Nationals- $16 million for Net Nannying

Amy Adams 2The Nat’s 2016 budget included $16.4 million of new funding to support the fascist Orwellian Harmful Digital Communications Act including operation of the “Approved Agency”.

So what is an “approved agency”? In reality its a bunch of cronyists who will be funded by govt to police the internet. Licking the hand of the  bunch of socialist big govt whackjobs called the National Party. Or the Labour party if they ever get their act together. Can you imagine that?

The Nat’s Amy Adams say-

The Approved Agency’s role includes advising on steps people can take to resolve a problem, investigating and attempting to resolve complaints where harm has been caused, and providing education and advice about online safety and conduct.

Once the Approved Agency is up and running, people can apply to the District Court for mandatory orders in relation to any complaints they have been unable to resolve through the Approved Agency.

The court will be able to make a range of orders, including requiring material to be taken down. Failing to obey the court orders will be punishable as a criminal offence with a penalty of up to six months in prison or a $5,000 fine for individuals, and fines of up to $20,000 for companies.

Internet safety organisation NetSafe has been appointed as the “Approved Agency”.

NetSafe will play a key role in reducing the devastating impact of harmful digital communications, by providing a timely and effective service for victims to get help from an independent body.

NetSafe is experienced in addressing many of the issues associated with harmful digital communications. It brings a strong body of knowledge and experience in this area. They already work with a range of enforcement agencies to help victims. NetSafe has established relationships with companies and schools both in New Zealand and overseas, who they work with to remove or stop the spread of harmful content.

It’s expected NetSafe will start as the Approved Agency in November 2016.

Here’s the backup from Netsafe’s website

“communications should not be threatening, intimidating or menacing; grossly offensive; indecent or obscene; or denigrating of a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

A breach of one of the principles alone is not enough to take action however, the target must also be able to show that they were caused serious emotional distress.”

Reason number 5686 to show that Labour or National, it makes no difference. Vote minor party and take power away from these one party state fascist bastards.

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