Trump calls left’s bluff, and they have no cards

There are two basic political factions. One is the left. The other is the anti-left. The left wish to build fences, and the anti-left attempts to escape those fences, and sometimes tries to tear them down. However, the anti-left’s big disadvantage, even though a majority, is that it does not, by its own nature, possess the organisation, the resources, and the political numbers to repel the left. The left are a force, the anti-left are the fragmented resistance.

A forum comment that so perfectly explains leftist gradualism

A forum comment that so perfectly explains leftist gradualism

The left have been winning for decades, and doing so for one real reason, gradualism. Sometimes called Fabianism, other times called Cultural Marxism, and sometimes again called the Long March, whatever, the essence of the leftist force is the incremental takeover of the West’s cultural institutions. A plan that is intended to create the “new man” where every child at its moment of birth is innately devoted to Marxism. Something the left have almost achieved fully in mad socialist nations like Sweden.

The idea is that society’s drift to the left is so gradual it is unnoticeable, and its an idea that’s pretty much worked. Up until now. Up until Trump.

Trump is now President of the United States of America, and his inauguration today marks the beginning of the end for the gradualism of the left. To a large extent this change is due to Trump, but its also due to the behaviour of the left itself.

Trump called the left’s bluff, and it is clear they have way overplayed their hand. Trump’s political successes have so jolted them, they have forgotten the plan. Gradualism, the slimy smug incremental creeping strategy has gone, and in its place we see the screaming of mad people.

The screams have awakened the previously docile majority who are now aghast at what is happening. They finally see who the left really are. The cloak of gradualism has been desperately discarded and the left now exist in all of their repugnant being, in full view of a public appalled at what has been exposed. A public shocked at the insane destructive force they have formerly sheltered within.

The mainstream media, the left’s most successful deceit, has been identified as a subversive force. So has Hollywood, and other mainstream entertainment sources. So has academia, perhaps the most poisonous affliction upon our Western societies. Even perceived anti-left parties like the US Republican Party are seen in a new light, with subversives within the party identified in clear relief. John McCain and other “reach across the isle” jelly-backs were loudly booed at the inauguration.

The mood has spread to Europe, and it has a foothold in Australia. The UK is teetering, as is Canada, You can even smell it in hopelessly left wing New Zealand, however there is little chance it can be turned into action here. NZers have always had a reputation for sheepishness, lacking passion, and its a characteristic the left have turned to their advantage. However, it will come here, maybe ten or twenty years behind the US, but it will come.

In the meantime NZers will have to suffer the unending drivel of non-events like (for example) Chris Trotter, Lizzie Marvelly, and a hundred other such brainwashed left wing imbeciles, while their loud but dwindling fan base tells us we simply have to listen to them. Circle jerking events like the discussions at The Dim Post blog, that are insufferable for their hysterical preoccupation with blinkered navel gazing issues of infinite irrelevance.

NZ badly suffers from leftist brain rot. The same sick psychosis that infects countries like Greece and Venezuela, where even when tragedy and disaster are all around, and clearly a result of left wing political policies, the truth continues to be denied.

The NZ Herald, the Dominion Post, television stations TV One Two and Three, most radio stations, NZ On Air, are all instruments of anti-West left wing subversion, and their pervasive influence is difficult to surmount. But it will happen. All that is needed is that one Trump like figure to act as the catalyst. Then, they will all find themselves in the crazy basket, where they belong. (Bob Jones has the needed political profile, but why would he bother?)

Thanks to Trump, and the panicked reaction of the left, many more are awake to the truth of the globalist left. They are anti-West, they are anti-White racists, they are anti-nation, they are of course anti-capitalist, and the political model they wish for starts with the expired Soviet Union, and ends with the Marxist “new man”, a global society where there is no thought or speech that is not Marxist thought or speech.

Only thirty seconds after noon, pages devoted to man made climate change and LGBTI issues were scrubbed from the White House web site. Its over in the US for the left. Now for the rest of the globe.

14 thoughts on “Trump calls left’s bluff, and they have no cards

  1. Very good analysis. Trump has unbalanced the left movement and they have inadvertently revealed their true colors. The pendulum has stopped moving towards the left and will slowly but surely start moving in the opposite direction. Such is the way history moves.


  2. The same problem is around the western world. It is often the lessor of two evils.

    Having said that I am sure Trump wants to leave a legacy. It is clear he cannot delivery all he has promised but I am sure he will give it his best shot. Although he has been married three times it looks like all his children and their partners love him as well as his siblings.

    Obuma could has and should have called off the demonstrations. He has no legacy other than being the first black president.


      • Agree. How hard (or not) can it be for secret service personal to keep their political leanings to themselves, at least until the next election. Just hope they have fairness of mind to give him a go and see what happens with his policies in the short to medium term at least.


      • Already one SS agent has indicated she would not take a bullet for Trump. I hope Trump has other SS agents who are prepared to protect the President, even if that means risking their own lives. This is what they join the SS for.


        • Assign her to Hillary Clinton’s protection detail. Permanently. Hill’s a foul mouthed beeaatch and treats her would-be bullet catchers like dirt. But she’s not Trump, so, okay. Right?
          Plus, the unhappy one gets the unwelcome attention of Mr Hillary, aka The Arkansas Oglemeister.


  3. Correct again Red.

    However we, here in NZ, have gone to far down this path to turn back.

    Others are further down this path, France, Greece the Euro zone in general.

    The MSM in NZ never really publicize the protests etc that happen in those countries. The sense of entitlement and self interest, with the majority now dependent on the state, means the situation can’t change.

    We have to follow it to it’s inevitable conclusion.

    Mark my words.

    This will all end very badly.


  4. Great post Red. I had the privilege of being at the inauguration and the feeling of optimism and euphoria was awesome to witness.

    I heard a couple of black people say I thought he was going to be a bad president when he was announced but the more I saw of him the more I think he is what we need.

    NZ and Australia need to get rid of the progressive scourge.


  5. Totally agree with you Redbaiter, the true colors or reality of the left is making itself very apparent with the protesting of Trump’s presidency now in action across major US cities.
    It’s like these people don’t like or accept centuries of refinement to US electoral system they have today over there.
    As usual, the left not facing reality… cold and hard as it may seem to these delicate “snowflakes” and the rest of the cultural Marxism movement.


  6. Well put indeed!

    No matter how bad things may seem, the prophets of scripture saw our current situation large and clear, almost 2000 years ago, and foresaw a major backlash that would blow the leftist sons of Belial to smithereens.

    Take a look at the website mentioned below which shows how the suggests how the revolution is likely to take place.

    Paul Caplan, author.


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  8. I wish I had more faith. At this point it is hard to see how he will survive (politically or physically) the full storm ahead. Don’t forget we’re not even 2 weeks in, and there already calls for his assassination. And how many lawsuits? If he is strong enough, and can be kept secure, and if he can prove to be the statesman that the leader of the free world needs to be, then I will be happy to watch him implement his policies.

    Everything to date has been impressive. I am, however, very edgy as to how he will approach the NATO/Russia saga. I am not yet convinced he is any kind of match for Putin.


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