Best Trump Cartoon- Why he’s winning (so far)

This cartoon is not exceptionally brilliant because its stating an obvious truth. Its power lies in the fact that it brings home the truth to so many who still think the Republican Party’s chosen candidates (Graham, Kasich, Christie, Bush, Rubio etc) are worth a vote. Nobody should be supporting these traitors and turncoats who have converted the Republican Party into a subset of the Democrat Party.

The real issue though is that these losers do not get it. They still don’t understand why voters don’t like them anymore.

Trump is steadily awakening them to that truth.


Dead Republican Party


Of course its a comment that applies equally as well to most western so called anti-left establishment parties. The UK Conservatives, The Australian Liberals, (doomed under Malcolm Turnbull) and worst of all the NZ Nationals,  led by the panty waisted flag changing Mark Textor devotee Helen Key, who is popular mostly because the NZ Labour Party is so dreadfully unpalatable to even far left voters.

2 thoughts on “Best Trump Cartoon- Why he’s winning (so far)

  1. The media will turn on him, simply because it is affecting the B grade propaganda that they call news and the distractions to take peoples minds of the real problems.

    Basically they and the political classes fear the mob.


    • Oh we will see. There has not been a Trump persona power candidate standing before. Nor has America and the world been so poorly governed as RB says.

      I think Cruz is next cab on the rank if Trump does slip up but I have noticed he is not perfect either in his own way. There is day light between them and the others.

      If Trump gets nominated I think he will win by a landslide because there is too much baggage for Clinton to wade through even with the media party on her side.


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