Don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out Johnny

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (L) and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speak during a ceremony at the Great Hall of People in Beijing March 18, 2014. REUTERS/Feng Li/Pool (CHINA - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR3HJ66

One hears constantly that John Key is a “good bloke”. Maybe he is a good bloke on a personal level. However, once politics is in the mix, it is a different story. Here are a few examples that put me right off John Key.

The campaign to change the flag was an exercise in utter deceit. As well as the deliberately misleading arguments by the pro-change faction, there was the matter of collusion with moneyed up recent Chinese immigrants who resented the presence of the Union Jack on the flag. The drive to remove this symbol was a disgraceful repudiation of NZ’s history and culture. The very culture and history that made NZ the place the Chinese want to come to. Key placed himself at the forefront of this issue, even when he (and other politicians) had no moral right to do so. The deceit and arrogance displayed by Key on the flag change project is the main reason the “good bloke” accolade doesn’t fly with me.

Then we had the referendum on MMP. A disastrous system that has only permitted the unelected far left a greater grip over us all. It needs to be replaced, but in stark contrast to his behaviour on the flag referendum, Key was quiet as a mouse on an issue that could have changed NZ for the better. When he could have done so much. Why was a man who professes to care for individual freedom so deathly quiet on such an important issue? Would a “good bloke” have let this one time chance for real positive change slip by?

When Marxist list MP Sue Bradford succeeded in passing her anti-family anti-parent anti-smacking bill, it upset a lot of mums and dads. They organized a petition to call for a referendum and repeal the act. When the referendum was finally held, almost 90% voted against Bradford’s act. In another demonstration of his frequent willing and enthusiastic capitulation to progressive ideology, Key ignored this referendum. Showing once again his disdain for Conservatives, and his lack of courage on things that mattered. Would a “good bloke” have ignored something that was so important to so many NZ parents? (He also ignored the assett sales referendum but this is different as it does not amount to the same kind of ideological betrayal as the other examples.)

The traditional definition of marriage, which belongs to the people, was changed by politicians, not by the voters. At least Tony Abbott in Australia knew better than this, and the Liberals now plan a plebiscite on the issue. This event, where the PM voted for same sex marriage, and again made his views very public, was not only an example of haste driven ideological betrayal, but of the “we know best” attitude in politicans that has so annoyed voters and led them in the US to elect Donald Trump. Would a “good bloke” be guilty of such arrogance?

There are a thousand other political occasions where Key let the side down. Many other Conservatives have already listed these, so its not worth doing it here.  Most of them are mission failures, where Conservatives expected a particular view to come from Key, but were appalled to observe his weak surrender to the ideology of our political enemies. So weak that he even redefined the National Party as “progressive” something that surely caused Sid Holland to spin in his grave like a diamond tipped drill bit.

Key surrendered to apartheid. He surrendered to the green left. He surrendered to the cultural Marxists. He surrendered to the regulation lobby. He surrendered to a corrupt media. He surrendered to the scammers pushing global warming. He surrendered to the moneyed and political influence of the crooks and thugs who control China. He surrendered to cronyism or corporate welfarism. His attempts to restructure the left wing dominated centrally controlled education system were weak and ineffective.

So much more could have and should have been done by an energetic and committed National Party. Led by a real hero. Instead we have a NZ where the center has shifted far to the left, and where a “right winger” now is someone who agrees with Helen Clark’s policies from the early millenium.

Key’s biggest surrender was to multiculturalism, and this disgraceful capitulation will above all, be his real legacy. Determined to keep the socialist ship afloat, Key pumped or primed the economy by means of an inflow of immigrants and so called students chasing permanent entry. By this means he turned the once beautiful city of Auckland, the star of NZ, into a third world over crowded over-priced dirty dysfunctional shit hole.

Its coincidental that Key’s resignation came after the weekend of the Mount Roskill by election. Did the time he spent campaigning in the electorate, when he would have experienced first hand the changes he has brought to NZ, awaken him to what he has done?

What caused Key’s sudden resignation is still a matter of some speculation, and rightly so. His explanations seem woefully inadequate and contradictory. Rumours exist as to the “real reasons”, but even though they have the ring of truth they’re scandalous and unproven, so if readers want to know what they are, they’ll have to go elsewhere. One thing that seems sure is there was no official push from within National, as the party was as surprised by the timing as anyone.

Its hard to believe Key has not had the odd crisis of conscience during his years as PM. He’d have to be pathological not to. Perhaps in the end it all became too much. Especially when Key observed the recent demonstrations of voter discontent, in voting for Brexit, and electing Trump. Did he suddenly realise the complete mission failure that characterises his Prime Ministership? The same failure that characterises Obama’s presidency, and Malcolm Turnbull’s, David Cameron’s and Justin Trudeau’s leadership?

Key kept the socialist pump primed, while he caved on almost every other important issue. He reinforced and shored up the global socialist status quo, but then Trump showed him this is not what voters really want. Trump showed him the folly of his fascination with China. Trump showed him what is possible with courage and self belief. Did the schoolboy who wanted to be PM suddenly realise his pants were far too short for the job?

The extreme left are harshly critical of Key as an example of extreme right wing capitalism. Globalist banker etc. This is completely delusional, and a judgment driven mainly by envy and hate. An emotional response to the fact that Key is popular, and controls NZ’s social and economic condition, when in their minds, they are the anointed, the only ones who have any moral right to that control.

After fourteen years in parliament, eight years as PM, John Key is finally quitting. NZ is in as bad a shape as it was when Helen Clark left office. Perhaps worse. The debt has grown to a far greater extent than earthquakes justify. NZ’s global security is weakened by Key’s supplication to Communist China. NZ has had its traditional culture snatched away.

So many people say they have only supported National over this time because they perceived the Labour/ Greens opposition as disastrously worse.

That readers is the ultimate judgement of John Key, and a stark indication that he has no substantive reason to be proud of his time as PM.

17 thoughts on “Don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out Johnny

  1. Totally agree Red.
    English has already said he doesn’t see any backlash coming here in NZ next year as per Brexit / Trump. Not too sure about that.
    Unfortunately Nationals lineup is looking like a bunch of clones.


  2. Why did he resign?

    “I’ve taken the knife to some other people, and now I’ve taken the knife to myself'”

    He has disgraced the name of New Zealand by not doing the RIGHT THING –

    Read the seven letters to him, pleading that he does the right thing – instead, he allows his Chief Executive to discriminate against one nationality by TAXING 100% their CPF savings because he had already collected his CPF savings from the Singapore government TAX-FREE –

    Stepping down is certainly doing the right thing for blemishing the name of New Zealand.

    The Chief Executive of Ministry of Social Development should also fall down on his sword because he was the instigator of this discrimination against one nationality and is the cause of John Key’s downfall FOR NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING – after all, watch the news video – John Key’s voice was emotional and broken up – did he resign on his own accord? Who would want to resign if you are at the top of the National dungheap – nothing could shake his popularity – not increased homelessness, not inflated house prices, not poorer health services, not rampant burglaries, rapes, assaults and the closing of police stations throughout the country, NOTHING!



    • That’s interesting a compulsory savings scheme that you cannot access until you retire but it is not a pension fund.

      Something similar will happen with our own Kiwi saver scheme in due course, you will not be eligible for the universal pension until you have used your own Kiwi saver funds first.

      That’s if the financial ponzie scheme it is propping has not collapsed.


      • The Kiwisaver (formed in 2007) is a mirror of the Singapore CPF (started by the British in 1955 when Singapore was a British colony). This was stated at a conference in Singapore by the Director of the New Zealand Treasury, Dr Brian McCulloch.
        Why do you think there are so many advertisements on TV promoting this ponzi Kiwisaver scheme? You will be better off saving on your own regularly, rather than allowing ‘strangers’ (Kiwisaver providers) to manage your money, ‘strangers’ who swallow your investment profits (if indeed there are any profits because you may end up in the negative when these investments tank) with their high annual fees. By the time you retire, you would have paid these ‘strangers’ approximately $36,000/= in fees. With yourself managing your own savings account, you do not pay any fees and you can use your savings when there is an emergency – try asking for your Kiwisaver to be returned before you are 65 from these ‘strangers’ and see the hoops you have to jump through and then finally get declined – your own money and you cannot get it returned!
        Then if you have any balance, the government will tell you to use your Kiwisaver first before you can get your Super –


        • Kiwi saver serves two purposes.

          1. It props up the Ponzie scheme that is our Financial system.

          2. It will be a useful tool for the Government to renege on the universal pension.

          On top of that they have constantly make changes to the Scheme, to the detriment of Kiwi savers, and will continue to do so.

          A good little earner for those collecting the fees on an all care no responsibility basis.

          The only non negotiable part is your ability to get your funds out when you deem it appropriate, for you.

          What I can Guarantee is that we will continue to have financial crises and it is the uninformed, helpless Kiwi fund contributors who will pick up the tab. And at every crisis there will be a % of people just about to retire.

          Ask yourself if you were a market player and you could place a bet that would give you a very healthy return and if it failed somebody else would pick up the tab, would you place that bet? The answer is yes.

          Or better you know the crash is coming and you bet on the crash happening.


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  4. John Key resigned because it was in the best interest of John Key to resign.

    Maybe in time more will be revealed.


    • …. John Key resigned because it was in the best interest of John Key to resign.

      …. Maybe in time more will be revealed ….

      Looks to me that effective Funktionshäftling (Kapo) Key resigned knowing the repercussions from his having set up to join with corrupt states and petty dictatorships to sponsor the un gang’s attack on Israel, will bring such scorn and derision to the New Zealand government as he would not not have survived. And nor will his sorry and, thus, set up, successors!

      Brian Richard Allen


        • Totally agree. Mr Farrar was very quiet on the whole Israel issue as well. My money is on Key turning up in a major “leadership” role somewhere in the evil empire.


      • This is the same Israel that was twice caught acquiring New Zealand Passports, how many time did they get away with it.

        It is a bit hard to call them friends.

        Friends do not steal from each other.

        I have the same feelings about our other “friends” the French and their State sponsored bombing in Auckland.

        I watched the Security Council vote. The most telling thing was the US ambassador and her comment that every US President since WWII had failed to bring peace.

        So maybe a new approach is required.

        I have no time for a non democratic UN with 5 states having a veto vote, and it does look stupid when the whole World votes for something and the US veto it. The US is the biggest abuser of the veto.

        Have often wondered why India the Worlds largest democracy and representing about a quarter of the Worlds population was not on the Security Council as a permanent member.

        What is the Justification for Great Britain and France being on the Security Council at all and do we really need veto votes. Apart from the 5 permanent members being the 5 biggest exporters in weapons.

        In short I am in favor of a UNexit. We achieved absolutely nothing on the Security Council.


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  7. Red

    I read this post again today. Brilliant work. Key was a disgrace and few picked it up such is the hopeless state of our nation and media.

    Anyone voting for English and National (or ghastly Labour) for that matter deserves the NZ they will get.

    Key just pocketed the highest award in Australia. And for what FFS? He and his apprentice Turnbull are horror stories.

    Corey Bernardi is going to deal to him. He is looming large as the Trump Australia needs.


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