Nasty angry leftists cause division in ranks

Commies fightWhat has happened within leftist circles that has apparently wakened some of them to just how nasty, cowardly and inhumane so many of them can be? Ted Cruz said that the Democrat debate was the Mensheviks fighting the Bolsheviks, all over again. We’ve got a similar kind of battle going on in the NZ left.

A major ruckus on Twitter at the weekend saw a far left journalist set upon by his political peer group. Hyenas on the left viciously attacked one of their own for some perceived transgression of their politically correct (read Marxist) behaviour codes.

Fairfax (Senior) reporter Phillip Matthews was set upon by a raging pack of self professed representatives of minority groups, and it went on all weekend.

So bad was the behaviour that Danyl McLauchlan who usually writes with a good sense of humour, has lept to Matthew’s defence with a seriously combative post that pulls few punches in going after the attackers-

I know or know of many of these people and exactly none of them are transexuals or people of colour or working class. They’re heterosexual middle-class white folk and they’ve expropriated the struggle and language of identity politics to give themselves a status of victimhood that they don’t deserve,

if you’re attacking an individual, not their ideas, and you’re doing so en-masse, repeatedly, and they’re clearly distressed about it you’ve left activism way behind, and you’re an ordinary nasty old bully.

We on the Conservative right know because we have been putting up with this cowardly excrement for decades.

Here’s what one of them, a sad little commie whose university experience of being submerged in Critical Theory saw her divorced from her parent’s culture and falling fully under the spell of the extreme left feminist faction, had to say

Allies are forming. Intersectional feminism is gaining confidence. Calls for more PoC, women, LGBTQIA, PwD representation are only going to get louder and proportional representation is only bad news for one specific group – white CIS heterosexual able bodied males.

LGBTQIA..!! Sigh. I hope she didn’t leave anyone out there. How offensive would that be?

You get the picture? But wait there’s more. Stuart Nash, who won the Napier electorate for Labour in the last election is busy saying something the same as Danyl McLauchlan over on the Daily Blog, where he has launched a fairly strong attack on the other main left wing blog, The Standard. Here’s part of that post-

..the week after I won Napier, a friend of mine was speaking to a group of Labour supporters in Auckland; my name came up and my friend said ‘wasn’t it great Stuart won Napier back for Labour’, to which the Labour supporters replied: ‘no its dreadful. Stuart winning means that Maryan Street doesn’t make it back’.

Street is broadly known as an LGBT activist. Nash is up against the same bitter vituperative group of self described “minorities”. He calls the Standard “a dreadful 21st century bastardisation of a once proud Labour broadsheet”.

The Standard wrote a post in response where they say “Mr Nash’s recipe of muted debate and bland third way triangulation of issues is a sure path to irrelevance.” Nash turned up himself in the comments where he lashed out again-

The lack of political or strategic nous expressed in a number of the comments (and starting from the author of this post) just confirms my suspicion that this site is populated by the nutty fringe who really are quite divorced from political reality. I am just so relieved that very few actually take this site seriously. If they did, we really would be in trouble.

…this is a site mired in negativity and bile.

This site doesn’t represent the moderate left voter – or the aspirational Kiwi who is looking for an alternative to the current government; but rather the embittered left dreaming of a socialist utopia that has never existed anywhere in time or place.

…this site promotes a narrow biased view of the world that is totally irrelevant to the vast majority of thinking Kiwis.

…it offers nothing I can’t get looking into a long drop in a DoC campsite.

The fight went on from there. I think Nash does have a point about the Standard. I’m not too bothered by what is written by the main authors there, I mean its just the usual off the planet Marxist garbage, but some of the commenters are completely FITH, consumed with the same bitterness and hate as those Danyl is referencing. They’d pull down any blog anywhere.

At the core of the matter though is a much more interesting issue. Is the blue collar Labour left finally waking up to the fact that a large part of their message has been hi-jacked by a faction who are totally immersed in the identity politics of Critical Theory, and so brain damaged by this affliction and so offensive at large, that they are holding the party back from ever gaining support from a large part of the voting public?

Slut walkers, Hero Paraders, virulent Anti Israel pro Palestine, Man hating feminists, Race hustlers, etc etc etc have actually been turning voters off the left for a long time. Smart people would have woken to this years ago. “White CIS heterosexual able bodied males” for example are a pretty big voting group.

(Note: For those uncaring ignorant paternalistic bastards unsure of the meaning of CIS, its short for Cisgender, broadly the opposite of transgender, and is a collective term for that part of the population whose mental state agrees with their “birth” sex. Yes yes I know, how the hell did we get to the state where we have need of such a word?)

6 thoughts on “Nasty angry leftists cause division in ranks

    • Surprised this post received such a lukewarm response because a division like this in the enemies’ camp is to my mind a matter of some import.

      These people are mainly media or academics and have basically captured media political opinion in NZ, so it is quite an event when we see them in such energetic disagreement.

      I have always thought that one of our most basic aims as fighters for liberty was to take down the left wingers who control our media and schools/ universities, and this schism is a sign of progress we can take some heart in.


      • hmmm. Perhaps the response has not been lukewarm, it’s just comment in reply isn’t required as the original post says all that needs to be said?

        A split on the left was always inevitable. At some point the “traditional” left (blue collar workers, who might in another place at another time have been called “Reagan Democrats”) was always going to wake up to the take-over of their institutions by the LGBTQWERTY, identity politics cultural marxists … just as they have spent the past half-century or so marching through the rest of the institutions.


        • Yeah, I’ve been working hard at encouraging that split on the Standard and other places:)

          Really though, the Tiso’s and others of the hard left who buy into all that PC Critical Theory BS are the worst kind of people. They’re in the Nats as well of course.


  1. ‘more PoC, women, LGBTQIA, PwD representation’
    If you’re a lesbian, which implies you’re a woman, and a PoC, does that give you three voices in the ‘representation’?


    • Ha, good point. That would seem by the Marxists own standards, to be supremely unfair. A black or brown women who identifies as a lesbian has far more weight than a straight white women. Where’s the “EQUALITY” in that???

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