Updated list- Australian Liberal Party, who voted for Malcolm Turnbull to replace Tony Abbott ?

I did a post a  few days after Tony Abbott’s betrayal in an attempt to identify those members of the Liberal Party who had voted for Malcolm Turnbull. The information was hard to come by as the party had reportedly arranged to keep the vote “secret”. If true, an example of arrogance in itself, in that constituents have a right to know if the people they are voting for are Turnbull or Abbott supporters, and this is a factor that would have a significant effect upon further support.

To attempt to hide these names from the voters only increases the degree of shameless skullduggery and betrayal that identifies Turnbull’s gradual journey to the top job.

The full list of Abbott supporters is at the foot of this post. The betrayers are portrayed directly below. There are 54 who voted for Turnbull. This number includes Turnbull himself. Two arrived too late to vote, (Dean Smith and Michael Ronaldson) but indicated they would have voted for Turnbull anyway. So I have included them in the list of the 56 named Turnbull voters.

This list was arrived at through a variety of sources, including the Ray Hadley show, media stories and discussions with Liberal Party members. Commenters on the original post have also contributed information and views.

Any Liberal Party member who considers they have been wrongly categorised can ask for a correction in the comments.

Update 1 10/04/2016- Ian MacDonald claims in the comments section below that he did not vote for Turnbull and supported Abbott. I have to take this at face value and make the correction. However, if Mr. MacDonald’s claim is true, then it means there must also be a person in the pro-Abbot camp wrongly categorised. I have no idea at this stage who this may be. Other sources have put MacDonald in the Turnbull camp. As other commenters have said, this vote should never have been kept secret. Citizens have a right to know how their representatives voted in this matter.

Update 2 11/04/2016- Please see latest post on this issue- “Number 54, who are you?”

Update 3 13/04/2016- In accordance with information published in above post and comment here, Louise Markus has been moved into list of Turnbull voters, replacing Ian MacDonald.

Update 4 27/02/2017- As at this date, only 35 of the Turnbull voters remain in parliament/ senate. The list of those remaining is here.

As at 15/05/16 I have divided the list into Senators and MPs, who have now also been identified by state and electorate. Any MP whose picture has a yellow background has retired and is not standing this election.

Malcolm Turnbull Supporters


Abbott betrayers

Tony Abbott Supporters


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114 replies

  1. Excellent photos, showing the future of the Liberal Party, not it’s past. Those who voted Abbott are mostly those concerned with their own hides, or wedded to Abbott’s mantra of oppose, oppose, oppose, even when in government, even when in government, even when in government.

    Abbott is gone, and Australia rejoices.Australia rejoices. Australia rejoices.

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    • Is megalomania a prerequisite for being a left winger? God forbid that you would ever speak for all of Australia.


    • That doesn’t make sense the scared members who voted for Turncoat were the one worried about their jobs. Canning votes increased to Tony Abbott when M.T. knifed Abbott. You also have another point completely wrong that tony’s mantra was what got the Libs in and he did not oppose when in power. It was labor and the greens and the senate who opposed. You must get your facts straight because you are losing credibility.


      • A bit of hypocrisy going on by the marxists here. How many knives was Shorten holding to get the leadership of his party & they’re still a bunch of arseholes.


    • You don’t speak for me. I didn’t agree with the knifing of Rudd, anymore than I agree with the knifing of Abbott. What’s worse, though, is that Abbott (unlike KRudd) was actually a good PM.


    • I will never vote for or in any way support anyone who acts outside the democratic process to depose an elected member. That it has happened recently saddens me and I believe weakens our democracy. Shame on all involved. Don.


    • Since the left’s mantra is “debase, defile, undermine, and “oppose, oppose, oppose” seem the only appropriate choice of decent men. If one is “in government” is one’s only role to support everything that the left brings to the table?

      What’s with your repeating words and phrases? Does this make your ideas more compelling, more compelling?


    • Well Jack with all your complaints about Abbott he was the one who got the libs back again, he achieved more policies in his two years than most P.M.’s. Now please tell me what has Turnbull achieved? nil, nada, what does that tell you. You surely would be aware that Turnbull promised promotion to those who would vote for him, again, what does that tell you? So do still want to show more ignorance by saying that Abbott’s supporters were/are only concerned with their own hides? Or do you want to be just a little bit honest and admit it was Turnbull’s supporters who were/ are concerned with their own hides??????????


  2. Wake up Red. As long as homos can marry, we revert to cave dwelling to save the planet and love Islam nothing else matters.


  3. Australia has dodged a bullet by getting rid of Abbott and his fascist right wing thugs,though Turnbull had to keep a few of them in exchange for their support. Australia will re gain it’s respect in the world now that the Abbott is gone,and we will come full circle after the next election once Labor is re elected to lead this country to a glorious future once again.
    Tony Abbotts legacy will be that he was the worst PM in the history of this wonderful country””””” Never again.””””


    • Thanks very much for that opinion Bob.

      I have to wonder though why you would feel compelled to write something so hollow.

      Never mind, your man is in charge now so all good right?


      • ‘Thank you for your opinion on my comment,and lets be glad we can expres our opinions in this wonderfull country with out insulting one another ,i appreciate your input. Well done.”””


        • Seven months on and the gloss seems to have worn off! Most of us are still waiting to learn what Malcolm Turnbull really stands for. I doubt that many of those who voted for him are feeling quite as self-righteous today. In fact some would love to wind the clock back and cast their vote differently.

          Tony Abbott wasn’t perfect but everyone knew exactly what they were voting for (or against).


    • Do you have a regular comedic routine? Or is that it? Don’t quit your day job if you have one (working for the government doesn’t count either intentionally or non intentionally)


  4. And yet another reason to celebrate to demise of the Mad Monk. Australia will now get medical marijuna.


    • Australia was going to get medical marijuana whether Tony was prime minister or not. He was championing the cause


    • Why the need to post so much here JDR? Not fullilled enough?


    • ‘Mad Jack’ you really have no idea do you in relation to the legalisation of medical marijuana.
      Do you salivate all over yourself when you post on here and believe in your own narrow mind that you are of any importance. Stay small ‘MAD JACK’

      PS. It’s very rare that I comment on the spelling errors of others but MAD JACK people like you piss me off. If you want to play with the big boys learn to spell ‘marijuana’ for a start.


  5. Lol! I’ve gotta admit i’m a bigger fan of Turnbull as a politician than Abbott! And it’s nice to see that more progressive Liberal MP’s like Theresa Gambaro sided with Turnbull! Is this gonna show progress for the libs or is it just gonna be the same old stuff?


  6. Based on their recent public utterances, Fiona Scott and Bill Heffernan at least will be dubious assets for Team Malcolm.


  7. Red, it seems as if your computer has been infected with an ABC virus. Nasty little things these.


  8. They’re going to drag us all into the gutter and there’s apparently little to be done about it Mawm. Except prepare yourself for further degeneration.


  9. I agree with that. Also Howard on gun control. Betrayed Conservatives, did nothing to halt the slide. The harsh truth is we have been sold out for decades.


  10. Turncoat is a slimy left wing weasel who will eventually get his comeuppance. He stands for nothing, is inarticulate, hollow, a liar and a backstabber. Worse than KRudd???? Yes he is because he pretends otherwise.


  11. I’m surprised and disgusted at Steve Irons and Dennis Jensen…I really thought they were better men.


  12. I and my family voted for Tony Abbott ,we did not vote for Turnbull and never will vote Liberal all the time he`s there.Our votes will go to Australian Liberty Alliance .Patrick


  13. If it was’nt for Tony Abbott, Australia would by now have been flooded with illegal money migrants , all sucking away at our recources. Thank god for Tony Abbott


  14. Each of these people – every single one of them – should be repeatedly named and shamed for their treachery.

    We should not let the treachery of these people be forgotten.


    • They should all be given a medal for getting rid of the deceitful lying scumbag Tony Abbott who was bringing this cointry to it’s knees. I still wont be voting for them as i find their policies obnoxious and immoral

      I dont llike Socialists so i wont vote for the Greens, but i will be voting for Shortens moderate centre right Labor party as they are united and progressive, and will take us and the country to a glorious future into the 21st Century, and i think most Australians will do the same, as they realise the right has had it’s day.


  15. come election time, as long as your list is till up. those who still think Malcolm is the ant’s pants can vote for him; those who regard Abbott as the only man of principle can probably cast an informal vote (bearing in mind that Malcolm works off the principle of “they have nowhere to go” which applies when you have compulsory preferential voting in the Lower House – which he will not tamper with, just his Senate “reforms”). those that think that Malcolm is a poofta loving leftie and that Abbott is finally getting some karma back, via Savva and other outside “traitors” (seeing he tried to destroy Pauline Hanson, the piece of scum) can also vote informal (which is what happens if you place a (1) against a Lower House right wing micro party but refuse to allocate preferences) and leave their true allocations to their Senate six (which should cover all the splinters on the far right). Those who love pooftas and want to ram poofta legislation through Parliament without giving the people a say in it, can vote for Poofta Shorten or those red ragging scum flogging off the grossest misleading and deceptive conduct of all times by trying to call themselves “Green” when they have little to do by generally trashing the whole landscape of Australian culture not just a few little birdies and animals. meanwhile karma is also being inflicted on these 55 traitorous scum, or rather they are packing their bags and their hefty parliamentary pensions and heading off into their vile sunsets of their own making- I’ve counted 3 now that are pissing it in. so that makes 52 left to receive knives in their back come election day. and meanwhile Trump – who capitalises on the Democratic Party’s and Clinton’s (the adulterer not the fag woman) scorn for ordinary American working class because “they have nowhere to go” will get up, and make America liveable again (provided you don’t get shot first by the millions of gun swimming in the country).


  16. Thank you for this list, which will be a wonderful resource for true blue liberals come the election. I am already relishing the satisfaction we will receive from punishing the unelected one and his running dogs. It would also be great to see a list of the coalition’s back-bench majority which petitioned against the safe schools funding. Here is another useful website listing where all federal MPs and senators stand on queer marriage, with their contact details – state links at bottom of page (It is funded by the queers, so let’s use it against them) http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/whereyourmpstands/


  17. Thanks for that list, it’s good to identify these traitorous cowards, and not lot them hide in the shadows.

    Turnbull is a Leftist, he might as well be leading the Labor party, and his supporters are Leftist sympathizers who have no place in a Liberal government.

    It’s amazing to me, that very few Liberals seem to understand their own guiding principals, which is limited government, defense of private property, defending the personal liberty of every individual, and defending the country from foreign invasion.

    Most Liberals these days seem to have drifted far too far to the Left, evidenced by Malcolm Turnbull, to an aggressive Leftist ideology which confuses equality with Liberty, civilization with multiculturalism, and demand that power be centralized in an overarching totalitarian style government, such as the Leftist progressive ideologies of Socialism/Communism/Fascism.

    That’s been tried on too numerous occasion, and the result has been the death and misery of millions. How many times do we need to repeat this failed progressive experiment before humans have finally decide enough is enough?


  18. and his supporters are Leftist sympathizers who have no place in a free Country

    until we get agreement on that – or rather, not “agreement”, but until the brief but necessary steps taken to make that a reality, Australia will never be free.


  19. When the f**king GUARDIAN are calling on Turnbull to use Abbot to smash the ALP, you know it is well past time that unions are wiped out of Australia.


    At will employment. Unions should be banned and treated like any other armed organised criminal conspiracy – the cops should be paid to shoot suspected unionists on sight.


  20. Thanks very much for making the list with photos available. It adds a dimension to the betrayal.

    In the photos we see people who deliberately leaked against Tony Abbott, and who took additional actions to destabilize his leadership. And we see people willing to reward those destabilizers for their unethical actions.
    It is bad enough that these people chose to betray their leader in an exercise of gross disloyalty.

    But what is worse is that they chose to betray the clear and unambiguous choice of the electorate and the people of Australia, who voted for Tony Abbott in the 2013 election – effectively subverting the democratic process.

    Certainly, a Prime Minister should be removed by his party if he is found to have engaged in unlawful activity or in highly inappropriate behaviour which brings his party into disrepute. But that was never the case for Mr. Abbott.


  21. Talking to more and more people who will vote A L A in the senate and maybe ,just maybe we will get some sense back in this country.We need to call out islam for what it is and stop all muslim immigration until islam moves into the 21 century .Patrick.


  22. By definition in the Liberal Party information the MP’s and senators are there to represent the members who are in their electorates. The anti-Abbott members have gone to great trouble not only to not discover the wishes of their electorates, but great trouble to keep their votes secret from those they promised to consult with and represent. They had no intention of doing the job they are paid to do.The fact that the vote had to take place on that one day before internal polling for the successful Canning vote was known illustrates that it was never intended to have integrity.

    The fact that it had to exclude the representation of the Nationals in what had been a significant and successful partnership when the PM position was being decided also shows that the voters were not interested in validity. Further we understand that some had told Tony that he had their vote and then voted for Turnbull suggests a lack of conviction in the parliamentary representatives themselves.

    The fact that they were prepared to change the PM without consultation and betray the constituents who had worked so hard to get them into the jobs they were given on the undertaking that they would always respect the wishes of their supporters accounts for their future reputation as traitors.


  23. Where was ewan jones?


  24. Thank you for the ‘mug shots’ of the modern day turn coat. No surprises the list consists of the dissatisfied, the disgruntled person who for their own personal reasons, not the parties, not the Australian choose to disrespect my compulsory vote.


  25. I dont like Abbott or his right wing facist thugs,but i’ll admit at least you knew where he stood on his philosophy as warped as it was because he actually had the courage to tell you, where as that two faced Turdbull is a sneaky little bastard who pretends to be everybodys friend,but is only interested in one person,””” Himself”” and i dont agree with stabbing a PM in the back,whether it’s Gillard Rudd or Abbott. and the voters must be given the chance to decide who they want as PM at an election.

    So this election i urge all fair minded Australians to vote for a party and PM that will serve the best interest of the people, and for me that is Bill Shorten and Labor, this is just my humble opinion,i am sure some people onthis site may have a different opinion, but that’s democracy and may the best party win.


    • Bill shorten has far to many debts to pay to his union masters, we are going to an election to try and wind back the control they gave the business killing unions last time/ god help us if the unions get a grip in the money again, It will; be the last small business in the country turn the lights of and we will all be in the welfare train not paying tax.


    • What about the rape allergations against your man Shorten. If he wins the election, they will re-surface, and Shorten will be replaced, and we will have another un voted for leader.


  26. Thank god for the unions,both you and i would not be enjoying our rights as employers ans employees if it was”nt for them,and Shorten will be our next PM, a good union man like Hawke.


  27. Someone has just, for the first time, referred this inaccurate bull to me. i dont know where you got the info about my vote (peraps the Australian on the day but they correctted it the next day) but a cursory glance at my web site of media interviews both BEFORE and AFTER the vote showed I voted for Abbott – not that i didnt have my real issues with him. I believed however, that forceable eviction solves nothing.

    Not that it matters much now but if you have any pretense of fact and accuracy, you might like to correct the record.

    Its strange that people with an agenda still refer to this inaccurate rubbish

    Having said that, i will do what i can to get Turnbull elected as the alternative in shorten is just to horrific for Australia.


    • Correction made as requested.

      Perhaps Mr. MacDonald you could enlighten readers as to who should replace you from the list of Abbott supporters, as if your claim is correct there must also be one wrong name there too.

      BTW, I would not count on voter support merely on the basis that Shorten should be kept out of power. Believe me, you have severely underestimated voter anger at this act of betrayal. Secondly, many people are saying that there is no point in voting for the Liberals with Turnbull at the helm for this will only encourage them to slide further left.

      Many are well prepared to see Shorten in power if losing the election brings the Liberals to the realisation that the votes of Conservatives do matter.

      This whole thing was a terrible mistake, and my feeling is the Liberals will pay dearly come the election.


      • I cant believe you and your fellow brothers and sisters in arms would sell your ideology which you swear is a cross between the Bible and the sacred sayings of Robert Menzies andAndrew Bolt or who ever else is your current far right hero is, just because you think Turnbull committed some offence against your other hero the psychopath formerly known as Tony Abbott.

        You are prepared to vote for your sworn enemy who you all detest with a passion just to get back at Turnbull and his fellow back stabbers, well that tells me that you are all insane and dont believe in anything or anybody except your own warped twisted ego stroking self absorbed ideology.

        And you have been making up lists of so called conspirators? do you know who also complied ”’ Lists”” ? The Nazis, the Stasis in Communist East Germany, The KGB in the old Communist Soviet Union, and what do you plan to do with your ””List””’ . i hope it’s just for naming and shaming purposes and nothing sinister.


        • I can’t speak for others – it’s supposed to be a secret ballot. I can only correct your record. It’s no longer relevant or an issue, but inaccuracy is. My position was made clear in media transcripts which you can see on my web site , both before and after the vote. But I have moved on and will fight to get Turnbull elected. It’s all about policies and management and I am sorry – going back to Bill or whoever leads the ALP, will return to the reckless spending that saw the $60 Billion in credit go to $300 odd billion in debt, And don’t give me the Labor line about GFC. Costello dealt with the Asian meltdown and could still manage $60 Bill in the bank.

          Sent from my iPad


    • Mr MacDonald-

      The post has always included this sentence-

      “Any Liberal Party member who considers they have been wrongly categorised can ask for a correction in the comments.”

      This blog has an auto-moderating system where any first time commenter has to be approved. I saw your comment waiting for approval late last night, and immediately approved it and made the required changes to the list.

      It has never been my intent to categorise people incorrectly. I have tried hard to validate all the names on this list. I will as I say, immediately make any corrections necessary as soon as they are pointed out to me.


      • Thanks for that. I saw your qualification. Unfortunately I was unaware of your website until someone drew it to my attention on the weekend, but I was wondering why people at odd times again raised my voting.

        As I say it is all water under the bridge now but people still raise it so obviously you blog works!

        I will follow with interest as well.

        For the record, I repeat I will do what I can to get Turnbull elected as it is our policies and actions, not personalities that count – and the alternative Shorten is to horrific to think about for Australia.


        ian macdonald


        • Ian it is NOT water under the bridge. The Liberals have lost my vote and that of my husband, and our groen children and some of their mates. What the Party did to Prime Minister Abbott was reprehensible and the Libs will be punished in the only way possible: the ballot box. Turnbull has provided no leadership over the past few months and you look silly and untrustworthy.


        • No. Mr Mcdonald. It is not water under the bridge. This is a matter of principle. Something the Liberals forgot when they voted against the leader Australians wanted. The members who ousted PM Abbott did so without regard to what their constituents wanted. It was a selfish and stupid move by those Liberals and I hope they will feel the wrath at this election. I’d rather endure the pain of three years of Labor to make it clear to the Liberals that we are a party of the conservatives, not the Left as it has become under this self-aggrandising do-nothing pretender.


          • Ric, I hear you. But we have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and give the Labor/Greens mob another term to wreck the country. John Stone’s strategy in The Spectator – voting for the Abbott loyals in the House of Reps, and putting the turncoats last is a good one. What we need is a conservative block in the senate to counteract the Greens and Xenophon. There are plenty of good choices, including One Nation, ALA, Family First, Christian Dems, Liberal Dems, Mature Australia Party and the Nationals. And Major Jim Molan from the Libs deserves a seat, if for nothing else than he was responsible for stopping the boats (along with Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison). There is more than one way to skin a lefty cat.


  28. This is the kind of mistake that happens when politicians (Public SERVANTS) treat voters like they don’t matter. The vote should never have been secret. The voters need to know the exact character of those who seek our vote. I, and many others, will not give our vote to any of the filthy traitors. Even if that mean 3 years of Labor. That is preferable to Turnbull being elected as he never would have been.

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  29. I think the one you mean is Louise Markus (Macquarie, NSW). She is listed in the Abbott camp. I had the privilege of meeting Tony Abbott recently at a morning tea he held to thank everyone (from the public) who had written or phoned to support him at the time of the spill. People came from all over NSW to Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This is the meeting where everyone jeered when Mr Abbott said we must vote Turnbull’s Libs back in. He asked where I had come from ( Winmalee Blue Mountains) he said, “Oh yes that’s Louise Markus’ electorate”. I said I understood she had supported him and he said, “No, no I don’t think so”. I said I had seen the two lists with the photos and she was shown in his list. He was quite definite again, shaking his head yet smiling “No, I don’t think she did, I don’t think she did”. I said “Well that’s another good reason to turf her out then” and he roared that laugh of his! I phoned her office to ask, the following week, they told me Louise will not disclose for whom she voted it was a secret ballott and it remains that way. I think this might be your answer, i expect Mr Abbott or a staffer was doing the ring around to get the numbers ahead of the spill. He must know who was for him and who was against.


    • Wow, that is some great anecdotal information Tania, and thank you so much for sharing it. I will move her name up and write an update explaining the reason. If its not true, she is free to write in as Senator MacDonald did and ask that the record be corrected.

      If it is true, it would seem pretty cowardly of her not to own up and to let her fellow MPs remain under a shadow.

      Hope her electorate is made well aware of how she voted.


      • Red, I notice that in this list you have left off Ewen Jones ( Herbert). In recent communications with him he told me that he had voted for Abbott. However, given that he was appointed as a second whip in Reps, I doubt that what he said is true. I also note that he is for same-sex marriage, another indicator of where h e lies on the “conservative” political spectrum


  30. Make a list of those senators that voted for Turnbull in your state.

    Vote BELOW the line, but BYPASS those if you vote Liberal.


  31. SENATE.. Who NOT to vote for below the line

    Turnbull Senate supporters by State

    Vote BELOW the line, but do not vote for these traitors.

    NSW:- Bill Heffernan, Marisse Payne, Arthur Sinidonis

    VICTORIA:- Mitch Fifield, Scott Ryan

    QLD:- George Brandis, James McGrath

    SA:- Simon Birmingham, Sean Edwards, Anne Ruston

    WA:- Michaelia Cash, David Johnson

    TAS:- Richard Colbeck


  32. Where is Ewen Jones member for Herbert?


  33. Not sure whether this blog still has people posting, but if it does, can someone please confirm about Sussan Ley? I keep hearing that she in fact voted for Abbott, not Turnbull.


  34. Clearly Western Australians are being absolutely abused by the Canberra Government. In spite of Liberal Govt at both State and Federal levels we have still not witnessed a reparation of the GST and there is NO excuse for this.

    The undermining of Abbott by his own Julie Bishop was heart wrenchingly disappointing.

    The Liberal (Turnbull) position on Refugee intake, LGBT issues, Republicanism, GST, Islamist and the list goes in is nothing but a centre-left diatribe that Liberal voters did not veto when voting Tony Abbott in to the office.

    Turnbull’s abuse of his voter-base and Julie Bishop’s Judas Escariot like undermining of her leader will come home to roost at the next election.


  35. I hope each & every one of the low lives that supporters Turnbull now feel the full force of the dissatisfaction of their electorates. Ppl aren’t happy & each & every one of you imbeciles is responsible for where we are at now. You had no right to do what you did & in doing so have ruined this great country. I have no idea how any of you could sleep at night.
    To correct this monumental error in judgement you now need to find a way to get rid of MT & reinstate Mr Abbott back as our PM. ASAP too.


  36. I said many years ago that if Mr Turnbull were leader of the Liberals I would give Labor my effective preference for the duration. It hurts, but I did that in the last election. I blame Mr Howard in part for encouraging Mr T to enter Parliament. John Howard was a great PM but even he made a few serious mistakes. That was one of them. I was very disappointed to see Louise Markus’s name changed from the Abbott to the Turnbull supporters. She was our local member and I thought she had better judgement than that. At least she and the previous Liberal member knew, from conversations with me, my voting intentions, and they presumably knew that thousands of others would take the same approach.


  37. The voter you are searching how about Scott Morrison or Greg Hunt. I’m not sure but that’s my feeling. Please tell ‘Jack the Ripper’ I would rather be called ‘The Mad Monk’ than the ‘Corrupt Thug or The Willy Rapist!!


  38. I’d be putting a huge asterisk beside Scott Morrison and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells’ name in the Abbott list just to make clear what was later discovered – both voted for Abbott under false pretences.



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