remain as relevant as ever, for they are the only principles that resist against the tyranny that the left (that’s you Jack) will always be trying to impose.


            • Gee that shut Jack D Ripper up. I didn’t realise that these comments were so old, but hey they still sure are relevant, that’s for sure. Sadly I can’t see a Royal Commission into Auntie ABC’s illegal activities becoming a reality, well not as long as Chairman Mal remains as the pathetic PM of Australia. Many of us are still hopeful (PLEASE) that Tony Abbott will regain the leadership of the Liberal party, hence the position of Prime Minister. If he doesn’t, then come the next election there just may not be enough left of the Liberal Party for Chairman Mal to be leader of, let alone be PM.


              • Royal Commission? Why on earth?

                Just need a simple law to disestablish it, and to grant all airwaves in perpetuity to Murdoch —
                and ideally a Constitutional Amendment to end all such government leftist propaganda.

                The saddest day for Australia was when the 1951 referendum was voted down, a vote we now know to have been lost only via substantial infiltration by paid Soviet agitators. If that vote had passed, the Labor, Green parties, and the ABC, SBS and all the rest of the infrastructure of subversion in Australia would have been gone for 60 years!

                Imagine how much better the place would have been then!


        • No Jack D Ripper DOES NOT speak for all Australians. And NO I’m not a narcissist fascists from NZ either JDR. lord only knows what sort of low life scum that you?????? Maybe just a braindead leftie with his head shoved up where the sun don’t shine.


    • Red don’t make the same mistake I did and engage with Mr Ripper. He is a progressive liberal troll and doesn’t want to engage. He just wants to troll and tell lies.


  4. Most readers of this blog know the ABC is utterly corrupt to start with, mainly because its hiring policy deliberately discriminates against Conservatives.

    No – have to disagree. ABCs and their like are always and everywhere systemically corrupt
    because they are “public service” i.e. paid for by the state, rather than by the market. Broadcasting, schools, regulators, wherever they are arms of the state they are always necessarily consumed by communist ideology — they cannot not be.

    Of course Australia still has a democracy today.

    of course it doesn’t. Hasn’t had once since at least ’51, if not long before.


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