Here’s To Carnarvon Shire Council


Local MP Vince Catania defected from Labor to National in 2009

I enjoyed the time I spent in Carnarvon. Its an isolated town way up the west coast of Australia and I lived there for a couple of years. The people are great, they work hard and there is tremendous community spirit as there is in most isolated country towns.

I saw for myself the anti-social attitudes of some aborigines in the town. One night they wrecked a whole yard of used cars by kicking them, and hitting them with rocks and lumps of wood. A local pub had to be evacuated as an Aborigine group had arrived by means of a large bus and threatened to beat every white person in the pub. Outnumbered by about 5 to 1 the locals managed to escape out the back door.

There’s no urban liberal starry eyed altruism on the streets of Carnarvon. Just locals who have done the hard yards in the heat and the dust and the isolation.

Its Naidoc (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) week. Carnarvon Shire Council was expected to fly the Aboriginal flag from its council building. It has refused.

ABC News and other Communist outlets have been running stories recently about bullying at the council. Naturally, they don’t appreciate the irony now, when the Carnarvon Shire Council is being threatened with mass dismissal if it continues to defy demands from the State Govt to fly the flag.

Shire President Karl Brandenburg cast the deciding no vote on the flying of the Aboriginal flag. He says the only flag that will fly over the council building is the Australian flag. WAToday reports

He said on Friday a far more pressing matter in Carnarvon was indigenous youth committing crime, which he believes is a result of their parents abusing methamphetamine and being too “out of it” to care for them properly.

“The kids are just left to their own devices. They’re like orphans – that’s how sad it is. So if I can seize on this opportunity to bring attention to that, I’ll leave the flag exactly where it is.”

Mr Brandenburg said he remained of the view that flying the Aboriginal flag outside council chambers would be “divisive” but he was happy for it to be displayed anywhere else in town. “Everybody is very keen to make out that I’m a racist and I’m doing the wrong thing, but I still stand by my statements that it is divisive and we’re all Australian, and we should fly under one flag.”

Three cheers for Mr. Brandenburg for sticking to his guns. Australia so desperately needs men like him who will stand firm against the insufferable plague of PC cowards who dominate so much of our society.

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett has viciously attacked the Council, who have said they might change their mind but not until a council meeting on June 28. Barnett said the shire should act on the issue immediately.

“That is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I made it very clear. I’ve given an instruction to the Shire of Carnarvon to fly the flag,” he said.

Local MP Vince Catania (who defected from the Labor Party to National in 2009) says Mr Brandenburg and the rest of the council should be sacked.

“There’s a systemic cultural problem at that shire,” he said. Mr Catania said he was considering introducing a private member’s bill to parliament to force councils in the state to fly the Aboriginal flag alongside the Australian and WA flags.

Ben Wyatt, Labor’s shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs, has written an intimidating letter to Karl Brandenburg.

The flying of the Aboriginal flag simply seeks to acknowledge the proud, and long, history of Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of our State and not, in any way, to elevate one particular person above another.

How the hell do such separatist subversives as Barnett and Catania and Wyatt get elected? I hope the Carnarvon Shire Council holds out for ever. Local people should make this decision anyway. Don’t yield to these bullying statist separatist bastards Mr. Brandenburg. Hold strong!

In the meantime, know people are working hard to change public opinion and get anti-White subversives like Barnett, Catania and Wyatt out of positions of power.