Sack McCully, English and the whole damn National Party

nz-protestShould voters really be surprised to see the NZ National Party lining up with communist Venezuela, and puffing wind into the sails of the murderous hate driven Hamas organisation?

New Zealand has been on the slippery slope for at least fifty years. The rate of the slide has slowed somewhat under each period of National governance, but neither Bolger, nor Shipley, nor Key have ever turned the wheel in a different direction. Never changed the final destination. Never veered off the socialist path.

It is a stark illustration of National’s spinelessness that the only real change over the last half century came from Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble and the Labour Party. The far left of Labour soon quelled that insurrection.

From Jim Bolger forward, National have not met a leftist idea they did not eventually allow or implement.

When so many are aware of the left’s primary strategy, (Cultural Marxism) National have stubbornly persisted in denying its existence. Talk to almost any Nat supporter and they’ll tell you “Oh, that was the direction the country was moving in, and National could not have stopped it.”

Perhaps National could have been forgiven for their foolish intransigence up until twenty years ago, but since then, information barriers put in place by the left have been smashed, and any infant can research the political truth that the Marxists have been using cultural influences for decades to steer the political direction of the West.

Yet even today, when all of the information is out there in stark honest relief, the National Party will not use that resource. They steadfastly ignore the truth and instead embrace every leftist lie they can.

While the internet offers an opportunity to avail themselves of so many ideas that counter the left, National MPs continue to supplicate themselves to the enemies’ narrative. Like McCully’s UN resolution. Like Multi-culturalism. Like man caused climate change. Like white genocide. Like redistribution of wealth. Like Keynesian economics.

National haven’t met a facet of Cultural Marxism they won’t embrace. They’ve attacked our traditional culture. They’ve attacked our civility. They’ve attacked our law and order. They’ve attacked our economic well being. (Just think- a productive sector of less than 2 million citizens is paying $80 billion each year to the beehive for governance, and a few billion more for local governance) They’ve attacked our education, primary and secondary. They’ve attacked our universities. They’ve attacked our patriarchal families. They’ve attacked our defence forces and our traditional defence alliances.

For fifty years or more these damn fools in National have danced like inebriated puppets while the global left have pulled their strings.

So now we line up with dictators, totalitarians, communists and murderers to malign the only democracy in the Middle East. What is this really but the icing on National’s cake? So much so that even the extreme left, all that remains on NZ’s truncated political spectrum outside National, are applauding enthusiastically and loudly.

And we who have spoken out against this treachery over the years? What do National say to us? Nothing except what the left tells them to say. Don’t go to this website. Don’t go to that website. They are heretical. The writings there are sacrilege. The people who write there are political Satanists.

The left has told them this and National trusts the left implicitly. Anyone opposing Multi-culturalism is a racist. Don’t believe taxes and regulations can change the climate? You’re a denier. Oppose the vicious anti-family doctrine of the feminists? You’re a sexist. Decry apartheid, you’re a white supremacist. Oppose “environmentally” driven de-industrialisation, you’re a greedy capitalist exploiting the globe’s limited resources.

Readers may need to be reminded that is it not the so called left in NZ I am talking about here. It is the NZ National Party and their support base. It takes thirty seconds to track down a left wing site where they are telling you not to read sites that are to their political right. It takes the same short time to find the very same instruction on sites in NZ that support National.

Its time to sack McCully. Its time to sack Bill English, if not for anything he has done in the past, for his incompetent silence on a matter so important. Its long past time to sack John Key who we now see as a selfish narcissist who did not care about anything as much as he cared about being popular, even if it meant pandering to almost every evil the left could place in his path. He knew of this latest anti-Israeli event, no doubt pressed upon him by his “good friend” Obama, and he quit because he couldn’t bear the thought of his popularity falling.

Really though, we just need to sack the whole damn National Party, who for fifty years have joyously surrendered to the left and have never once even thought of developing a counter strategy to Fabian style gradualism. In more enlightened times, they will be seen for the failures they have been, just as the US Republicans are now being exposed for their incompetence and surrender.

NZ has two choices. A violent change of political direction, or the same outcome that has occurred in Venezuela and Greece. (Treasury forecasts net debt at 200 per cent of GDP by 2060). I think the latter more likely than the former, if not for the wilful blindness and incompetence of National, then for the fact that they and Labour have for fifty years or more combined to stamp out any non-socialist thought and speech patterns.

As a result of this one-party-state totalitarian zeal, there is nowadays in NZ a serious lack of the political courage and acumen needed to build resistance. Even when it comes, the left will falsely label these future rebels as fascists, and then National will be right there, nodding like imbeciles in agreement. As stupid and as hapless and as manipulated as ever.

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  1. Well how bout this, we have a merit based pension system. If a mother wants to go on the DPB for ten years why should she get the same pension as someone who’s made a marriage work. Why should someone who’s worked for 45 years get the same pension as someone who has only worked 20 years. The more someone has used the system now the less they get later on.

    #2: How bout a gold or silver based monetary system. If the government can use the monetary system to create as much money as it pleases it will spend, spend, spend to keep the lower income people happy.

    #3: How bout we put a limit on the amount of taxes imposed. Just recently Gareth Morgan has come up with a new tax. A tax on your assets.


      • Very much off topic you say. Socialism is where the government controls every aspect of your life. Its where the government picks winners and losers. Its where the government can decide how much tax you pay. Each and every one of those 3 ideas would put a cap on government expenditure. Those who are on welfare would treat it as a safety net.

        And the other two ideas would also put a cap on government expenditure. Maybe you haven’t read the US constitution but both ideas are a reflection. Maybe you haven’t read the Magna Carta, but the Magna Carta says that the government should only intervene when one party is harming another. That’s what right wing means. You take responsibility for yourself and only when necessary the government steps in. Nothing else. Red said the word Marxism. If you’ve read the communist manifesto Karl Marx said:

        “But modern bourgeois private property is the final and most complete expression of the system of producing and appropriating products, that is based on class antagonisms, on the exploitation of the many by the few.

        In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of Private Property”. So left wing means you have no property, you have no rights. The state is therefore able to dictate everything to you, what rights you have and what rights you don’t have.

        So if this is off topic for you, here’s my challenge chuck bird, how would you reduce government.
        2ndly how do you define right wing vs left wing?


        • That would also apply to Auckland Council, who treat property owners as tenants.

          The more the property is worth the more rent (rates) you pay regardless of what services you use.

          As the landlord they have a huge say in what you can do with your “tenancy”.

          But it is a bit off topic.

          Red has either taken to many meds or not enough over the New Year period.


          • Yes Mr Blobby that’s exactly how they treat us, they act as if they own the land. And that’s also why the paper keeps on talking about property. They want as many people as possible to auction the real estate, so the price will go up, and then they can charge more rates. These people don’t care about you one bit, they just want to extract as much out of you as possible.


        • While we are off topic I’ll mention that while wandering around Akatarawa cemetery the other day while waiting for a mate’s cremation service to start I came across Dale’s grave. I wish I’d known him. Happy new year Warren – I think its going to be an interesting year what with some big political shifts from 2016 filtering through.


  2. Thanks Brown always good to hear from you. I have just had enough of the government being so big, and so oppressive that I’ve started up a series on You Tube on what you can do about it. I have done more than 35 videos on how government has control of absolutely everything you do except gold and silver. Its exempt from asset forfeiture and criminal proceeds recovery act, where they can take your assets, without giving you a trial, with no money to hire a lawyer.

    Its even exempt from divorce law, if you look carefully its not covered in the relationship property act. And effectively your only obligation is a sales tax when you buy it, and the person you sell it to has to pay a tax. No other obligations, while you hold it.

    One clip is getting about 200 or more views a day. So I’ll give you this one. Its about how the elite don’t want you to have gold, and are doing anything to discourage you. So if you, or anyone else wants more information about this I’ll happily do so, but just for now, I’m doing something about it.

    And yes EAD if your still advising people on gold and silver investments this gives another aspect into how valuable an investment gold and silver is.


    • Generally I agree but they do control Gold and Silver, the price is heavily manipulated downwards.

      Look at the recent past it was illegal for US citizens to own Gold Bullion. That can happen again any time at the stoke of a pen.

      Gold is touted as a safe haven investment, there can be no such thing as a safe haven investment, all the money would flow into such a safe haven investment away from other investment types at some stage Governments would be forced to act, as the US Government did between the two World wars.


      • Mr Blobby, I covered these points early on, as that is my most common critism. In video 3, I explain why it happened and how it won’t happen again. The 14th Amendment and the coinage act meant America’s creditors came first. Sections 1 + 4 of the 14th Amendment created a 2nd citizenship where you were no longer a citizen of only the state. You were a citizen of the US, and now you needed to do your part in paying the national debt. Soon afterwards a temporary income tax was imposed in the 1800s to pay down the civil war debt. In the 1900s this was no longer temporary. The coinage act of 1873 said all debts must be paid in gold. HJR 192 said no longer is gold the only way to pay. You can discharge with Federal Reserve Bank notes.

        In video 4 and 5, I cover the other points. I’ve done my research.

        I’ve only included clip 3, as each clip takes up space, but you should be able to find clip 4 and 5 easily. If your wage is $15 an hour and it takes you 100 hours to mine for gold and silver, you have to get paid $1,500 for that ounce and that’s just the mining costs. If they manipulate it to the point where its unprofitable to mine for it, no further production will be had. This will make the price go shooting up. It doesn’t go up smoothly, it goes up with violent gyrations. So for those who invest for 10 years they will get an increase, but not those who have it for 1.5 years. So yes I do cover all the ways that they can manipulate in the short run, but over any 10 year period it has to rise with wages.

        In 1971 an ounce was $35, so when it was worth $1,500 that’s 43 times that amount. Finally the government asked people to sell their gold for its value under FDR’s executive order. $20 was what they got, and was its value under the coinage act.


        • The reason that the US Government made ownership of Gold illegal was due to the fact that it was seen as a “safe haven” investment, and people were very unsure of the economy so the capital was fleeing to Gold bullion.

          This threatened the stability of the US economy, so the Government acted and made Gold ownership illegal and set an artificially low price to buy it, with a fine of $10,000 US more than US$1,000,000 today.

          People did not always sell back to the Government especially as they doubled the price the next day, windfall for the Government. They put it into safe deposit boxes. When the economy crashed and banks closed, the authorities took over the banks, not many people were going to claim their Gold and pay the fine for not selling it to the Government, so it was effectively confiscated.

          My point is that our financial system is, by design, fundamentally unstable and prone to boom and bust cycles. At every boom and bust cycle people make and lose money. Note people in the system, make money.

          Remember if you do not know who the patsy at the table is, then it is you.

          As such if there was such a thing as a “safe haven” then all the capital would be sitting in the “safe haven” investment, this cannot be allowed to happen. Governments would be forced to act. Why would you have your pension that you cannot withdraw, until the Government says you can, sitting in an overpriced stock market about to crash when you are about to retire.

          There is something like 100 times the paper Gold, as there is the physical Gold, this has artificially kept the price down, what do you think would happen, to the price of Gold, if everybody decided to take physical delivery of their Gold.

          The price would go through the stratosphere.

          The only thing they could do, as there is not enough physical Gold, is print money and pay people out for the Gold. Could you imagine Gold at US$150,000 an ounce, the the economic shocks that would follow.

          As this is unlikely to happen, they will probably just default and outlaw Gold.

          Note I do not disagree with you, just the point that there cannot be such a thing as a “safe haven” investment.

          Our Financial system is designed to boom and bust.

          The only thing holding our fiat money system together is faith, when that faith is lost so is the currency. There is nothing else backing it. There is not enough Gold to back the system without a massive price hike, not going to happen and if it does it will be to the advantage of the Government, not the patsy’s, like you and me.

          So where does money come from, if it is not backed by anything, it is borrowed into existence. Then loaned out and there you have it, the money go round, just don’t be the one without a chair when the music stops.


  3. Red its like with any business. If you don’t stick to your core customers you will lose them. I like thickshakes so I will pay an arm and a leg to get a real thickshake with none of the artificial stuff in it. Now suppose someone says that if they sell them at a lower price they’ll buy more. So they reduce the size or add the artificial stuff in it.

    They lose me as a customer. That’s what happens when you try to please everybody, the changes you make make your original supporters want to go elsewhere. This is where the National Party has gone very wrong, they try to make it work for everybody by being relevant to everybody, but the changes offend their original supporters.

    National used to stand for something, they should be called international, as they are reaching out to, too many people. What do you think red.


  4. Red I’ve written three ways to limit government. Limit taxes. Not the rate but the amount of taxes. Implement a currency back by gold or silver, no more creating new money, and thirdly merit based pension. What would your solution be?


  5. Warren-

    Its all about ideas, and there are some great ones around. As you say above, the Magna Carta and the American Constitution are good examples. However the point about ideas is that people have to 1) hear about them and 2) agree with or at least consider them.

    The US Constitution is such a good document to use as the basis for government, but look at the US today. The constitution may as well not exist for so many Americans.

    Why is such a good idea so ineffectual right now? Because it has not been transmitted down through the generations, and because alternative ideas have been implanted into young minds.

    The left’s strategy of Cultural Marxism has succeeded in driving a wedge in between each generation. There is a huge cultural gap between parents and their children and it is many times larger again between children and their grandparents.

    This gap is the result of social influences that mainly originate from Marxist controlled institutions. The education system. The news media. The entertainment industry.

    So the things that we consider important are forgotten, and new Marxist ideas are embraced on a massive scale because we have yielded control of our cultural institutions and worse, our children, to the global left.

    This is the corrupt pervasive influence we must oppose and defeat. So we can all rattle on till the cows come home about good government. How things should be done, and I’m largely in agreement with the ideas expressed by yourself and other commenters here.

    However it doesn’t matter a damn while we are so badly losing the battle for young minds. Indoctrinated Marxists are pouring out of our schools and universities, whereupon many of them join the media and entertainment industry, and so the cycle is perpetuated.

    This is sausage factory production, and clear thinkers and independents just cannot compete because of the sheer weight of the opposing numbers.

    So we can have all the ideas we want, but the reality is we’re just pissing into the wind until we can communicate those ideas broadly, and have them seriously compete with Marxist outlets.

    The first task is to stop the indoctrination. No changes will occur until this beach head is gained. So we must fight the educators, especially centrally controlled education. We must fight and destroy the mainstream media. We must fight and destroy the entertainment industry. This is the only way we can remove those institutions from Marxist control and influence, and stop the indoctrination.

    This is one of the reasons I don’t blog much. This post might reach a few thousand people, maybe even 50,000 over its life time. Some reach many more, but its still nothing compared to the reach of Twitter.

    One tweet can reach and impress a half million to a million people. There is just no comparison. I only have 2600 followers right now, but imagine if I can accumulate more. The potential reach is phenomenal.

    Its also one of the reason’s I don’t worry about commenting at Kiwiblog. Why battle with the ignorant sly liars who support National, and the insane leftists who support Labour, when the reach is really so comparatively small? Its just a rubbish tip over there, and if I didn’t respect David Farrar’s honesty I might believe that he pays idiots (like Mikenmild and Stephieboy) just to keep the comment count up. I mean who needs that worthless crap?

    To finish, its great to have ideas, but they won’t save us until the present social political paradigm has changed. So that is the first priority, and then after that, we can argue about who has the best solutions 🙂


    • I hung on as long as I could at Kiwiblog, being the Extreme right target was fun for a while, but in the end I just had to bail. You can only take so much Stephie, Grieff and Co.

      Farrar exposed himself badly during the Trump campaign. I was in awe of Trump at times. He treated the scum media with utter contempt.


      • KC

        Out of curiosity I just did a rough calc, and comments from Stephieboy and Mikenmild between them make up around 25% of the comments on GD. Take their comments away, and the responses to their comments, and the total number of comments on GD would be reduced to about 30% of what they are.

        Which means that around 70% of the comments on GD are generated by the worthless ramblings of those two clueless communists. And that is leaving aside the other leftists who comment there. All up, if you took the time to thread your way down through GD, I reckon you might get about 1 comment in 10 that was worth reading. In other words, you’d have to scroll through 250 comments to find 25 that might be worth a read.

        What a painful joke the place has become.


        • Agree but at least you can comment.

          Unlike the censorship being exercised by Blubber Boy over on Whaleshit.


            • Yes, Yes and Yes.

              I understand that they want to moderate and have no problem with that, what I have a problem with is censorship.

              I had posts removed and banned from the site. Not because of my use of language or even insulting anybody, simply disagreeing with Blubber Boy.

              Originally it was because the post was an, undeclared, paid for post and any dissenting opinions had to be removed. When somebody pays you (advertorial) to say nice things about them then that is what happens, but you should declare the conflict that it is a paid for puff piece.

              Later it was for saying that Goff was going to be Mayor a view that became a fact, comment removed and banned again, gave up at that stage, shortly after Slater did call me on a related matter and I told him exactly what I thought of his censorship and that I had noticed that his comments were dropping.

              If Kiwiblog was more prolific in the number of posts then it would pass Whaleshit and be number one.


      • KC, I haven’t used kiwiblog since somebody on it said the government shouldn’t borrow or tax us, they should just print off the money! Further that I didn’t understand anything about the way the monetary system worked! I just haven’t been able to use it since. And yeah Griff was the other reason.


  6. I see what you mean red. To me the issue is the great depression. After the great depression the new deal happened, the government will do this for you, you do what you can for the government, people were staving. Ever since then government has grown. And people wonder why taxes are so high. Actually the climate movement is the next stage. We will never be able to get this country debt free while we have a climate tax.


    • Yes, climate change is the big lie that the National Party and John Key should have confronted much more strongly, but as usual, after some big talk in opposition, there was only weak surrender in government.

      A friend told me the other day that the East German govt justified the building of the Berlin wall by telling its citizens that it was constructed to “keep fascists out”.

      I thought how this lie so well illustrated the moral bankruptcy of the left, and how man made climate change falls into the same shameful category today, except on a global scale.


      • “Climate change” is a contemporary litmus test of insanity. As soon as that absurd piece of astroturfing by Savage labeled ‘climate change’ as a ‘big’ issue for NZ, the personal urgency to reconsider emigration raised its head again.

        In his address to Congress yesterday, President Trump referred to the upcoming 250th birthday of America. When one witnesses the progress of America one also thinks about how far NZ has not come as it mindlessly bickers and fritters valuable time toward a fully developed apartheid society, confines its education to left-wing social indoctrination and navel-gazes its way to a dogmatic standstill.

        Cultural Marxism is the tool that has been used to politically eviscerate NZ. It’s now a robotic carcass of the Left Walking Dead and their fellow travelers, the Crony eco-Capitalists. For my money John Key appeared as the quintessential globalist, a UN stooge, and by extension the National Party. Their recent support of UN resolution 2334 illustrated this perfectly, which is why I wrote to Minister McCully to express by deep concern and advise him they’d irretrievably lost my vote.

        Key’s attempt to change the flag was a UN experiment in identity erasure, one necessary step in the submergence of a culture and its subjugate to The Administrative State, the latter nicely highlighted by Steve Bannon at CPAC recently. It failed as did the UN apparatchik. Now we need a new, loud, coherent and robust Right of Center, Libertarian flavored Populist Party to counterbalance the abject political and social rot.

        I was always told that NZ was 15 years behind the rest of the World, so I guess there’s awhile to wait.


  7. That description of National party reminds me of Australian Labor Party today… odd isn’t it? or not!

    No wonder we have a global rise of “Alt right” political thinking!


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