Whale Oil blog slowly catching up to the right

Whale Oil Irish Shirt.jpgWhale Oil is unfortunately regarded in NZ as a right wing blog. In fact its just another progressive left wing outlet that has some differences with the hard left on economic issues but in general only fights on the same level as most NZ “right wing” blogs.

That fight is really only based around who is the better leader or leadership group of NZ’s socialist one party state. IOW, they slag off Labour and worry National on a few issues but don’t really take it to them they way they took it to Helen Clark.

Today we have a couple of WO articles that are stark examples of why Whale Oil’s mentality keeps him behind the eight ball. One is entitled “Is Socialism a Giant Ponzi Scheme?” FFS, after years of blogging, the guy has only just got around to reflecting on this question?

The second example is a confused title regarding the latest all woman version of the Ghostbusters movie.

Progressive feminist ideology tanks movie or was it the sexism and racism?

Just WTF does that mean? Spanish Bride needs to understand that feminism, sexism and racism are all out of the same progressive stable, articles of Critical Theory designed to split our society asunder and make it easier prey for power driven left wing zealots.

Whale Oil is not really right wing, and it sure as hell is not Conservative. They just do not get it. If you want ideas about real change in NZ, you’re wasting your time reading the intellectually paper thin articles there.

The clichéd Irish joke that is its title should be enough warning.