John Key wants life long global Marxist as head of UN

UN SocialismWhen the hell will John Key supporters wake up? Look, against my better judgment I’ll concede he could well be a decent guy overall, but his politics put him in the Labour Party, not the National Party.

We’ve been given further proof of this today with a MSM article wherein Key is not the slightest bit shy about his wholehearted support for Helen Clark in her quest for the top job at the United Nations.


They regularly catch up by text, try to meet up whenever they are both back in New Zealand – and now Prime Minister John Key says he will do whatever it takes to give Helen Clark a boost into one of the world’s top jobs.

I’m doing everything I can and will do if she becomes the genuine runner for secretary general … I genuinely think she will be a great leader of he UN and hope she gets there.”

That included having a word in the ear of other world leaders including “one or two I play golf or hang with”, Key said – a reference to US President Barack Obama, who he has joined on the golf course previously.

Key said it would be huge for New Zealand if Clark won the job and the fact they were once rivals “wouldn’t stop me having a lot of pride in her” if she succeeded.

Here’s Clark’s history in a few important bullet points-

  • In 1978, Clark was a member of the pro-Soviet Socialist Unity Party
  • In 1984, she was the pivotal influence in ensuring that United States warships were banned from New Zealand waters and the enactment of anti-nuclear legislation. Wellington knew the policy would lead to New Zealand being pushed out of the regional ANZUS alliance with the United States and Australia.
  • Helen Clark represented the Labour Party at congresses of the Socialist International and the Socialist International Women in 1976, 1978, 1983, and 1986, at an Asia-Pacific Socialist Organisation Conference held in Sydney in 1981, and at the Socialist International Party Leaders’ Meeting in Sydney in 1991. She served in senior committee positions and was the group’s Information Officer for some years.
  • When Filipino Intelligence officers raided an underground safe house in Manila on the night of March 24, 1988, they not only captured leading hard liners of the Communist Party of the Philippines New Peoples’ Army, but also 97 computer discs. A photocopy of a three-page document from one of those discs is headed ‘Workshop 1: Party to Party Relations, June 13, 1986’. It deals with overseas work and those who are in consultation with the International Department of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). On page three, line eight, Helen Clark is listed as the ‘individual link’ for New Zealand.
  • In 1986, Clark visited Nicaragua along with Margaret Wilson. On her return to New Zealand, she urged the Labour Party to back aid for the revolutionary Marxist Sandinista government.
  • In 1987, National Party M.P., Michael Cox, while in parliament, had this to say of Clark, who was then a possible Minister of Defence: “The M.P. for Mt. Albert has said in the House that she would rather have Russian Ships in the Pacific than American ones” and “she has made frequent trips to Russia, has a card for Aeroflot”.
  • In 1989, Clark, along with fellow Labour M.P. Russell Marshall, met with the Auckland branch of the pro Soviet Socialist Unity Party front, the New Zealand Council for World Peace, which was also an affiliate of the Soviet controlled World Peace Council.
  • When Clark won government in 1999, she and key colleagues are reported to have gathered at the Parliament House piano to celebrate by singing the Communist anthem- “Keep The Red Flag Flying”.
  • Helen Clark flirted with China and France in the early 2000s to curtail US and Australian influence in the Pacific region
  • In 2001 she weakened NZ’s Defence forces greatly when she put our air force virtually out of business by closing down its F-16 fighter jet air wing.
  • In 2003, ACT Party M.P. Ken Shirley made the following observation of Clark, who at this point was the Prime Minister: “Prime Minister Helen Clark’s clear inability to confront her ghosts will cost New Zealand dearly. It was she who led the Labour Party’s anti-US cabal in the 1980s, and it was this group that was determined to add the unnecessary Clause 11 to the 1987 legislation aimed at destroying the ANZUS Alliance.”
  • In 2004, it was reported in a short interview with Clark in the newspaper the Herald, that she praised the film The Motorcycle Diaries which she said “was the story of the young Che Guevera’s journey through Latin America, a continent which has always fascinated me.”
  • In June 2010, the British actor Ian McKellen, when visiting New Zealand , noted, in a brief interview, that when he was in this country acting in the Peter Jackson production of Lord of the Rings, he spent a little time talking with P.M. Clark. To his surprise she commented that “New Zealand is a racist country” and that as P.M. she was going to deal with it.

So this is the lifelong communist subversive John key wants to put in charge of one of the most powerful global political organisations. An organisation already suffering from a reputation tarnished by its domination by left wing and or totalitarian tyrants.

Key is offering his wholehearted backing should she decide to throw her hat in the ring, saying Clark would be the best person for the job. Better than whom I wonder? Maybe she’d just pip Karl Marx if he was still living.

Politically, Key is a clueless imbecile. IMHO, the worst leader the National Party has ever had.

5 thoughts on “John Key wants life long global Marxist as head of UN

  1. Quite honestly who in the upper echelon at the UN is not a Marxist/socialist/progressive? However if granny Helun gets the top job NZ will be the first to implement anything on her agenda whether it be good or bad for NZ.


  2. The UN is a waste of time and space.

    It is probably the Worlds most undemocratic organisation. Run by the 5 member “security Council” Veto club.

    Who are also the Worlds largest arms dealers.

    The list of UN failures is extensive. Have there been any real success stories, not many if any.

    If we were being honest with ourselves we would resign our seat on the security council and leave the UN.


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