Makauri School- John Key’s National Party endorses indoctrination over education

Screencap from Makauri School home page

Screencap from Makauri School home page

Charter schools, as championed by the ACT party, are an attempt to do something about the sorry state of education. They’re doing some good, but are still too hobbled by state legislation to be what they should be. The govt can close them down when it wants. That means if Labour ever returns to power they’re gone.

This isn’t about charter schools. Its about public schools and the deteriorating state of education as they fall more and more under the control of Progressives, Liberals and or Watermelons. This control has allowed political influence to flourish, and its not only a New Zealand problem. As with most problems caused by Progressives, the whole West is suffering.

School kids are being soundly brainwashed by political advocates who have infiltrated the teaching profession. The Watermelon credo is that capitalism is killing the earth and that social justice, a loony religious belief that encompasses everything from communism to Gaia, is the way to fix this. This is the mantra that is being drummed into the heads of our kids. In lieu of providing them with a real education, ie one that provides them with the critical thinking skills they need to arrive at their own political decisions.

Makauri school in Gisborne is an excellent example of the corruption of our education system by political zealots. The curriculum, which the schools claims is based on the NZ Curriculum Statement published by the Ministry of Education in 2007, reeks with environmental politicization.

The School uses a tree as its emblem. (as far as I know, as yet there are no plans to enforce compulsory hugging) It has established contacts with the local Tarere Marae. Saying

“This is a relationship that we are keen to foster as we develop our concept based curriculum and our knowledge of place and belonging.” 

They also say

“Attitudes and Dispositions we value include: Curiosity, Thinking, Honesty, Fairness, Ecological Sustainability, Community Kindness and Quality.”

A sentence made up of phrases that are mostly just communistic and or environmental crap.

What they call teaching is in many cases a complete intrusion into parenting or political instruction. Some examples from their learning objectives-

  • Appreciate other cultures and value difference and inclusiveness.
  • Foster awareness of sustainability and environmental issues
  • Foster belief in the principles of guardianship of the environment for future generations ‘Kaitiakitanga’

Their science curriculum is the worst. Watermelon doctrine takes precedence over straight science, as excerpts from the curriculum again demonstrate so clearly. This is the leading sentence-

“Living World – develop an understanding of the diversity of life and life processes, including the sustainability of New Zealand’s unique fauna and flora and distinctive ecosystems.”

Followed on by even more rank examples of politicisation or intrusion into areas of parenting-

  • Learning about society and communities; about diverse cultures and identities of people within those communities and about the participation of individuals and groups.
  • Learning about how people perceive and interact with places and environments. Understanding how places influence people and people influence places.
  • Learning about the unique bicultural nature of the New Zealand society and how people make significant contributions to NZ society.
    (unique bicultural nature??? What starkly incorrect BS)
  • Learning about relationships with others and contributing to healthy communities and environments.

Also within the curriculum the school gives licence to its “teachers” to influence children with their own political views. They term it their “Inquiry learning model”. Quote-

  1. Teachers first engage students through an experience, a question, a wondering, surfacing prior knowledge or developing new knowledge.
  2. Get it! Students are involved in asking questions, gathering information.
  3. Sort It! Students organise, sequence, compare and contrast information.
  4. Use It! Students use what they have found out and apply it through making a decision, solving a problem, designing, presenting.
  5. Share It! Students present their learning to a variety of audiences. Students celebrate this learning in a variety of ways.


Can you imagine how this system would allow zealous political activists to pervert the education process and inculcate students with their own views? You don’t have to imagine it. The NZ Herald a few weeks ago reported on it. In glowing terms of course.

Nasty gasses from cow burps and farts are bad for the planet, but if you take small steps in the right direction you can help manage climate change. That is the gist of message contained in a video starring 20 primary school students from Makauri School Gisborne – and so stellar was their performance that the “boss of New Zealand” John Key had to sit up and take notice. This week, the Year 2 pupils arrived at school to a message thanking them for doing a great job to spread awareness about climate change from the Prime Minister and Minister for Climate Change Paula Bennett.

Here is the video these poor little tykes were co-erced into producing.

Where did the primary school kids get the information to allow them to come to these decisions and allow them to make the video, basically just the usual kind of third rate propaganda that identifies the Watermelon movement across the West? Repeated in a by rote manner by students far too young to have arrived at these views on their own.

The teacher of this class is a Caroline McGuinness. I can’t find any information on her, but any kind of lookup on Makauri school will put you in touch with other staff and their political views. Emma McFadyen for example is one such “teacher”. Her Twitter account is here. Here’s a sample of the stuff she tweets-


Her blog is here. If you go there, make sure you have a vomit bag within reach. It reads like Green Left Weekly on steroids. I shudder to think how this person and others like her at the school could be influencing the thinking of our young especially given her predilection for the religion of Gaia and the licence given under the exampled terms of the schools curriculum above.

This kind of perversion of the education sector as I said at the beginning is rampant across the West. At home in NZ though, what are John Key and the National Party doing about it? You know the answer don’t you readers. The party that has these words as its founding principles-

“To promote good citizenship and self-reliance; to combat communism and socialism; to maintain freedom of contract; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry”.

is busy patting these extreme left anti-capitalist indoctrinalists on the back. John Key and Paula Bennett went to the school and praised this outrageous religious indoctrination of young and impressionable minds. They even made their own video in response.

(This from a guy who before his election in 2008 described the idea of man made climate change as a scam.)

So you know now what is going on today in these brainwashing camps that were once real schools. They’re receiving innocent children from their parents each day and filling their heads full of Watermelon mush. Ready for when they reach voting age. This is a disgraceful state of affairs that reminds me of what went on in Hitler’s Germany, where again schools became places for indoctrination and this sad event led to WWII and the attempted genocide of the Jewish race. And its endorsed by all of NZ’s political parties, especially by the National Party, that allows its leaders to make videos encouraging this perversion of the teaching profession.

What then is to be done about it? I’ll tell you. Nothing. Makauri school is only the tip if the iceberg. For the practice of propaganda and lies and deceit is submerging the West more every day, and my guess is there is no force to stop it and it will eventually just have to play out the way it will. Just like the Hitler Jugend operation did eight decades ago. We have learned nothing from history, or of the need to keep schools focused on the three R’s and free of religious and political instruction.

In a real education system, children would be furnished with the means to make up their own minds on such matters. And nothing more.

12 thoughts on “Makauri School- John Key’s National Party endorses indoctrination over education

  1. At meadowbank Primary school, on a wall they have 6 rules in regards to ethics. 5 of them are about the environment, like recycle, reuse, only one is about respect for property and people.


  2. By definition – state schools, that is education that is compulsory, or education that is paid for by taxpayers is communism and can only ever inculcate communism. Sure Charter schools are slightly better than “Tomorrows Schools” but only because they are non-union (note, non-union by the choice of the unions, not even by the government).

    Both are disgusting. Parents either love their children, or they don’t. If parents love their children they will pay for a real education at a real school. If parents don’t love their children, the state can never replace that love — all it can do is grown mindless zombies of communism.

    Every state schools must be closed. Every state teacher must be banned from anything to do with children: put ’em on the sex offender register. All laws regarding education must be repealed.

    And that is all


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  4. “…it will eventually just have to play out the way it will.”

    Once the establishment, both political and scientific endorsed eugenics. The Nazis just took things a little further, so to speak.
    While the following may seem a non sequitur, it is not. I watched a quiz show recently. A young, well spoken British woman in her twenties was asked which of the following words was more closely associated with ‘breast’ … ‘..Bird, Mammal, Fish’? Her answer was, ‘Bird’. (The required answer was ‘Mammal’ as in ‘mammary’). When asked why she responded, ‘Because when I eat breast in a restaurant, it is usually chicken breast. Chicken is a bird’.
    So, present day political thuggery will continue until those that can become sharper do so, as a matter of survival. For example, the UN WHO recently suggested that the risk-benefit ratio of exercising in a polluted city environment lay in clear favour of continued exercise. Now just bear that in mind when you next get the scented whiff of second hand smoke. Our British woman may be too late for Brexit, but it will happen if not now, in time, and who knows, it may well be those who claim to be Islamic British who save the day.


    • Manfred, If I’m not mistaken, Thomas Malthus was where Eugenics started, Margaret Sanger continued it, and so have others but it started with Malthus. And the club of Rome are the people pushing it. Does your research agree with that.


  5. Interesting.

    Our constitution debate was canned after a huge cost because the maori dominated committee could not solve the opposition to the TOW.

    There only recommendation was that more education was required on the TOW.

    Never saw the cost of this exercise but it would probably exceed the flag debate.(shish state secret)

    Met a guy yesterday he had started learning Maori. My first question was why are you wasting your time on a dead language. His reply that it was required for advancement in his field and quotes examples.

    It should concern us that people are learning Maori because it will enhance their employment and advancement.


  6. As long as the two party revolving door is in place NZ will continue on its steady decline. John Key is naked for all to see but no one has stepped forward to take him on. It would not take much.


  7. The reason why John Key is still in power is because a lot of kiwis aren’t doing anything about it -they don’t really care. They will only do something about things when they are personally threatened in some way shape or form. Kiwis talk alot but do bugger all these days. It is proven in elections held and referendums, protests etc that we have- there are a lot of people (young and old) who sit back and do nothing except moan. National has taken advantage of this- we get what we deserve.


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