What was the reason for Sanders’ supporters rage in Nevada?

bill-clinton-book1 smallMr. Farrar has made his preference for Hillary Clinton as the next POTUS quite plain, but one would have thought he would want to be fair in any commentary he might offer on the issue.

Today he attacks Bernie Sanders supporters for their poor behaviour at the Nevada Democrat Convention. However, he doesn’t present one word on what it was that incensed them so much, as one would expect he would in the interests of objectivity and keeping his readers fully informed.

What actually happened was that the Chairwoman of the caucus passed a motion heavily slanting the delegate count in Hillary’s favour. The motion was passed on a call of yay or nay, and even though the nays were so much louder than the yays, the Chairwoman refused a count and passed the motion.

Bernie had this to say after the event-

“It is imperative that all state parties treat our campaign supporters with fairness. That was not the case at the Nevada convention. At that convention the Democratic leadership used its power to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place.”

He’s right of course. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is based on cronyism and thuggery, and Sanders supporters see this as the reason she is leading a delegate count that if it were not for the Super delegates already bought and paid for by Clinton, would show a much better total for Sanders. Without this internal cronyism, Sanders would be almost equal with Clinton on delegate counts.

That Clinton is running at all is a disgrace as she should rightly be indicted over her email scandal. Clinton’s career is littered with lies, deceit, trickery & skullduggery and she is well known for vicious verbal and physical attacks on the Secret Service staff who guarded her.

Of course I don’t support either Sanders or Clinton, but in terms of integrity, I consider Sanders to be light years ahead of Hillary Clinton.