What is Cultural Marxism and What is Critical Theory ?

Marx warriorDo you ever wonder why the West is crumbling right before your eyes?

If your desire is to stop the slow slide of the West into a derelict Marxist mire, then read on, identify the enemy, and join the fight to rid our once prosperous, united and cohesive Western societies of a disease as bad as any plague that ever visited itself upon us.

Cultural Marxism is how the left have white anted the West. It is the root driver of every cause they have taken up over the last fifty years. I’ve written on the issue before, but today I watched the video below, and it has inspired me to write once again.

Cultural Marxism came from Frankfurt school exploitation of the West’s (once) free approach to learning. Our liberal attitudes to education allowed its propagandists easy access to our teaching and learning institutions, and they were eventually taken over to the point where today schools and universities are almost full on submergence in Frankfurt school politics.

Its victims are everywhere. Ignorant little half educated white ants pumped full of critical theory and beavering away at bringing down one of the greatest civilisations that ever existed on earth. The worst is they don’t know what they’re doing, and they don’t understand how they have been manipulated and they don’t understand the force that is driving them.

Here is a brief list of key issues driven by Cultural Marxism/ Critical Theory.

  • Feminism- resistance to white male oppression
  • Racism- resistance to white European oppression
  • Global warming- resistance to capitalist oppression
  • Multi-culturalism- replacement of white European oppressors (Christian oppressors in particular)
  • Environmentalism- more resistance to capitalist oppression
  • Social justice- blanket resistance to all of the above oppressors

All of these issues are critical of our established society, and the mission is to be extremely critical of that society, to build numbers, to level and make waste of that society and replace it with the Marxist Utopia. A Utopia free of the oppressors who are making life so ‘unbearable’ today.

I repeat, the people pushing these issues are mostly victims. Stupid uneducated left wing automatons such as these fools congratulating Nth Korea on building a hydrogen bomb. Unbelievably ignorant, this is an example what our Frankfurt School controlled schools and universities are pumping into our electorates today.

The knowing or unknowing purveyors of Critical Theory have infiltrated most of our cultural institutions and now control them. Not only our schools and universities but our media and our entertainment sector. Our newspapers, our television/ radio news broadcasts, our movies and TV series, they are there and they’re everywhere.

Even our sporting institutions as demonstrated by the over the top reaction to West Indian Cricketer Chris Gale’s harmless attempt to flirt with a so called television reporter. Gale was fined $10,000 and as I write this, is being threatened with a ban from cricket. This is a particularly telling example because it reveals just how deeply Frankfurt school influence has penetrated, with the entrepreneurs behind the Big Bash League, its management and luminaries like legendary cricketer Ian Chappel, supporting the sanctions against Gale. Without the faintest idea of the real intent of the ideology they promote.

So we get to  the video below. I urge everyone reading to watch it. Please watch it. Even if you understand all of the above you will get something from this video. It is a creditable attempt at explaining Cultural Marxism because it is succinct and simple and accurate all at the same time.

If you value Western civilisation, and you have regard for the values and institutions it was built on, then you need to stop the Cultural Marxists or all of those things will be gone and what you are seeing today is only a glimpse into a far greater future hell these people will bring upon us if we let them. They are a massive force, but we can defeat them if we unite in that one purpose and that one understanding. Go out there, and fight the Cultural Marxists at every opportunity. If you don’t, everything is lost.


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  1. As I think you know RB, I love history. With my recall and ease at synthesizing connections between the past with the present I can bore even you before you gain an inkling as to why I mentioning some story from say ancient Greece.

    While this narration is somewhat informative, it will bore a lot of viewers in part because of something critically missing from it.

    The narrator in the video says “defining or categorizing Critical Theory is exceptionally difficult.” His reason — essentially it’s too complex — misses the mark set by the title of the video. “What is” is not really answered dammit. When I’m done here — it won’t take long — I hope you might say it is his own intellectualism that gets in the way of getting to the point.

    Yes the narrator finally decides to provide listeners with an oblique definition that I’ll shorten just a bit to aid clarity “Critical theory is the searching for … instruments of social transformation.”

    Transformation of Western Civilization to WHAT? This video leaves that out too.

    Let me grant that he does do something very well. He lists most all the common varieties of attacks on Western Civ. But he never classifies it for what it is. Let me do that.

    “Critical theory is the application of criticisms beyond the what civilized people recognize with the term “constructive criticism.” Therein lies the answer to the question. Critical Theory is the employ DESTRUCTIVE criticism. The social transformation sought by its adherents is the destruction of happiness, seeking to make everyone dissatisfied with life. It’s ultimate end destruction of human life, every man at every other man’s throat.

    What I’m suggesting is the Critical Theory serves a definition of evil that I’ve seen but about which I’ve never seen written before. Mortimer Adler once defined love as the emotion wherein another’s happiness is essential to your own. The form of evil we see behind critical theory is the emotion wherein everyone else’s misery is essential to your happiness. Critical Theorists will not rest until everyone else is dead or wishing they were.

    If you can see what I’m saying, then you know there IS an antidote RB. The problem lies not in that we civilized people couldn’t win the battle. The problem is that most of us are too civilized to believe that such rotten people are thriving at our expense.


    • They are a massive force, but we can defeat them if we unite in that one purpose and that one understanding. Go out there, and fight the Cultural Marxists at every opportunity

      Ever since 1848, certainly 1915, it’s been obvious to any student of history there is only one way to stop Marxism – wipe out the Marxists. There is no “re-eduation” possible to the “re-educated”, no “conversion” to the already “converted”, no rational argument with anyone who believes only that “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”


  2. Well the latest on kiwiblog is that if someone is doing well, because their parents had plenty of money to help these people start up a business, they say that is not fair, and shows the person doing it doesn’t have much merit. That no child should be left behind to bad choices.

    So what place is their for inheritances then.


    • The proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degree, all capital from the bourgeoisie, to centralise all instruments of production in the hands of the State,… , this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads on the rights of property, and on the conditions of bourgeois production;

      1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
      2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
      3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

      Marx & Engels, 1884: Manifesto of the Communist Party. Chapter II. Proletarians and Communists.


      • Yep, angry Tory, I was thinking just that, these people are third plank Marxist/Communists. It looks like at least one other person also knows it too.


  3. In his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace the author Michael Walsh calls Critical Theory “satanism with a small ‘s’.” Well, I think Critical Theory is Satanism with a big S. The texts of the Frankfurt School, especially the writings of Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin, present a very Gnostic understanding of the world. To them, our existing world is nothing but a place of evil and suffering, so a social rupture and the implementation of a new world (communism) must arrive in order to redeem humanity. This is exactly what Benjamin says in his Theses on History, which uses themes not only from Marxism but also from esoteric Judaism/occultism. Adorno and Horkheimer repeat these themes in their book Dialectic of Enlightenment, in particular their bit about the so-called “domination of nature” and the evils of scientific progress.

    I would go so far as to say the Frankfurt School were modern-day Sabbatians: Jewish heretics who follow a distinctly Gnostic doctrine whereby sin and the collapse of society are the only way to bring the great redemption. Critical Theory is a modern-day anti-Torah which reverses the truth by claiming everything that’s right is wrong and everything that’s wrong is right. You see this in The Authoritarian Personality, where Adorno and co. claim the family unit, religion and nationalism are the precursors to fascism and then claim those who are too weak to live up to Western standards embody the ideal “liberal” personality.

    Spending three minutes on any college campus in America will prove this. Every professor spews out nothing but Marxist dogma about Western Civ. and private property (the most basic freedom after the right to life) being “evil,” families and religion being “oppressive” and white males being de facto “oppressors.” Students internalize this.

    Libertarians MUST expose the Cultural Marxist evils if we are going to keep our freedoms. Critical Theory tells students there is no meaning or purpose to life and that they should hate the existing world (through the writings of Adorno, Horkheimer, Benjamin, Marcuse and the rest of them). So as a result, the youth see no value in life, and once they lose their knowledge of the value of life they lose the incentives to protect their property and their liberty from the statists looking to take it all away. The fact that college students will riot over “safe spaces” but not bat an eye at the Federal Reserve creating inflation or the decay of the family is a perfect example.


        • I haven’t heard anything remotely courageous from anyone in the National party for decades. When was the last time a National MP crossed the floor?


          • Oh I don’t know: gay marriage, benefit rises, bribes to Saudis, changing the flag — all pretty courageous really — all completely progressive / marxist / communist!


  4. “The form of evil we see behind critical theory is the emotion wherein everyone else’s misery is essential to your happiness. Critical Theorists will not rest until everyone else is dead or wishing they were.”

    That is an excellent synopsis Pascal. It is the why they hate nuclear families and homogeneous societies due to the protection, stability and joy they bring. This kind of thought process is perhaps the ultimate form of wickedness but I think many of the useful idiots just can’t forsee the end game of what they are advocating and how it’s going to affect them personally – low level immigrants don’t live in white middle class suburbs. I wonder how many victims of the Germans sex attacks were ones holding out signs welcoming the invaders at train stations only several months earlier?


  5. Marx himself never wrote at any length about culture (what he deemed “the superstructure”), and the fact that cultural theorists have often used the lens of class, alongside other factors such as race, gender, and sexuality to analyze culture doesn’t necessarily relate to Marxist classifications and is more likely to have come from the Chicago School of Sociology’s emphasis on crime and criminal statistics as a source of sociological data.

    In legitimate academic circles, Cultural Marxism was originally a criticism of the lack of revolutionary Marxism at the Frankfurt School by more orthodox Marxists and Historical Materialists;

    The term is odious enough that people wanting to use it now apologise in advance,much as nobody behaving in a blatantly racist manner will accept the label “racist”.

    Despite its widespread popularity among the hard-right, many on the right have thoroughly debunked the concept as not being Marxist at all, including Christian Dominionist Gary North and Michael Acuña from Common Ruin

    The conspiracist usage originated in Nazi Germany, where Kulturbolschewismus (“Cultural Bolshevism”) was used as a political term of abuse, as well. The Nazis being the Nazis, they of course often mixed it with their idea that all Bolshevism was a Jewish plot. ….


    • Thank you for your contribution. It is extremely valuable and enlightening. Now, please do the world a favour, pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow.


      • I’m never surprised by these useless commie commenters and this one is no exception. All he has is the same old scorn for people who think differently, and he is completely incapable of leaving any coherent point of discussion.


  6. EG
    Another expert quoted was Laura Bugg, a sociologist at Sydney University, who wrote that “opposition to Islamic schools in Camden and Bankstown in metropolitan Sydney was based on arguments that the schools would be incompatible with the surrounding environment; the absence of Muslims in the area; and a ‘moral panic’ about increased crime”. Again, these arguments were not delineated or empirically tested, except for the observation that the concerns are not raised when Catholic or Anglican schools are proposed. This would have been an effective demonstration of bias had the authors presented evidence that Christians show the same crime rate and other social impacts on local neighbourhoods as do Muslim
    schools. But Bugg could not be drawn on for such information because her field of expertise is critical discourse analysis, which studies texts, not behaviour. Nevertheless, Bugg claims that studying anti-mosque arguments reveals how white privilege is expressed by local residents in order to disadvantage on-Christian religions. 11
    PS Read 4.6


  7. Recently the American social psychologist Jonathan Haidt described how the social sciences reproduce their intolerant political agenda. Like Antony Jay and the BBC, Haidt knows his subject from the inside. Indeed, he presented his criticisms at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, in January 2011.[36] Haidt argued that the discipline of social psychology is a “tribal-moral society” that shuts out research and researchers likely to produce results that conflict with liberal (i.e. socialist) beliefs.

    Behavioural biology is making headway in psychology while the sociological disciplines—sociology, anthropology and political science together with specialist areas such as gender studies—have maintained the rage against any science that dispels utopian dreams. The result has been the unfolding, largely unwitting, of the Gramscian vision of training a new intellectual elite, year after year, generation after generation. That is how the social sciences long ago became a vital area of strength for leftist hegemony in Western intellectual culture and a breeding ground for radical movements.
    The War Against Human Nature in the Social Sciences


  8. How did this permeate all schools and universities so that in 20yrs they have produced a generation of anti-democracy/anti-Individual rights/antiSanctity of Individual ?!? &how can we purge this to save Democracy &Sanctity of the Individual ?!?


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