Why I can’t shake the feeling the West is done.

Bernie 001Yesterday I pulled into a fuel station to fill up the truck with petrol and to fill two twenty litre fuel containers with diesel. Filled the truck and one of the containers and was half way through filling the second container when the station attendant turned up.

She said “I’ll have to ask you to stop filling that container”.

I said “Why, what’s the problem?”

She said “Its company policy that any containers must be placed on the ground to avoid spark potential”.

By this time the container was 75% full. Cars were lined up waiting to be filled. I like filling the containers in the back of the truck as it saves me lifting them in when they’re full. The containers are approved for fuel transport, they’re plastic and they were sitting on a rubber mat. I was pumping diesel not petrol. A minute more and the container would have been filled and I would have been on my way.

But no, this snot nosed little Marxist/ Prog/ Millenial nitwit wants me to stop filling, lift the container from the truck, fill it the remaining 25% and then replace it in the truck.

I wanted to tell this little know-nothing what I truly thought of her and her regulations. I left it though by remarking calmly that I had been filling containers with diesel on the back of trucks for years, that there was no difference to filling the containers and filling any vehicle through the filler cap, and that she had caused me inconvenience, and held up a score of other customers for no real reason.

She said “I just want to make sure I go home safe tonight”.

I silently reflected upon the fact that if it weren’t for pioneering risk takers who did for so many years fill diesel tanks on the back of trucks, she may not be able today to afford a home.

Common sense is today cast aside for rigid sheep like adherence to impractical regulations written and administered by low intellect poorly educated products of our progressive education system. They don’t know how the countries they live in today were built, they don’t know who built them, and worst of all they don’t give a damn anyway.

Breaking our economies with over the top concerns for safety that make most projects completely uneconomic. Everywhere companies are shutting down because they cannot produce at an economic cost and these dimwitted self absorbed products of a fouled education system are behind it all.

Even if there was some sense in the regulation regarding filling containers on the ground, for the attendant to insist upon compliance at the late stage she did, with so many customers queued, with only 5 litres remaining to be pumped, demonstrates so clearly these people have no idea of the consequences of their actions and again, they don’t care anyway.

The sensible thing would have been to inform me of the regulations and ask that next time I fill the containers on the ground. But no.

We have raised a generation of idiots. Here’s the real point of all of this. These same idiots are about to elect Bernie Sanders as POTUS. I will go out on a limb here and predict this is the most likely outcome of the 2016 US elections.

Why do I think this?

Because we who are not part of this spectrum of ignorance have no idea how wide ranging and deep it is. We do not appreciate the tremendous damage being done by a make believe education system. Millenials are as stupid as they come, but worse, there are millions of them out there about to vote.

They will elect Bernie Sanders, because that my friends, is what they have been educated to do. And Bernie Sanders as US president will destroy that country, and when the US goes down, the whole West goes down.

Millenials like my little authoritarian white bait fuel station forecourt supervisor are going to kill the West.

24 thoughts on “Why I can’t shake the feeling the West is done.

  1. What does the death of a civilisation look like? Open your eyes, you’re witnessing it. The cultural Marxists have won, and unless we who love Liberty can find some small Galt’s Gulch to which we can escape, they’ll be coming for us or our children as soon as they think they can get away with it. To the enthusiastic cheering of those like your pump attendant, who know no better because they’ve never seen anything other than the crushing dystopian vision of their Marxist professors.

    There is one nation in the world where there remains a spark of Liberty, and those on all sides of politics are so utterly appalled by it they’re falling over each other to snuff it out. That nation is over $200 TRILLION dollars in debt – an amount that can never, ever be repaid, and yet the debate on the one side of politics that professes to care about it is all about whether the most Conservative candidate in a generation is (a) eligible, when everyone knows that of course he is, (b) owned by “banksters” because – like 99.999% of everyone else on earth, he took a mortgage and (c) even a Conservative at all!

    What does the death of a civilisation look like? An election where on the one hand you have a candidate who has for his entire life batted for the other side, a Manchurian cartoon character caricature of what the other side believes their opponents are, and on the other it’s a competition between a self-caricaturing Marxist clown and the head of an international crime syndicate!


  2. I do the same every week Red.Always leave the containers on the back tied up.
    But you are right.
    Rules and regulations are killing off so many businesses and the efficious dipsticks that are coming out of the cloning institutions would’t have a clue.
    Hope you are wrong about Sanders but understand your reasoning.


  3. It’s amazing how differently things run in the city versus the country.

    Out here they don’t even let me fill my own car. We still have “service” in our “service stations”.

    Perhaps one day the rural people of Western civilisation will embark on a kind of Dorian migration and make helots of their suburban counterparts.

    If so, I call dibs on being the first one to shout “THIS IS SPARTA!”


  4. Calm down. Sanders would be a better option than Hillary.
    Breaking up the big banks for starters is the best thing that could be done. Now I don’t have much love for his other policies, but on this matter he is 100% correct.
    Ironically if his reforms in the tertiary education sector turns off the credit spigot paradoxically it would likely save the US money in the long by curbing runaway inflation in this sector.


    • Can you please show me where the Constitution allows the federal government to take over and break up lawful, private institutions? Is it in invisible ink right there alongside the abortion and same sex marriage clauses?


        • Precisely, the market would have broken the banks into smaller units based on the parts of the business that is actually viable.
          There is the precedent of Standard Oil which was broken up by the Republicans.
          Also a ‘free market’ has some underlying assumptions, such as multiple parties competing.
          How do you have a ‘free market’ with only a single large monopolist or a cartel (as banking has become)?


          • So, what you’re suggesting isn’t really breaking up the banks – they are the symptom. You really need to cure the illness, which is breaking up big government. Get the government out of the way and the market takes care of the rest,

            There is NO Constitutional authority for the government to break up any private business which is operating lawfully. Were the government abiding by the Constitution, there would never have been bail-outs, too-big-to-fail, etc. etc. etc.


            • There is very little in the Constitution that lets the government (or anyone else) say whether a business is “operating lawfully” or not. Indeed: that’s the whole damn point of freedom!


        • Interesting was it a bailout or a bail in.

          Certainly in New Zealand it will be a bail in see open bank legislation.

          But yes the Civil servants have become the civil masters.

          Over educated, overpaid, under worked morons.

          At some stage the borrow/tax ponzie scheme will not be able to borrow or tax enough and it will all fall down.

          Mark my words this will all end very badly..


  5. did you made her lifting the container from the truck, fill it up and put it back?
    I would have, afterall it’s the idiots job.


  6. I don’t agree that Sanders is remotely electable. He is such a retard and even if he has lofty ambitions regarding the banks he does not have the intellect or skills to carry it off. He would be a captive to the bureaucrats.

    If 20% of Dems and others that say they have never voted caucus for Trump as they are saying in their droves he has a great shot IMHO. So far he has surprised everyone.

    Sure its quite reasonable (given the progressive scum we are dealing with) to think Trump will either be scammed out of the nomination or the presidency or assassinated but I just have a feeling this is a different paradigm and the people want blood.


  7. On my flight home the other day I put my computer bag in the ‘fast bag’ trolley as I have done many times before. The attendant (co-pilot) asked me if I had a computer in the bag, I had, You must take it out, it is a fire risk, she said. How could it be a fire risk in the luggage compartment but not in the cabin? And if it was, why wasn’t I asked to remove any computers when I checked in my big bag? That goes in the luggage compartment too. But not being Bob Jones it was comply or walk i’m afraid.


    • Ha, if there are ever some silly petty and tyrannical regulations about, you’ll usually find those most eager to enforce them are women who through their position have managed to attain some degree of power.

      You can’t ever talk to them about the issue. They’re just mindless automatons parroting what others have told them, and common sense is a completely unknown concept to them.

      A few months ago I was on a plane sitting on a runway waiting to take off and a male flight attendant (obviously queer) suddenly strutted down the aisle and said to a passenger “If you don’t apologise for what you said I will turn the plane around right now and have you thrown off”.

      The guy protested that he had said not said anything offensive but the attendant persisted so in the end he said “OK then whatever I’m sorry”.

      So we took off. I was curious to know what the passenger had said that had caused the attendant to become so upset, so I asked him. He said the only thing he had said to the attendant was “that’s a nice tie you’re wearing”.

      I don’t know what was on the tie or why the fag attendant took this as offensive, but whatever, it seems like a very small thing to delay a flight over. Sometimes I think I’d like to meet these arrogant & petty tyrants outside and after the event, and see how tough they are then.


    • Hey mate the reason you were asked to take your computer with you into the pressurised cabin is that recently it has been discovered that lithium ion batteries when subjected to large pressure and temperature changes are susceptible to catching fire.
      In recent years there have been a number of incidents where lithium ion batteries in unpressurised cargo areas have caught fire, including on a UPS 747 (carrying a large quantity of lithium ion batteries) that crashed in Dubai killing all on board.


  8. A General Social Impact Assessment of Mosques in Australian Neighbourhoods
    frank salter

    To summarise, quantitative and qualitative data indicate that Muslims exert negative social impacts on local neighbourhoods significantly beyond that caused by ethno-religious diversity. More than immigrants and minorities in general, Muslims weaken community identity and cohesion, reduce trust and sense of public safety, and increase anti-social behaviour, crime, and unemployment in local areas. In addition, Islamic populations and mosques increase the risk of organised crime and terrorism, a trend expected to last for generations.

    Mosques contribute to negative social impacts in their areas by attracting Muslims and by reproducing Islamic doctrines and identity. They also slow assimilation by promoting within-group marriage. Robust group identity, an adaptive feature of Islam, slows adoption of Australian values as well as degrading local identity and cohesion.



  9. Population Studies Centre No 36 October 2000
    Perspectives on International Migration, Urban Social Transformation and the Research/Policy Interface
    Richard Bedford

    Context for an argument
    The city of Oslo — ‘The Tiger City: a city which leaves a mark’ — is celebrating
    its 1000th anniversary in 2000. The Department of Sociology and Human
    Geography’s workshop, “The Global-Local Interplay – Continuity and Change”,
    is part of a series of events marking Oslo’s millennium. The official programme
    for the 1000th anniversary states that “The theme during the autumn is Oslo as a
    city in which everyone can be influential and influenced, a city where important
    decisions are made” (Oslo 1000 ar, 2000). A critical issue that is being
    explored by urban researchers at the University of Oslo is how the various
    ethnic groups within an increasingly divided city can be influential as Oslo
    enters a millennium when ALL populations in the major cities of the
    industrialised world must become more ethnically diverse and cosmopolitan.
    The ‘era of the whites’, as Anthony Browne (2000) put it in his provocative
    examination of “The Colour of the Future”, is passing even for cities such as
    Oslo. Browne (2000) goes on to observe:
    In its World Population Profile 1998, the US Census Bureau
    predicts that by the second decade of this century all the net gain in
    the world population will be in developing countries. … The
    global center of gravity is changing. In 1900 Europe had a quarter
    of the world’s population and three times that of Africa. By 2050,
    Europe is predicted to have just 7 percent of the world population,
    and a third that of Africa. The ageing and declining populations of
    predominantly white nations have prompted forecasts of — and
    calls for — more immigration from the young and growing
    populations of developing nations to make up the shortfall. …
    One demographer, who does not want to be named for fear of
    being called racist, says: ‘It’s a matter of pure arithmetic that, if
    nothing else happens, non-Europeans will become a majority and
    whites a minority in the UK. That would probably be the first time
    an indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority in its
    historic homeland’. ….
    In California, in a land built by immigrants, [and where the Anglo-
    Saxon whites are already a minority], lieutenant governor
    Bustmente puts a positive spin on the end of the white majority: ‘If
    there are no majorities, there are no minorities’.
    In Europe, with its 40,000 year old indigenous white population,
    the rise of a non-European majority may not be greeted with such
    Throughout Europe, North America, Australasia and parts of Asia (especially
    Japan and Singapore) the implications of persistent sub-replacement fertility
    levels for the long-term social support and sustainability of their populations is
    prompting interest in what has been termed ‘replacement migration’. In the
    conclusion to their recent study, Replacement Migration: Is it a Solution to
    Declining and Ageing Populations? The UN Population Division (2000, 95)
    points out that:
    [can’t find link]
    That was 17 years ago. Now with Eritreans, Bangladeshi’s Pakistanis , Syrians invading Europe our academics are claiming this is because Germany is “desperate for labour” and that was behind Merkel’s acceptance of Syrians (60% weren’t from Syria). Where is the hue and cry? Apparently, no one gives a stuff? We know that because we get our information from the media? When no one gives a stuff, no one gives a stuff: motivation is a function of the value of a goal and probability of achieving it. Therefore the media can control us.


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