Vacuous Nats help left destroy us

John Key Sikh TurbanReally, is there any greater collection of political cowards on the planet than the NZ National Party?

Well maybe there is. The UK Conservatives, and the US Republicans for example. Let’s leave that gut churning competition aside for now.

Here’s who the Nats brought into our country last year. 12,300 Indians.  10,400 Chinese. 5100 Filipinos.

Here are some questions for the National Party, that they won’t answer of course. They prefer to turn the mirror to the wall rather than see themselves for what they are.

How many NZers emigrated to China? How many NZers emigrated to India? How many NZers emigrated to the Phillipines?

The Nats don’t have a response to this of course because its a question that never enters their simpleton minds. However, the answer is very few, a negligible amount.

What also does not enter the Nats’ minds is the question “Why is all this “multi-culturalism” only occurring in one direction?” Again these lame easily manipulated damn fools turn the mirror to the wall.

I know why the Nats bring these people here. They only know part of the reason themselves, but I know all of the plan.

The Nats bring people here because immigration boosts the economy. Keeps the failing socialist economic heart of NZ pumping weakly and allows the desperate Nats to claim credit for growth and “good economic management”. Also, it brings our apparently deficient traditional culture badly needed “vibrancy and diversity”. Balderdash of course but that’s why I call the Nats stupid. They fall for that propaganda like gape jawed gap toothed hillbillies.

If they really were good economic managers, and we had a viable economic system rather than a socialist basket case, we wouldn’t need immigration to drive growth.

But its time I got to the real issue. The figures for the alien/ competing cultures listed above total 27,800. Total immigration from compatible (European based) cultures was only 13000, with only about 4000 of these being from the UK, and the rest from South Africa, France and Germany. No doubt more than a few of these were from alien cultures too, as it seems anyone can get an EU passport today.

So the thick as three short planks Nats don’t even ask themselves why we have alien cultures coming here at twice the rate of similar cultures. For one thing, they’re too frightened (or cowardly) to confront the issue. The Labour party or other subversive sources may call them racists, and that would be shattering to their fragile self images. The Nats are too dumb to see that one way “multi-culturalism” is racist in itself, being inherently hostile to the established traditional race.

So to any National Party members/ supporters who may be uncharacteristically curious about this, I give them the answer.  The first point is that you’re being manipulated by left wing/ progressive political forces. In academia and the mainstream media. But this of course is a force that drives so much of the Nats’ thinking patterns, and their actions. Its not news. What is the more precise reason for an inflow of foreign or competing cultures?

The post modernist left, the cultural Marxists, the progressives, have for decades been working to “deconstruct” what they perceive as “western white power structures”. Its no real secret of course, to anyone who reads left wing strategies and ideologies. The Nats don’t. They only read the NZ Herald or the Dominion Post. So they don’t know, they only react to subversive criticism without a clue as to its real sources.

To be fair, many of those in the media and academia don’t themselves know the origins of the ideas they expound, but that is another story, too long to go into here and now. I’m trying to focus your mind on the abject surrender of the Nats.

The whole idea behind multi-culturalism, and the one way flow proves this beyond doubt, is to break down the power structures the left see as preventing them from gaining total political power and reforming Western civilisation in the shape they want it to be. In short, they seek the destruction of our traditional European patriarchal society, and mass immigration from foreign cultures is an excellent way to hasten this objective into being. Divide and conquer.

So the foolish Nats (who wrongly perceive themselves as an anti-left force) are enthusiastically contributing to their own demise and the demise of the ideas that originally underpinned their party. Without the faintest idea of what they are doing. As usual.

A Twitter example of how the left think about the West and its “power structures”.

The vacuous Nats have been caving in to the left for decades, and under the poll driven Crosby Textor influenced surrender monkey John Key, they’ve caved in even worse than usual. They’re now completely bereft of any ideology that might compete in the field of ideas, against the left. They have no awareness of what they are doing, and worse, because there is a vacuum where there should be ideas, they have no means to confront criticism from the left.

John Key, David Cameron, Malcolm Turnbull, all weak idea-less progressives, typify the rot at the core of the West’s anti-left forces. In their failure to confront cultural Marxism, and the left’s strategy of gradualism, they have made their respective parties just sub sets of their left wing opposition parties.

Its why there is such widespread dissatisfaction with all major political parties. Both perceived anti-left and perceived left parties work towards the same destructive objectives. Namely the tearing down of our traditional culture and its replacement with the new progressive big govt model. In reality, due to govt’s co-mingling with pro-socialist business entities (Google, Facebook for example), a new kind of totalitarian fascism.

The only way we can fix this problem is to vote against both major parties. Do it now. Vote for minor parties and give cowards like the Nats the message that we will not stand for their capitulation to progressivism and their destruction of our traditional culture a minute longer.

16 thoughts on “Vacuous Nats help left destroy us

  1. At least they are not Arabs and other Muslims coming in with their beloved Sharia Law throwing gays off tall building, stoning women to death because they got raped, lopping heads off because you are an infidel


    • Do you know for certain they are not “other Muslims”?

      Muslims can come from any of those countries, including the traditional European ones. (thanks to the invasions there)

      Its just one of the reasons why the constant accusations of “racism” are so absurdly unfounded.


  2. I thought i would check out your site again to see if you have come to your senses,but no, silly me, what was i thinking,you are still pumping out the same old tired ultra right nationalistic drivel, Muslims under the bed,Singhs in our heads,we will all be doomed by those filthy lefty progressive feminist Nazis tree hugging latte sipping Chardonay slurping Marxist baby killers.
    That total moron Glenn Beck is probably one of your heroes,but hey/”” who am i to tell you what to believe in? we are all free to pursue our beliefs,so good luck with yours and good luck with mine.


    • Brickbob can I suggest that it would probably be more productive if you went and head butted a brick wall, you may even feel better afterwards.


  3. I have been trying to decide if the National MP’s are that stupid or whether they make decisions knowing what the result twill be .
    I am beginning to believe they are stupid and lack the brainpower to grasp what has infected them.Getting a reaction locally about the National member and dropping support for him.


    • There is so much happening that the politically stunted Nats just do not get. They’re hopeless and they betray us in that hopelessness.


      • The majority of the parties in NZ appear to to be wedded to UN eco-globalisation (eco-Marxism), and the post-2015 sustainable development goals. So by 2030 then, we will have likely surrendered or gone a good way to surrendering the requirement for politicians in the conventional sense. They’ll have been surrendered to a UN bureaucratic totalitarian administration. Our hapless politicians may then slide into obsolescence becoming the equivalent of MEP’s in Europe, that is very expensive to run, largely unaccountable, and bereft of democratic utility. The poor luvvies, they’ll be a bit like jumped up local councilors, only worse because they’ll be perceived to be out of date. They’ll be replaced by what the UN euphemistically terms ‘civil society’ – – doubtless greeted by the rapture of the many that have been eco-groomed throughout their education. But it won’t last long, even with the single-minded support of the brain-dead Fourth Estate.. Virtue-signalling makes a very, very poor cousin of democratic government. It’ll be fascinating to see how long Kiwis stand being remotely directed by unrepresentative, faceless UN bureaucrats.


  4. Agree 100% Red.

    We have a lot of economic refugees coming to NZ. This is what is happening in the EU people from poorer Countries can freely move to richer Countries for a better lifestyle. This drops the average for everyone.

    Take out Immigration and we have probably been in recession for the last 8-10 years if not longer.

    What we have happening in reverse is TAX refugees. If you have money you can live very well and very cheaply in other Countries. Less TAX, half of everything spent is TAX 15% GST 33% top marginal rate, excise TAX etc etc etc.

    The Super rich are no longer TAX resident in NZ, as the TAX burden inevitably increases more and more people will opt to live outside of NZ. This is already happening.

    Less people to support the growing number of people who have opted out of the system. Means more borrowing, more money printing and much more TAX for those still doing something constructive.

    The beneficiaries have been in the majority for some time now.

    From over paid, over educated, under worked Government and Council employees down to the lower paid beneficiaries.

    This process is inevitable we have no choice but to follow this path to its conclusion. On the positive there are many Countries like France and elsewhere who are further down this path, so we will get to see what civil unrest looks like before it hits us.

    Hope you are working on plan B,C and D.


  5. If I were minister of immigration, this is what I would do. If you are coming in to this country to create something. If you are going to set up a new Toyota plant, and you understand the customs and culture of the people, your in. If you’re not going to do that, we don’t need you. We have educational training places.

    I know that sounds tough, but when you think of it, really what do we need. We produce farm goods, and tourism. The rest provide a support service to those industries, with a few exceptions. So what we need is more people producing things. So that’s how strict and tough I would be.


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  7. In a country that denies ‘racial profiling’ at borders, and whose MSM deny the term ‘radical Muslim terrorist’ while reporting the Istanbul airport carnage with a voice over that tells us an ‘alleged’ terrorist was shot by security, at the same time showing a close-up the the shot man reaching for his explosive vest and detonating himself, gives one serious pause for thought. Is one living in the same World? It strikes me as paradoxical that NZ repudiates profiling yet embraces a divisive culture of profiling when referring to the tangata whenau, who make a seemingly bizarre simultaneous claim of being indigenous and coming on canoes. It’s very confusing for an interloper like myself, but I agree, we may be more than ripe for some well articulated populism. Professional politicians of any persuasion have vanishingly little to recommend them or discern between them.


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  9. You hit that one out of the park Red.

    I just cannot get how retarded the average National MP and supporter really is when it comes to vision and spine. The fools keep on voting for Key as though he is some great font of leadership keeping NZ on the straight and narrow. He is as average as you can get a PM and dangerous because he is a deeply pro UN progressive.

    I have been saying for years that the only way out of this bog is to never vote National or Labour, The problem is we are bereft of choices. I would rather swallow a dead rat than vote for Peters, Dunne or Seymour. There is no way the Conservatives will get back with out a strong bankable leader either.


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