The anger at Tony Abbott’s betrayal remains white hot

On my other blog, TrueblueNZ, I posted an article revealing the faces and names of those Liberal Party politicians who voted for Malcolm Turnbull in the leadership spill last year.

I wrote the post because I was angered at the lack of accountability among the Liberals in deciding to keep the vote secret, thereby denying their constituents the chance to consider their involvement in this sorry event before placing their vote in the coming election.

The post has continued to attract thousands of hits and proves that the anger at Abbott’s dismissal is still white hot among supporters of his model of the  party.

I am expecting this still blazing anger to give the Australian Liberty Alliance a big boost in the polls, and or lead to a possibly hung parliament. The director of the ALA, Debbie Robinson, reports that prior to the coup, her page had 40,000 hits recorded. After, it ballooned to over 800,000.

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It was all so unnecessary, as unfolding events have shown that Turnbull’s criticism of Abbott could now be just as well applied to Turnbull himself, especially as his polling numbers have fallen drastically.

So called election Guru, in reality the white flag waving Progressive Mark Textor said “The sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.”

Well, we’re about to find out about that aren’t we Mr. Textor?

6 thoughts on “The anger at Tony Abbott’s betrayal remains white hot

  1. That post has had an incredible amount of interest! Just curious: did you get another bump in hits when it was linked in the post at Jo Nova’s site a month or so ago?


      • Thanks Gantt. Bolt has also linked to it quite frequently. John Stone (ex Australian Treasurer and Senator) has also pointed people to it.

        I’m glad to see some ordinary people showing some fight on this. Doubt it would happen in NZ.


  2. Redbaiter – I think your numbers are wrong. There was one abstainer, who I believe is contained in the list of Abbott supporters. You are missing Ewen Jones member for Herbert, who I believe was an Abbott supporter. (Apparently he made comments on his facebook page to that effect.) Who was the abstainer?


  3. Here is the post from Ewan Jones’ facebook:

    Ewen Jones MP
    14 September 2015 ·

    I backed Tony Abbott. I always did, he always had my 100% support. One of the things I admire most about Tony Abbott is his ability to accept different points of view, but still maintain strong leadership and control. Malcolm Turnbull challenged and won fair and square. Malcolm Turnbull will have my 100% support in making sure we deliver the jobs and the kind of government we need to develop the North of Australia. I will work closely with Malcolm and his new team to continue to support and deliver the jobs, growth and projects we need for our great city and region.


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