A challenge to John Key supporters

I notice on the occasional times I read Kiwiblog that any comment that praises Key is met with an overwhelming number of upticks. I think this is a result of millenials coming on board at Kwiblog and responding to Key’s marketing campaign that is clearly aimed at that sector of the voting public. Aided by National party long termers.

To me, such uncritical subservience is sickening. Those who were highly critical of Helen Clark for her socialistic bent now salivate over her doppleganger Helen Key.

I think Key is, like Helen Clark, a committed member of the “political class”, and I hold all members of that class in utter contempt.

There are many people in NZ who still think there is a battle between left and right. There’s no such battle. The so called “right” capitulated decades ago and that capitulation has accelerated to weak surrender under various leaders of National, starting with Jim Bolger and passing through to John Key, the greatest surrender monkey of them all.

Impressed by stand for nothing compromisers like Mark Textor and David Cameron and of late Malcolm Turnbull, Key epitomises the weakness of that force that pretends to a right wing political perspective.

Today’s political debate is completely dominated by one faction. The political class is that sector of society that has, over the last five decades, been processed through universities dominated by politically corrupt Marxist academics. Students enter university as naive impressionable youth, and filled chock full of Critical Theory, graduate as badge carrying members of the currently ascendant “nomenklatura“.

Basically they emerge as white ants, either knowingly or unknowingly, (depending upon their level of political sophistication) working as disciples of their Marxist lecturers and on campus mentors, and have nothing to offer Western society but criticism. They’re ashamed of the countries and societies their fathers and grandfathers died fighting for. When they should be fiercely proud of what the West has brought to the world.

Key even disparages our current flag because it bears a Union Jack.

One of the markedly obvious attributes of the political class is a commitment to “multiculturalism”. It fits you see. Our native societies are underdeveloped and won’t be complete unless they are blended with other cultures. That these other cultures are frequently inferior is of no concern. Because the soldiers of Marxism are faithfully following their “critical theory” doctrine.

Another of these salient attributes is a commitment to the idea that Western society is destroying the globe, manifested most often by claims that man’s activities are affecting the climate. This is complete and utter hogwash, like most planks of Critical Theory, but it has served its purpose well in making most of our youth ashamed of Western capitalist society.

Here’s a video (recorded today) of John Key confirming his belief in climate change. Confirming thereby that he is a paid up badged and uniformed member of the “political class”.

He’s held this belief since November 2006 when he said

“I firmly believe in climate change and always have. Like most New Zealanders, I take the risks posed by climate change seriously. The scientific evidence indicates that the world is getting warmer and, if this does not change, the results could be catastrophic – for our society as well as for our environment.”

But wait. Here’s what he said just a few short months before that in May 2005

“This is a complete and utter hoax, if I may say so. The impact of the Kyoto Protocol, even if one believes in global warming, and I am somewhat suspicious of it, is that we will see billions and billions of dollars poured into fixing something that we are not even sure is a problem”

Unless you’re one of the political class yourself, how could you ever support anyone who is able to change their position so casually? And subscribe to such a Marxist anti-Western idea that is so crippling to our economies?

The battle to day is as I said, no longer right against left, its a battle between the Political Class, and those who seek truth.

Which side are you on?

19 thoughts on “A challenge to John Key supporters

  1. Fully agree.
    Now and then take a swipe at Key on KB and cop the downticks.There are a group of party faithfull there waiting to support the leader.

    Always seek the truth but can’t fathom how so many supposedly intelligent people can be fooled so easily or fail to think things through.
    Even English has turned in to one of untouchable politicians.Never seriously challenged on anything .


    • The argument they all use to justify their surrender is that if Key did or said what was necessary he would lose votes.

      Donald Trump in the US has shown that to be the utter bullshit I have always said it is.

      People are sick to death of the political class preaching and patronising.

      They want some fight back and Trump is providing it.

      We’ll never get the same from Key, completely transfixed by the likes of Mark Textor and flawed polling that never asks the right questions.


  2. Yep, they are charlatans – no existing politician could get an up tick from me. Key endorsing Clark surprised me much – they are clearly not poles apart but should be. Don Brash struggled to say something good about her some years ago and that was how it should have been for someone on the right.

    I’m not so sure English has caved in – he answers global warming questions very carefully to neither endorse it nor slag the govt line. Is he walking a personal tightrope by pretending or minimising economic damage? – time will tell because he will have to swear allegiance or resign eventually.


    • That is the problem with all politicians (Except Trump) today – they all answer questions very carefully because they don’t stand for anything and fall for everything.

      Key is a disgrace and massive failure for NZ. It would not surprise me one iota if NZ had its sovereignty signed away at the Paris warmist convention next month.


    • Yes, English is a bit enigmatic on this issue.

      Y’know it should not be too much to ask that politicians, PMs in particular, are truthful when they speak.

      I reckon that if you got Key alone and managed to persuade him to speak truth on the GW issue he would say he has to go along with it or risk NZ being punished on global trade fronts

      I would counter this by saying it is highly unlikely this would happen. There is either a market for our products or there is not, and if Key believes in “free trade” as he says he does, then why would he subscribe to such a contrivance.

      And what if every political leader is going along with the scam for the same reason? Which is what I think is the situation anyway.

      It is a fraud, our politicians are lying to us and we need to remove them from power. This ain’t going to happen of course while the perception that there is an even worse bunch of liars and bunglers waiting to take over.

      Another perception I disagree with. They’re all the same, liars and bunglers all, and if they were not, then they would be speaking out on this despicable scam upon the people.

      I want them all thrown out and to start with a clean slate.

      (KC: I think this is the sentiment driving Donald Trump’s support in the US)


      • Yes. The US people have had enough of fakes. They see Trump as the opportunity to stick it right up the arses of the liers and fraudsters.

        Trump is not perfect by any stretch but he is huge improvement in terms of capability and honesty compared the idiot pulling the strings now. I would run with Cruz if Trump slips up or doesn’t survive (for whatever reason) but the man is very smart and resourceful. He knows precisely what he saying and doing. Anyone that thinks he shoots from the hip like a retard has no clue.


  3. Don’t tar all University Students with the same brush. It’s bad enough we have to tolerate progressive bullshit in tutorials and lectures, but then when we go outside the Ivory Tower, we get bombarded with hate because of guilt by association. I don’t know how old you are, but I have a future career and employment to worry about so I can’t risk everything against what looks like an unstoppable tide. I love my country, I’ve opposed the flag change in every meaningful way and I do my best to defend European culture against its defamers when they apply their logical fallacies, but its demoralizing when you get dismissed by progs and what left of conservatism.


  4. This is nothing new.

    They have long been a troupe of clapping MonKeys.

    What are your thoughts on that Troglodyte blubber boy over on Whaleshit


    • Well Key is clearly out of favour with Slater, but its more personal than political.

      Slater is piqued at Key’s failure to support him, and this personal slight drives his commentary on Key rather than any real differences on political issues.

      IMHO Slater still doesn’t latch on to the difference between a Progressive and a Conservative, and he really won’t be any kind of effective political force until he does.


      • Slater has stuffed himself up by not being honest with his supporter sycophants. You can bullshit your opposition on other blogs for effect but when it comes to those that put their faith in you, you have to deliver truth. Slater has failed by attempting to create the news by working behind the scenes manipulating the demise of others. He has no credibility or integrity any longer.


        • Slater and Belt deliberately lied to smear me.

          There’s no coming back from that cowardice.

          BTW, they’ve apparently had a major fallout. This testy little exchange was deleted from one of their General Debate threads the other day-

          Cam Slater: Do want to be fired?

          Pete: You can try. But it isn’t spelled fired. Its spelled buy-out.

          Cam Slater: Oh you are going to buy me out? Sure, you’ve got all my money anyway. You’ve already wrecked the blog, pushed away all the commenters and reduced the traffic to a shadow of what it was. The experiment is coming to an end.

          Pete: Cam, I know its been a rough day. But can we take this off-line please?


  5. I have recommended to 6.9 million people in Singapore to read your interesting website – and I like especially your endorsement from NZ Herald (although they are afraid to publish my case and has replied to me on this) – “Redbaiter’s extreme right, anonymous diatribes pepper the New Zealand blogosphere and make Whaleoil seem left-wing. He comes across as crazy as they come, but that’s why he (or she) is worth reading.”



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