Foul mouthed ill mannered Hispanic kids in appalling anti-Trump TV ad

This is about one of the best examples of the Progressive mindset I’ve seen in some time. So sure they’re right and yet absolutely repellent in their wrongness.

What is the benefit in allowing our society to be invaded and degraded by people who apparently can’t even raise their children right?

Meant to turn people against Trump, my view is it will lead to increased support for sealing the border and for deportation of illegal invaders.

7 thoughts on “Foul mouthed ill mannered Hispanic kids in appalling anti-Trump TV ad

  1. It didn’t work for the fat German and won’t work for these idiots. Imagine that boy having that presentation splashed over the world for ever. People you would give the time of day to won’t be fooled.


  2. Absolutely appalling. However, that sort of ad will not help Clinton. Incidentally, I do not favour Donald as the candidate but Ted Cruz. The man is a brilliant orator.


  3. After 9 seconds of listening to the video, I couldn’t hear anymore. I shut it off. I had enough of those foul mouth kids. Those foul mouth kids need their butts spanked and their mouths wash out with soap. Their parents should be royalty spanked too for teaching the kids bad habits and being socially unacceptable. The video was disgusting from the start. Any decedent human being would be appalled to by the video. The video has a way of bringing out the prude in me, lol..


  4. That was nice of them to run some support adds for Trump.

    How did I get it all so wrong I thought that they were afraid of Trump.


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