Defending the Champagne Socialist John Key is not what I want to do

Well, the idiot left have finally driven me to it.

Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart

The opinion piece by lesbian activist and self described “Key-jangling, overall-wearing, God-hating deviant, from hairy armpit city” Rachel Stewart in the Taranaki Daily News a few days ago has done it.

I’ve now had to write my own article defending the hopeless Champagne Socialist John “Helen” Key, and I don’t like it. However I find compelled to express my disbelief at the increasingly deranged commentary from the left, and to try and point out to them why they’re barking up the wrong tree.

The article from Rachel Stewart is IMHO so bad it should be preserved for posterity and used as an example for journalism students of how not to write. Let me highlight just a few of its absurdities-

  1. Rachel Stewart is a lesbian. Is this a gender that allows her to speak for the heterosexual women of NZ? And to categorise those heterosexual women who don’t agree with her as suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?? I don’t think so.
  2. She says “It feels like we’re living in a Boy’s Own Annual. There is a male culture so toxic and all-persuasive that we feel stifled and need to come up for air.” I can’t believe that any sane person could make such a statement when the prevailing view among those with even the slightest degree of political awareness is the dominance of women in today’s society and the many  downsides to this situation. For example, very few male teachers. The tip of the iceberg.
  3. She says about Key’s attitude.- “it’s giving every male within cooee tacit permission to swagger and strut and wear their bigotry like a badge of honour.” See that readers?  A lesbian is calling all males (within cooee) bigots swaggerers and strutters. Next week she’ll write an article about stereotyping.
  4. And surprise surprise, here’s some other things she feels ashamed of- “climate change inaction, the flag debacle, domestic violence, child poverty” A revelation to be sure.

So in the end all we’re talking about here is the unbalanced bile of a commie lesbian who doesn’t like John Key, and the idiot editor at the Taranaki Daily News thinks this infantile drivel is something he should publish.

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not defending Key for appearing on the radio station. Frankly I think he is a poor PM and these appearances are part of it, but its not the main issue to me as it is to Rachel Stewart and other extreme left FITH zealots.

I wish Key wouldn’t do these things, but he’s always wanted to be popular at the expense of policy and so that is how it is. The guy is a hopeless Prime Minister who was passed the socialist baton by Helen Clark and has continued to run with it. We’re stuck with him until someone better comes along.

Key hasn’t an idea to save NZ and he’s never going to have one. The problem for the left is they don’t have one either. What they fill the vacuum with is over the top political correctness, and this at a time when the public is increasingly turning against this threadbare politically driven fad.

Attack after attack on John Key for alleged transgressions of their tyrannical politically correct dictates is not going to win them any public support. In the US, Donald Trump has tapped into the growing anti-PC sentiment, and is profiting from it. Labour are pushing against this trend, and in their blinkered brainwashed Bolshevik mental condition, do not recognise this as the strategy that is holding them back.

Its highly likely that if they don’t change strategy, John Key will be elected for a fourth term. Labour and their pathetic media allies need to wake up to themselves. They need policies and ideas to beat Key. After all of these years, they’re still thumping away on the old PC drum like a lost tribe of barbarians. Its a foolish course that will as time goes by, just turn more and more of the public against them.

10 thoughts on “Defending the Champagne Socialist John Key is not what I want to do

  1. Some of Key’s antics here are unbecoming of the office of the Prime Minister. These radio DJ’s are now on a quest to goad him into doing something that he will definitely regret if her is not careful. As for these leftists and their phony outrage . . the kind of humour Key took part in – laughing about bull queers and shirt-lifters is typical shop floor, blue collar humour – nothing new to us.


  2. Red I agree with everything you say about John Key. I gave Key the benefit of the doubt for three months to announce sweeping reforms after the 2008 election, to reverse Clarks socialism and keep reforming. When that didn’t happen it was obvious we were in trouble – again.

    NZ does not seem to breed business leaders with the strength of conviction capable of getting sufficiently angry with the status quo, rallying the troops, building a new party and pushing back against the media party and progressives.

    Colin Craig could have been that leader IMHO but he seemed unwilling to challenge the very people that he needed to attack head on. It has been a flaw with conservative and free market leaders for years, Until Trump arrived.

    It is my hope and belief that someone in the NZ business sector will take a leaf out of Trumps strategic book and courage or we are doomed to third world status. It has to happen soon or it will be too late to turn the ship around for 2017.


    • John Key has over the years managed to surrender on almost every issue he once said (while in opposition) was important to him.

      Remember “Communism by stealth”?

      Remember “Global warming is a hoax”?

      Just another Mark Textor style left wing surrender monkey.

      You’re right about Trump. The MSM all over the globe have done their utmost to bring him down and yet he still prospers and leads the polls.

      According to all of the Key supporters (such as are so numerous on Kiwiblog) it couldn’t be done. Trump has proved them wrong, and therefore many of them hate him more than they hate the opposition on their left.

      All it took was guts and some ability. Soft arsed Key can’t do a Trump because he has neither of those two essential requirements.


    • KC, in regards to Colin Craig, I definitely agree. 18 months before the election, Craig was for the first $20,000 tax free, and then a flat tax of 20%, with a string attached, no working for families. When it came closer to the election, Craig failed to bring up the fact of no working for families. Because of this Act and the media walked all over him, and said it won’t stack up. It was called an election bribe. If Craig had been more honest, yes some people wouldn’t like him, but he’d gain far more friends, people who don’t like working for families. So that’s what happens when you try to please everybody.


  3. Just a look at the Medusa face, a face that would sink a thousand ships, and I went no further.

    Neither should you red, lie with something like that and you will wake up with something very nasty indeed.

    Feeling like my drink has been spiked at the moment.


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