32 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2015, and a happy 2016

    • Thank you too John, and for all your support. As far as going mad goes, here’s a quote worth considering. Its from an old commie, but still a good quote-

      “The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices virtues, the fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths, and the fact that millions of people share the same form of mental pathology does not make these people sane.”
      ― Erich Fromm, The Sane Society

      To thine own self, always be true.


    • Thanks Chuck. I am going to make a point of catching up with you one day, and when I do, you’ll understand why it is not as easy as you would think 🙂

      Merry Christmas and happy new year, and all the best for 2016.

      And my regard for always fighting the fight.


  1. Love that pic of the original Crusaders 🙂

    A happy and blessed Christmas to you Red. It is a time for ALL men to join in trying to understand our oneness despite our differences, and ponder how it came about.
    I Hope the new year brings you, and all of us, happiness and fulfillment.


    • Thank you Don and best Christmas wishes to you too. I’m sure your eternal optimism and constant good humour gives inspiration to many. It sure does to me anyway.


    • No “oneness” with commies, liberals, traitors, terrorists, parsons, liberals. isis etc.

      none whatsoever.

      And that is the foundation of civilisation.

      Ultimately: There are individuals and there are communists. Civilisation belongs to Indi individuals alone.

      And with the example of the great Crusader Almaric before us, our guiding principle must always be: the Lord knows his own.


  2. Merry Christmas Red! Wonderful illustration to accompanying this post. Brings some hope. As others have already said so eloquently, thanks for the blog and the beacon of sanity it provides. There is often something in your writing that provokes thought and contemplation from a different perspective. 2016 is no doubt going to be an interesting year, but may it bring contentment and prosperity to you and your readers/contributors. 😊


    • Merry Christmas to you too H and thanks so much for all of your useful and always pertinent observations over the year. Yes, 2016 looks interesting, with Trump’s entry into US politics bound to have flow on effects across the west. Should shake up the status quo a bit.


  3. All the best for Christmas and the new Year.

    Another good year shining light on the cockroaches.

    I know it can be a little bit soul destroying at times, but stay strong and keep up the good work.

    It is very much appreciated.


  4. Compliments of the season to you Redbaiter, Meatloaf, Don, Bobby and all of you who frequent this blog.

    I’ve only been able to follow your blog over the past few weeks and commenting (here or on Commieblog) has been rather sporadic as I’ve desperately tried to plug myself back into the Matrix mainframe to enjoy what should be a typically, and specifically, European festive season. It doesn’t work, as we out here in the badlands of reality who understand what is going on know you don’t get to blue pill yourself for a week or two because it’s convenient, but we all try nevertheless.

    As we hear the awful dirge of the Christmas pop songs and pretend to cheer when we know it’s just an add-on to the disposable consumerist garbage we have bought because, being a outspoken realist is one thing, letting family down and then compounding their disappointment with vague ramblings of taking on the Global Money Power & the One Party State is a different matter entirely.

    It’s easy to be cynical, indeed, the challenge is not to be. We all know the fluff on the TV our friends and family are excited about will be, more than likely, designed and written by some Left Wing prick with a grudge, the subversive message insidious and hard to explain without coming across as a lunatic so I bite my tongue.

    But then there’s the children, it’s always the ”trigger” – just look at Europe with its demographics and , Muslims, blacks, rapes, groomings, random stabbings etc.  We here in NZ are like Europe in the early 2000’s – still salvageable but the noose is tightening, the frog is boiling and you realise if we don’t stop it now ”what’s it going to be like when little Charlotte is 25?!”

    It is a tragically fake farce but an important one for us to take part in because it will remind us why we do what we do.

    Great blog Reddy, your work is appreciated by many.  See you in the new year. 

    “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds”   – Samuel Adams


    • Thank you Change. Hope you have a good 2016. With Trump stirring the pot in the US, its shaping as an interesting year, and one that should shake up the political class status quo. At last.


  5. Happy new year to you too Red. It would be nice if you can pop over to KB with your sword every now and again to help me fight off the progressives.


  6. Thanks KC and same to you. However I won’t be returning to Kiwiblog anytime soon. Apart from a lack of interest in dealing with the idiot leftists from National and Labour that congregate there, I will not subject myself to the vagaries of Headmaster David Farrar’s denouncement style moderation system wherein totally freaked out psychopaths like Shawn Hurls are the main arbitrators of who gets demerits.

    That POS got me demerited off the forum for so-called racist remarks about his Indian heritage when I was actually defending white Europeans from his own racist attacks. And now, in a turnabout only a mad person could be capable of, the disgusting coward is there posturing as a defender of the white race and Conservatism. I don’t need to deal with a system so prone to manipulation by such clearly FITH psychotics.

    Secondly, Twitter is actually a much more effective medium to get the message out. On Kiwiblog you’re kind of stuck with a rotating display of idiots. The same old same old every day commenting there.

    Take GD for example. All about Penny Bright. Or its the despicable coward Grief with his climate change delerium. And of course the endless cassette style of Nasska with his feeble and always overexposed jokes or his anti-religious obsession. FFS..!! Such miserable vain little men. Who needs it. I’m far better off out of it.

    I have around 160,000 impressions on Twitter this month, and my influence is increasing incrementally. I now have close to 1500 followers and given that in real terms this is relatively tiny I intend to increase it as much as I can, because its much more productive in terms of political influence than blogging or commenting on blogs. With say 10,000 followers you can reach out to around 1 million people. The most you could get commenting on KB is a couple of thousand.

    Especially when you are clear of the harassment from the likes that hang around Kiwiblog. Who needs to duel with those freaks mentioned above or for someone really bad, that complete idiot Stephieboy. For chrissakes, what an utter unbelievable dropkick. No education, no brains and no class. And he’s all over the blog. To hell with that crap mate.

    I admire your patience in tolerating such a low class corner of the blogosphere. I’m sorry, but I don’t possess that patience.

    PS: feel free to copy this and paste it to Kiwiblog GD. Some might find it a welcome relief from the usual tedium.


  7. Red, I don’t blame you for not using kiwiblog. If my nemesis called me ‘bedwetter’, like Big Bruv does I wouldn’t either. My latest, is Mikenmild is still after me. I used the term common law 18 months ago. That as long as you don’t harm someone, or haven’t kept a contract, the law can’t get you. He’s still on me for using common law, when the correct term is ‘tort’, which means the same thing.

    And mikenmild is the one who makes everything mild. Everytime I say something that has powerful meaning, he milds it down. And when you water the ‘milk’, it loses its strength, there is no coincidence to him being called ‘miken’ ‘mild’, that’s exactly what he is.


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