The cynical media-politician alliance corroding our society

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I don’t watch much TV these days. The mind numbing banality combined with the Progressive political bias behind almost every news and entertainment show finally forced my withdrawal from the medium.

However, a friend recently made a point of insisting that I watch a particular series of shows, and I succumbed to his persuasions and was very surprised to find I enjoyed the shows immensely.

Rob Sitch has always been a great artist. Check out his early Australian series “Frontline”, a program that with candour and humour thoroughly exposed the cynicism and amorality of your average television newsroom.

He’s also the man behind the programs I am recommending now. One is the “Hollowmen” series and the other is “Utopia”. Both intended as satire, but in fact disturbingly close to reality. The scripts are great, and the wry humour so cutting and accurate, but most importantly I learned something quite significant.

Both programs have a similar theme, and that is the perceived need for government to be seen to be doing something. This need doesn’t exist for me, and it probably does not exist to any great degree among those who read this blog. But it sure does exist in the minds of politicians and their media collaborators.

So what I learned is that today, govt is mostly a game played in the halls of power by incompetents and toadies working hand in hand with a parasitical media industry that must have something to sell to their customers.

It works this way.

1) Government or politicians (PM, Ministers, bureaucrats) must show the voters that they’re doing something. The perception is that if there is not some issue on the table to get excited over, they won’t be in the news and God forbid, people may decide they don’t care about them.

2) Media must have some means to a sell their product, and political sensationalism plays a big part in this objective. So they work hand in hand with govt (as above) to drive issue after issue with roughly the same objective, that being to keep people interested in govt, and in the media’s case, therefore wanting their product.

A typical script goes broadly like this.

Govt Toady 1: “We’re not in the news”.

Govt Toady 2: “We have to come up with something”

Then media and govt run around like headless chooks trying to pursue some quickly dreamed up initiative that has countless unintended consequences and doesn’t really achieve anything anyway. That it might cost billions in taxpayer funding is presented as a positive rather than a negative.

The Queensland govt has just provided a real example of how this works. They have been criticised for doing nothing. One can imagine the cabinet meetings.

Politician 1: “Media people are saying we’re sitting on our hands.”

Politician 2: “I have a solution. There have been a few domestic violence incidents in the news lately. Lets put together an initiative on that issue.

Politician 3: “Great idea, lets issue some press releases and get the ball rolling.”

So domestic violence is now a big initiative in Queensland. The idea was also picked up by politicians in Canberra and Wellington. Huge dollops of taxpayer money are being spent or just given away. New regulations and govt acts are in the pipeline.

Helpfully to the Progressive political paradigm, white men, fathers and husbands are being widely smeared as psychopathic bullies holding their wives and families in the grip of fear and terror.

Newspapers, TV stations and radio outlets have copy!!! Politicians are on TV. They’re seen to be doing something. The media has its product to sell.

See how it works?

Media and govt have conspired to create a concern out of thin air to make it seem as if we need them. Meanwhile, Critical Theory gets another boost as Western civilization is portrayed as a cruel and deeply patriarchal arrangement where women are dragged into caves by men with clubs and raped and otherwise mistreated while newborn babies roast over the campfire.

Media and govt have achieved their objective, but its another nail in the coffin of Western culture.

Watch “Utopia” or “The Hollowmen” if you can. It will show you how were being lied to and cheated by a gang of experts in the mainstream media/ govt collaborative. They’re driven by self interest and nothing else. In general, they’re doing more harm than good.

The Hollowmen- Future Proofing.

3 thoughts on “The cynical media-politician alliance corroding our society

  1. That’s how the odious swimming pool fencing laws originated.

    The media decided one day that every instance of a swimming pool drownings must be reported. The gullible public reacted to this perceived “increase” in the number of cases in horror and demanded that the government “do something”. The result was the usurpation of property rights, restrictions on individual freedoms and an expensive increase in the level of council and government bureaucracy.

    It has not gone unnoticed that recently, every time a kid is run over in a driveway, the media are on to it. Such accidents are not new, but media manipulation gives the false impression that they are. Such shameful and cynical exploitation of terrible tragedies such as these shows that the media has no integrity or conscience whatsoever. The predictable result will of course be that eventually every driveway will legally require a fence and a gate. Watch this space.

    Almost everything the left promotes starts with the media, from AGW to allowing potential terrorists to immigrate into the country. Who can forget the media fawning over the illegal alien and terror suspect, Ahmed Zaoui?


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    • So right Bill, my old friend. Once you understand the pattern, it is easy to see it in play behind almost everything govt does.

      Progressive media and progressive politicians work together to increase regulation, raise taxes and enlarge government overall.

      It won’t stop until we get a new party with a leader who treats the media with the disdain they are due. Much like Trump is doing in the US.

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