Cruz is gone and so is the last hope for the United States


Its completely unfathomable to me how people who claim to yearn for smaller govt have embraced Donald Trump and rejected Ted Cruz.

Texas embraced Cruz and rejected Trump. Whereas New York embraced Trump and rejected Cruz. Do you really need to know anything else?

Yes, Texas was Cruz’s home state, but that only confirms Texas has better judgment. He was elected Senator in what the MSM described as “the biggest upset of 2012 and a true grassroots victory against very long odds.” Cruz was endorsed by Sarah Palin, radio host Mark Levin, the Tea Party Express, the Young Conservatives of Texas and U.S. Senators Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. He was also endorsed by former Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Since his election and re-election Cruz has earned the rancour of both sides of the political establishment. In a November 2014 Senate speech, Cruz accused the president of being “openly desirous to destroy the Constitution and this Republic.”


Texas Republican Primary Results

Cruz has repeatedly said that the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran “will make the Obama administration the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism.” Obama called Cruz’s statements “outrageous attacks” from Republican critics that crossed the line of responsible discourse”. Mitt Romney also criticized Cruz for his remarks, writing that Cruz was “way over the line” and “hurts the cause.”

In 2013, Cruz referred to Republicans who he thought too weak opposing the proposals of President Obama as a “surrender caucus.” Cruz also called fellow Republicans out as “squishes” on gun-control issues during a Tea Party rally. Cruz’s role in the United States federal government shutdown of 2013 in particular attracted criticism from a number of Republican colleagues.

John McCain particularly dislikes Cruz and denounced his reference to Nazis when discussing the Affordable Care Act. McCain also called Cruz a “wacko bird” whose beliefs are not “reflective of the views of the majority of Republicans.” John Boehner described Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh”. Lindsey Graham said “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you”. Note all three of these are fully fledged RINOS.

Cruz accused Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, another rank RINO, of telling “a flat-out lie” over his intentions to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank of the United States. In the same speech, Cruz assailed the Republican majority in both houses of Congresses for an insufficiently conservative record. Cruz’s speech, and especially his accusation against McConnell, was condemned by various senior Republican senators, with John McCain saying that the speech was “outside the realm of Senate behavior” and “a very wrong thing to do.”

So Cruz has few allies in the Republican Party, a fact that he says he is proud of. He is endorsed by the honourable gentleman Mike Lee. Another Senator who stands head and shoulders above other Republican RINO rabble.

ScreenShot053(In a characteristic example of Trump’s political confusion, Trump stated that Cruz has “no friends in Washington”, meaning it to be a criticism. Directly after this, Trump calls Cruz “part of the Washington establishment”. Also meant as a criticism.)

In fact Cruz has fought the establishment almost alone, from within. And being alone, he has failed in some instances, made unsatisfactory compromises in other matters, and successes in some. My personal view is Cruz has always done the best he can for the principles of small Constitutional govt under his isolated and comparatively weak circumstances.

As for his election platform, Cruz advocated the following positions-

  • On abortion, Cruz is strongly pro-life and would allow the procedure only when a pregnancy endangers the mother’s life. He is in favor of cutting federal funding to Planned Parenthood.
  • Cruz personally opposes both same-sex marriage and civil unions, believing that marriage should be legally defined as only “between one man and one woman,”however he has conceded that it should be left to each state to decide. He referred to the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide as “among the darkest hours of our nation” and accused the court of judicial activism.
  • Cruz is a proponent of school choice and opposes Common Core.
  • He fully supports the 2nd amendment.
  • He supports the death penalty.
  • He proposes the abolition of the IRS and the implementation of a flat tax where the average American can fill out taxes on a postcard.
  • Cruz has promised to eliminate the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Cruz rejects the myth of man caused climate change, saying “the scientific evidence doesn’t support global warming.”
  • Cruz opposes the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran negotiated by the U.S. and other world powers, calling it “catastrophic” and “disastrous.”

Americans for Limited Government named Cruz “2013 Person of the Year” Cruz was also named “2013 Man of the Year” by conservative publications FrontPage Magazine and The American Spectator. He was named “2013 Conservative of the Year” by

So Trump supporters threw out of all of this in preference for a new York liberal who doesn’t have a firm position on any issue. Building a wall, ceasing Muslim immigration, deporting Mexican illegals, whatever, you show me one statement he’s made I’ll show you another contradicting that stance.

Trump supporters threw all that away to cheer for a New York liberal who over the years has donated millions to progressive left wing politicians, Democrats and Republicans, (RINOs mainly), and said he has do do it to oil the wheels of commerce, which is just another euphemism for cronyism. Trump has been a big part of the problems that now besiege the US.

People who despised the cynical emptiness of Obama’s promise of “hope and change” now embrace Trump’s pledge to “make America great again”.

However, even if I put all that aside, there’s no way I can ever support the man who smeared Ted Cruz as a liar, and called him this over and over again, on talk shows and the fawning FOX network, yet refused calls to debate Ted Cruz one on one. This to me marks Trump as a liar himself, but worse a coward, and no one fit to be Commander in Chief of the US armed forces. (He’s a draft dodger like Bill Clinton anyway)

The mission in the US is the restoration of the Constitutional Republic. Cruz memorized the Constitution when he was fourteen. Trump sees it as a document of little relevance today. He never mentions it. He never uses the words freedom, or liberty, or the phrase small government.

So that mission will be set back decades by the elimination of Ted Cruz and the nomination of Donald Trump, rightfully described by Cruz as the other side of the same progressive coin that is Hillary Clinton.

So there it is. The reason I see the support of Trump by Conservatives and Constitutionalists as unfathomable. The US has not only missed the best chance they have had in generations to turn things around in the US, they instead threw their support behind a New York liberal, a force that will only make things far worse. Especially if Trump fails against Clinton.

You want the final proof of this scenario? Why did Kasich stay in the race so long yet withdraw immediately Cruz withdrew? He was there to draw votes way from Cruz, and he did this at the behest of the Republican establishment who FEAR CRUZ FAR MORE THAN TRUMP. Trump is malleable to their will. They knew from Cruz’s record that he is not. They saw his actions as a Senator, and feared what he would do once he had the power of the Presidency.

Will Trump make Kasich his running mate? A big call, and not one I would make, but if it does happen, it will confirm the plan all along. If its not Kasich, my guess is it will be some other sop to the political establishment. Same result, same plan.

Washington may well fear Donald Trump, but he will never make them tremble the way the thought of Ted Cruz as President made them tremble.

Cruz is out and the choice now is Trump, Hillary of Bernie. No matter which one wins, the US will continue its downward spiral.

39 thoughts on “Cruz is gone and so is the last hope for the United States

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes, Redbaiter.

    In order to abandon Cruz and support Trump, one must first completely disregard each man’s life-long record. Cruz’ record is that of fighting for Constitutional and small-government causes up to and including defending the 2nd and 10th amendments in the SCOTUS against both the Bush administration AND the United Nations. Trump’s record (as you pointed out) is that of a life-long New York liberal, supporting progressive causes and donating to all the people we despise.

    The interesting statistic about the New York primary, is that while Cruz lost, Trump cam THIRD. Clinton got double the number of votes Trump did, and Bernie Sanders beat him by 200,000 (Clinton: 1,054,083 | Sanders: 763,469 | Drumpf: 524, 932).

    Trump does NOT put ANY Blue States in play. Rather, recent polling shows he puts Georgia, Tennessee and several other Southern Red States in play … FOR THE DEMOCRATS.

    One thing you didn’t mention in your post is that Cruz also supports the Convention of States project; the proposal to call an Article V Convention of States for the purpose of proposing Amendments to the Constitution.

    Oh, and that whole “Cruz is owned by Goldman Sachs because his wife works there” thing? Trump’s new finance committee chair Steven Mnuchin is a former Goldman AND GEORGE SOROS Executive who has donated thousands to Clinton and a number of other Democrats (just like his new boss).

    I sometimes struggle to stop myself from weeping with despair that so many – many of whom I consider good and smart men – have been scammed by this low-IQ, low-integrity charlatan. It was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to elect a man who would push with all his might to turn back the tide; more Conservative than Reagan, built in the Coolidge mould. And they gave it up for a clown-faced carnival barker.


    • Thanks for highlighting a few of the issues I left out Gantt. The post is already a bit long, but even after your additions, there are still so many other similar points you can make regarding the differences between Trump and Cruz.

      Notice how most of Trump’s arguments against Cruz revolved around smears, (such as the one you mention re Goldman Sachs) and seldom related to policy.

      I have always been doubtful of Trump’s integrity (if you search you’ll see other posts saying this) but I was prepared to give him a fair go in his campaign.

      As the campaign wore on, all that happened was I became more and more repulsed by the man, a feeling mostly propelled by his cowardly attacks on Ted Cruz.

      There is still a way to go, but its sure been a learning experience so far. Especially about people and what they really believe in. Been blocked by so many Trump supporters on Twitter for even the slightest criticism. Irrational really.

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      • Yes, me too. I was even advocating a Trump/Cruz ticket for a while. But as time’s gone on and Trump has revealed himself more and more, he has become increasingly repulsive, increasingly reptilian.

        I’ve taken to pre-emptively unfollowing anyone who puts up a pro-Trump tweet. I find it’s just easier that way.

        The one bright spot in this whole cluster-fuck is it’s highlighted genuine Conservatives from those using the TEA Party movement and other instruments of Conservatism as a vehicle for a more sinister form of government (it saddens me deeply to place Governor Palin in this category). I’ve come to realise that while there are Movement Conservatives, there is no longer any Conservative Movement. It is up to us to advocate for a new Conservative Movement from the ashes of the NeverTrump cabal.


  2. Immigration, isn’t that the big issue for Americans this year? and Trump seems to have a harder stance on that than Cruz to the point, and correct me if I’m wrong, deporting the illegals. I think Trump is worth a go, he doesn’t see the world in terms of left and right but I think it’s possible he could do a lot ‘right wing’ things if he’s Prez. Have to wait and see but Trump’s worth a go.


    • Yeah, nah. Not so much. The problem is because he speaks out of both sides of his mouth, nobody can ever be sure of what the end result will actually be.

      So, when he’s talking to people in the Rust Belt who have been decimated by globalisation and illegal immigration, he’ll scream that he’s going to build a wall and deport the illegals (some 20 million people). What he doesn’t tell them is that he’ll then let them all back in (“touch-back” amnesty). What he also doesn’t tell them is that the illegals pouring over the southern border represent only about 60% of the problem; the rest being visa overstayers,

      Then when he’s talking to his progressive friends at the New York Times, he tells them it’s all an act and he won’t be building a wall.

      Cruz’ plan on illegal immigration was actually far tougher than Trump’s, with the added bonus it would work.


  3. I think some people have to realise that far right politicians and partys are going out of fashion.
    Look at the popularity of Sanders among young people, Corbyn in the UK, the new Lord Mayor of London is the son of Pakastani immigrants,Obama in the US, Spain, Greece, Brazil and a host of other countries are rejecting the far right, even here in Australia the dangerous and disturbed RWNJ was dumped by his own party,and it looks like Labors Shorten is set to become our new PM.

    The US is on track to elect another Liberal thank God,and no it’s not that far right nut bag Trump, i wish it were Sanders but i think it will be Clinton.

    So although your passion and loyalty to your cause is admirable, i believe you and your followers are fighting a losing battle, because most people around the world are just not into what you are selling.


    • Yeah, liberty is just so passe these days. Who wants freedom when the warm, comfortable gilded cell of cradle-to-grave welfare slavery is on offer?


    • In what areas is Trump “far right” Brickboy. He is a liberal lefty on many many issues like yourself. eg he is against free trade. I can understand it from your point of view as a person on the far left like yourself see a person in the centre left as far right.


      • Allright i will admit Trump is not far right but he is still moderate right wing and that is too dangerous for me, and no i am not far left i am moderate left, and i think Clinton is dangerous war monger and a liar and i dont like her one bit,which leaves me with the only moderate left standing, Bernie Sanders who at least wont send those poor young soldiers to be killed in some useless war in the Middle East just so some rich people and their companies can make obscene profits from the blood of young Americans and their Allied partners.


    • Brickbob most young people tend to be very left wing in their views however by the time they are in their mid 30’s and have got some real world experience under their belts the majority tend to be a lot more conservative in their outlook.


      • Shane that is a generalisation perpetrated by the right wing warriors, i am 65 andhave always being a left leaning moderate and i do have a lot of real world experience under several of my belts, and that is why i will never ever ever support a Conservative agenda, and i will still die a happy man.

        Good luck in whatever you want to do Comrade.””””””


    • Oh please. the opposite is true. The absolutely and utter opposite and that’s why President TRUMP will be the greatest American president of the 21st century, and one of the greatest ever.

      Look at Austria. Look at Poland. Look at Brazil. Look at most of Western Europe including England and Wales.

      When TRUMP is president, traitors like you will be shot out of hand. Been a long time coming, but TRUMP will Make America Great Again.


      • ‘So any one who does’nt agree with you should be shot? wow i think you have been watching too many Nazi Concentration Camp Documentries, you need re – educating.


  4. I actually hope Hilary wins. I would have preferred any of the other 16 Republicans who first stood but Trump is a dangerous lying narcissist and also a liberal on most social issues.


    • Chuck, while I see Clinton as an unrelenting, unremittingly vile creature and I see Trump as exactly the same kind of creature, I don’t think it would be wise to be supporting Clinton over Trump. Clinton is a radical leftist (or at least, she’s running as one to make sure the Obama wing of the party doesn’t abandon her) and the main game here isn’t the Presidency but the Supreme Court. Clinton would nominate and – since the GOP are so utterly inept they’re going to lose the Senate – appoint progressive liberal judges who would eviscerate the Constitution and Bill of Rights (imagine a Court with 5 Ginsbergs on it). It’s true, nobody knows who Trump would nominate but he’s at least malleable. Yes, he could nominate Ginsbergs but he’s just as likely to nominate Mike Lee.

      The next 4 years (I couldn’t see either Clinton or Trump being a two-term President) will seem like a long time, but a lifetime would feel like 10 lifetimes if the Court is swung even further to the left.

      That said, in a Presidential election between Trump and Clinton, I’m supporting the Sweet Meteor of Death.


    • Chuck he is a liberal on a good number of Fiscal issues as well. I would still vote for him over Mrs Bill Clinton any day of the week.


    • To paraphrase Ann Coulter – strongly pro-life – on Trump’s position on abortion, “I don’t care what his position is.” With 60 million immigrants since 1965 and another 30 million more coming in in a few more to vote 80% Democrat, whatever Trump’s position on abortion, is not going to matter. Trump’s the last hope for the US because of the immigration issue. It’s literally a CONSERVATIVE position to keep the US remaining recognisably the US. At this point in the game, Conservatism and the GOPestablishment has failed to conserve anything. Both parties are betting on the immigrant rather than the native American. Trump is the best bet to defeat the establishment of D.C. He’s already shredded both political correctness and the establishment’s playbook.

      BTW, I haven’t said a bad word about Cruz. But I question his ability to appeal broadly enough to defeat the reptile queen.


  5. My position remains that Trump is actually the man the GOPe wanted because Cruz or even a moderate Republican would slow the growth of cronyism. Trump has so many attributes of the Wizard of Oz — his followers believe he will give them what they think they don’t already have — that it is very hard to not to make the comparison that everything he says is perfectly fine with the GOPe.

    Ever since 2008, the Progressives in the GOP have made sure that Bummer got elected. First the their candidates McCain and Romney never voicing anything remotely sinister about Obama. Then they never fought Obama where it really mattered — in the purse. Then they were almost as bad as the media trashing any TEA party candidates and serving representatives. And then Trump took their act and went over the top with it all with the help of the most ourtrageosly centralized control friendly media since Pravda/Izvestia. The crony-fascists in Washington have their dream candidates now — and I still don’t rule out that Hillary may not be the Dem candidate because Obama and his closest allies have good reason to fear her gaining power enough to pay them back for all she’s had to endure.

    Anyway. I agree that Cruz seemed the best hope to fight back. Nevertheless, the level of debt is so bad, and the entrenchment of bureaucrats so deep, that I suspect that his candidacy was merely the establishment’s way of offering real patriots some hope — and then pulling the football away. They love doing things like that just to prove how smart they are. Current goal: Civil disorder. What we’ve endured in the latter half of Obama’s tenure is only the beginning. The Control freaks have used Trump to divide the Right in manner that the Left could never do on its own so that we are now even more unsure whom is friend or foe. And they absolutely needed help from the “Progressives” in the GOP, aka, the GOPe. The GOPe has always run interference for even the most extreme leftists going back 100 years. They helped the radical nuts take over the Dem party every since Teddy Roosevelt and have been more comfortable with Obama than Reagan.

    Hah, I’ve been mostly silent for months Redbaiter. My what’s the use talking and writing inclination just burst and hence the above rant. There is way too much for it to make sense I’m sure. But there is sense buried in there of the kind that very few wish to delve into. Hence: what’s the use?


  6. I think Trump is popular because he is not part of the Political establishment.

    I personally support Trump.

    It will be Trump v Clinton.

    Clinton is tainted by several serious scandals.

    The current Political parties much like here are all about preserving the current system. The people are ready for a change.

    Only time will tell if Trump is the right man for the job.


    • The best hope for the world and the US would be the election of Bernie Sanders,he wants to raise the mimimum wage,help kids afford college,and does’nt like sending poot grunts off to get their head shot off in some stupid foreign war.”””””””


        • Yes Farage would be good value.

          Under MMP they would have been part of the Government.


      • Raising the minimum wage would be an excellent way to price the immigrant out of the market. Take away ALL the inducements (see Trump’s action list for just how the US is being ripped off) and the immigrants will be voluntarily lining up to be deported, especially if the trip back is paid for…


  7. But there’s hope from the Philippines:

    Philippines’ president-elect Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to reintroduce capital punishment and give security forces the power to “shoot-to-kill” criminals…

    He said criminals finally got the message when syndicate figures were shot dead immediately after their release from prison. Unionists and environmentalists will be treated in just the same way.

    Duterte is popular nationwide because many like his quick-fix promises to deal with the country’s problems. Slow-pace reform has led to distrust of the political elite. For example, the other four candidates, all of them measured politicians, have proposed detailed policies to deal with a territorial dispute with Beijing over atolls in the South China Sea. Mayor Duterte, instead, has promised to jet-ski to a contested island and raise the flag of the Philippines.


  8. I have a lot of faith and confidence in Trump myself. If he pushes ahead with the policies and principles he promotes in his books and on the campaign trail America will bounce back.

    No one is going to elect a Cruz conservative even if he is one. I believe he is a fake personally. No one is going to elect a libertarian like Rand Paul either.

    So to be president you must have to have a voter base that covers a wide spectrum. Trump has that base covered and the polls are showing that.

    Its one of the those times when things are so bad globally and so desperate for humanity that a Trump president is much much better than any alternative on offer.


      • Well, good on both you guys but my prediction is that in two and a half year’s time you’ll come back here and tell me I was right.


        • Red, its possible that Trump will find the road a very rocky one to navigate when he gets in there, if he is allowed to survive of course.

          But I just think the drones in suits underestimate this guy and the one thing that will carry him thorugh is his ego. He does not take failure lightly. I do not see Trump settling into his comfy couch in the OO and waving to the crowd on the steps of AF1 without serious reform going down.


        • SO, here’s the thing. Millions of people have been successfully gaslighted by Hillary’s Donor. He said back in the 90s that if he was going to run for President he’d do it as a Republican because it’s easier to fool Republican voters. And for millions, they’ve let their rage cloud their judgement and Drumpf has been proved right.

          To believe Ted Cruz is anything other than exactly what he claims to be, you need to completely ignore his entire life’s work since he was in his early teens.

          To believe Drumpf is what he currently claims to be (assuming of course you can figure out what he claims to be, since he habitually takes every possible position on every single issue), you need to completely ignore his entire life’s work over the past 5 decades.


          • …and if we’re talking about trust, why would you consider Trump even the slightest bit trustworthy. Listen to what he says. He changes his position on key issues every day. I see him sliding away from one commitment, and then offering another that he slides away from the next day.

            Yesterday one of his spokesmen described the Mexican wall as being in reality a “virtual” wall. WTF??

            I watched his so called “interview” with Megyn Kelly. It was a complete fraud. Scripted and directed, it was political propaganda, not any kind of interview.

            The Trump run is a hoax. Trump is a hoaxer. Its why he won’t release his tax returns.

            BTW, read yesterday ( that he had applied for and been granted a tax concession that is only allowable to people with an income below $500,000. This while he claims to have raked in around half a billion a year.


            • Who gives a shit. As long as he deports Illegals, shoots liberals, and nukes commies, what is there not to like?

              And why the FUCK should TRUMP have to release his tax returns? You’re happy to whinge about Customs searches, well having to hand over your tax returns is far more invasive than that.


              • Yeah, coz your orange messiah will do any of that.

                You’ve been scammed and, in the manner of the bests cons, you don’t even know it.

                The fact you’re both deranged and retarded has me overdosing on schadenfreude.


  9. What does one call a person who holds these truths to be self evident? – that all men are created equal (no royal blood, no master race, no untouchables, no dhimmis), that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these Rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, that to secure these Rights, they unite to defend each person’s Life, Liberty, and Property, which sometimes requires force of arms, to which they also have a Right. They would agree that individual prosperity arises from can-do attitude, diligence, continuous learning, and trustworthiness.

    I would call them Americans, but anyone born in the United States is an “American”, whether or not they hold these truths to be self evident. It concerns me that the number of “American”s seems to be growing faster than the number of Americans.

    Consider Chicago, where scores of people may be shot on any given week-end. Where are the defenders of Life and Liberty? Why do so many not respect others’ Life, Liberty, and Property?

    At this point, who is more American? Bernie, Donald, or Hillary?


    • Those comments are from the well-known liberal Jefferson: crucially they are NOT in the constitution which does NOT contain or support or encourage any such ideas.

      Who is more American? TRUMP. TRUMP. TRUMP.


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