John “Obama” Key, NZ’s soft left anti-2nd Amendment PM clueless on US Constitution

Radio NZ reports-

Prime Minister John Key, who is in New York where he has addressed the United Nations General Assembly, said the unwillingness of American politicians to introduce gun controls, meant today’s mass shooting would not be the last.

“The United States has hundreds of hundreds of millions of guns in circulation and from Virginia Tech to the most recent one in Oregon, we’ve just seen far too many innocent people killed as a result of that.

“The truth is that the US congress and Senate seem to be unwilling to move on gun laws over here, it’s a very powerful lobby.”

In case readers are still in any doubt, I’ve got to say I’ve had it up to here with this numpty banker pretending he knows something about politics. “Move on gun laws” says Key? There are 20,000 gun laws already in the US. As anyone with the least idea would know.

Deaths in America

What’s Key suggesting then? Confiscation? A la Adolf Hitler? Anyone with any clue knows that the Second Amendment is the backbone of the United States and the reason since that country’s birth it has never been ruled by any tyrant. (Apart from the soft anti-constitutional Barack Obama)

In the same period of time Europe has been plagued by tyranny and they’ve killed off millions of their own citizens, while those tyrants have been enabled by gun control laws and confiscations of the kind Key favours.

Once again John Key shows he’s just another commie loser who has no business being in any party that advocates any respect for freedom and or individual liberty. This lame imposter shows again his political perceptions are paper thin and on the far left of the political spectrum.

Key needs to STFU on the US, and especially on gun control. His good buddy Obama has done enough damage to the Constitutional Republic. He doesn’t need any encouragement from some dopey wet NZ commie who is busy wrecking NZ with the same dopey left wing tax and spend and borrow policies, and who doesn’t have a clue about the constitutional underpinnings of the US Republic.

12 thoughts on “John “Obama” Key, NZ’s soft left anti-2nd Amendment PM clueless on US Constitution

  1. Only those who wish to commit tyranny disarm the populace. Whether they do it by speedily or stealthily over time is moot.

    “Democide” – literally killed by your own government was the biggest cause of death in the 20th century. The anti gun nuts don’t dare mention that….

    “The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt. It is no good to cry out after you are hurt; especially after you are mortally hurt. People talk about the impatience of the populace; but sound historians know that most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. it is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists – G.K Chesterton


    • EAD, I think that’s what’s happening with the euthanasia debate. Once people allow the shedding of innocent blood, for any reason whatsoever, then people will say why not those on the pension, the disabled, and give time limits to the sick. Notice that someone on kiwiblog who’s name starts with A G, is always constantly saying we need to do more for the environment, and constantly saying Euthanasia is a good idea. The two are linked, the Greens say we are overpopulated by 30%, and population has to be the biggest factor in regards to the environment. So its not by accident the most dogmatic about global warming is the most dogmatic about Euthanasia. Maybe you could bring that up next time with the Euthanasia debate.


      • Oh guys, with my suggestion we hit the jackpot. Griff couldn’t in his own words answer the question, this is on today’s general debate. But the video he uploaded was saying we need to depopulate by 90%, or consume only 10% of what we are consuming today, for the earth to stop warming up. So that is not going to make him the slightest bit popular, cause what he’s suggesting is impossible.


        • Griff is a truly brain damaged narcissist whose views are unimportant and whose presence upon Kiwiblog is only a device whereby he seeks to bring himself attention.

          He is also poorly informed, unable to process information, and therefore wrong about so many things it’s an impossible task to correct him.

          View him as an excellent example of the cross intelligent and sane people must bear in any democracy.

          The irony is that if we all thought in his Marxist, destructive, divisive and degenerative manner there would be no civilisation to worry about anyway.


          • That sounds right Red, My server has been down for the last 36 hours, so I only now saw his last comment, he has said my questions make no sense, and we are all screwed anyways. He’s now agreeing that it is impossible to reduce our carbon footprint by 90%. So their you have it. Anyhow I got many upticks and Griff got many downticks, so it seems we’re not alone.


            • I only caught the end of that exchange Meatloaf but that drug addled Griff got well and truly shown up.

              I fully expect to see him on the news one evening wheeled out in a straightjacket.


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  3. I urge anybody who might be tempted to take notice of Key’s babblings on the subject to get hold of this:
    Would banning firearms reduce murder and suicide?
    A review of international and some domestic evidence.
    By Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser

    In short, the answer is an emphatic “no”.
    I’d be happy to forward the entire paper in pdf form to anybody who wants it.


  4. What’s Key suggesting then? Confiscation? A la Adolf Hitler?

    Seems you need a history lesson.

    Hitler did not confiscate guns. That happened after WW1 as part of the Versailles settlement, to reduce Germany’s capacity for future aggression.

    After its defeat in World War I, and agreeing to the harsh surrender terms laid out in the Treaty of Versailles, the German legislature in 1919 passed a law that effectively banned all private firearm possession, leading the government to confiscate guns already in circulation. In 1928, the Reichstag relaxed the regulation a bit, but put in place a strict registration regime that required citizens to acquire separate permits to own guns, sell them or carry them.

    In 1938 Hitler signed in to law an almost total revocation of all gun ownership laws. Ownership of weapons and ammunition was once again freely available to the German population, with a few notable exceptions – Jews, homosexuals and communists were banned from owning fire arms, for any one else it was a free for all.

    I look forward to your attempts to refute this, without resorting to name calling. Are you up to the challenge?


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