Donald Trump- Greatest campaign video ever

Like Trump or hate him, this is a great ad.

Turn your speakers up loud.

Especially if there are some liberals around.



And I don’t give a damn for all of the Trump criticism. This guy has done it himself, he’s not beholden to anyone, he’s financed his own campaign and he’s given the corrupt one-party political establishment the biggest kick up the arse in history.

One they’ve had coming for a long time.

And for that he deserves credit.

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump- Greatest campaign video ever

  1. He has definitely disrupted a typically dull dry election season. I don’t think he is electable, but he has changed the game by influencing the Republican Party’s understanding of its supporters.


  2. He uses a proxy server so its not easy to stop him. Frankly, if it was me I wouldn’t go to the trouble but that is trolls for you.

    Its just so tiresome dealing with his lies & misinformation. He picks up every stale and discredited mainstream media/ left wing talking point that is out there and duplicates it here.

    All of them are so much rubbish that can be easily countered but who cares? If he was as smart as he thinks he is he would already know the points he raises have been dealt with long ago.

    Don’t have the time for or the interest in a constant stream of fabrications driven by typical left wing gullible idiocy.


  3. Breaking news !

    David Brindley moves back to Australia as there was a dearth of rent boys working the area in Christchurch after the quake. Oh I hope Chrissy doesn’t find out about it !

    God still loves you David, apparently.


  4. To all of those that doubt Trump is for real or electable I suggest you read his books. He has not got to where he is by being a dunderhead. I doubt they will find anything on Trump in his past to tip him over either.


    • TRUMP has won more votes than any candidate ever in the Primaries. He has an unbeatable lead over Hiltery who is going be indicted by the FBI and then jailed by TRUMP along with Bill and all the other D’RATS.


  5. To the velvet teleprompted puppets of any political persuasion, to the leftist multitude and their low wattage MSM cronies, to the broken western economies and the dependent legions of sycophantic bureaucrats, those practicing regulationists, devotees to climatism and heathism, all for your own good you understand, to the fawning, quivering mass of minority interests, The Donald is by the people for the people. Time now to look closely at yourselves and consider whether you are as you like say, sustainable.


  6. Now that Donald Trump has secured the number of delegates required to be the Republican candidate, the political left supporters are starting to use the Nazi Germany/Hitler example to accuse Trump of being an undemocratic fascist. By long standing debating convention once anyone starts using the Nazis as an example to try to win an argument, they have already lost. I think we can now confidently expect President Trump to enter the White House in 2017.


    • I can’t fucking wait. Whether it’s jailing Hitlery, shooting the black lives matter and green”peace” terrorists, or nuking anyone who gets in America’s way then it’s all to the good.

      (NZ better grant US navy full ship visits, and pay our share for the Pacific Fleet and the SSBNs too)

      And as for the leftists, they’re not sustainable, they’re not American, they deserve everything they get hopefully from True Open Carrying Patriots as soon as TRUMP is elected!


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