Obama again inadvertently admits to being a Muslim

This is eighteen seconds of video from a speech Obama gave at the G20 conference in Turkey on November 16th.

He plainly admits to being a Muslim, and although the admission may be inadvertent, its fairly clear and unmistakable. His father was a Muslim. He was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim by his Muslim stepfather, where he also attended school as a Muslim. He wears a Muslim ring. He stated the Muslim call to prayer was “the sweetest sound in the world.” The real question here is just why the hell would he not be a Muslim?

Notice the admission goes right over the heads of the dumbass media in attendance

5 thoughts on “Obama again inadvertently admits to being a Muslim

  1. Irrespective of that his actions over time, rather than the words, give him away. What is surprising is how easy it was to get the Trojan horse inside the walls. Trump may be a loud mouthed bullshitter but at last we have someone rocking the establishment and for that I’m grateful.


  2. “dumbass media in attendance”

    Just so appropriate. They would have been told what to write in advance.


  3. Racheal Smalley , to the right in the media sea of filth , nods approvingly , Sarc/
    This bastard is going to do some real damage to the US in the next 12 months i reckon RB.
    Next year is going to be hard to watch for the free world.
    All the power to Donald Trump!


    • Yes George, the biggest thing Trump has going for him is that he seems to be pissing off all of the right people.

      The Republicans are paying the price for deciding their policy election after election was to be just a tiny bit less socialist than the Democrats. People are utterly fed up with having this gun held to their head.

      Trump is giving voters the opportunity to show the Republicans just how much this strategy has pissed them off over the last 20 years or so.

      What a shame NZ politics is too insular for the same event to happen here. When I see how easily the NZ voter is lead by the NZ media I despair. Almost all of what the media produce on Trump is Democrat driven rubbish, but the NZ public gulp it down like they can’t get enough of it.

      In the US, more people are aware of what a subversive political force the MSM really is. (still not enough though)


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