The National party’s thought police

Former Prime Minister Muldoon would be spinning in his grave if he could witness today’s atrocity, the NZ Human Rights Commission that his govt gave birth to in 1977.

It currently operates under legislation called the “Human Rights Act 1993”, an inspiration of the Bolger National party. This act, now incorporating the nonsense of the Yogyakarta principles (introduced under the Key govt, and a concept that would leave Muldoon glassy eyed), forms the basis of the horrendous stain on freedom and democracy the HRC is in 2017.

So the HRC was born of National, and continued by National, not the least over the last eight years, when they could have done something about it if they cared to, but they obviously did not. In fact, they made it worse than ever when Judith Collins appointed a squash playing clown to the Race Commissioner’s position.

Devoy’s job is supposed to be to make NZ a united society. She appears to have no idea how to do this and instead runs around trying to drive wedges into our racial relationships, and deny NZ any kind of cultural homogeneity.

Her views appear to be driven by hard left ideology, and her recent statements on President Trump’s temporary ban on visitors and immigrants from countries where terrorism germinates have confirmed this.

One would think a Commissioner would have some basic level of common sense, especially when the HRC has an ever growing number of employees whose salaries exceed $100,000. Eleven in 2014. Seventeen in 2016.

In 2002 the HRC’s budget was $1.53 million. Today it is close to $10 million, and $6.6 million of that goes on wages. There is a further $4 million budgeted for employee entitlements. Susan Devoy’s salary is $232,947. She received a $6000 pay rise this year. This is a big and growing operation, and one would think it would need competent management.

Here is Devoy’s reaction to the Trump executive order as reported in NZ’s ghastly anti-Trump MSM-

“So many of us are feeling helpless but the one thing we can do is let our own decision-makers know that we will not allow hatred and intolerance to spread and become normalised here at home,” Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy said.

Devoy said she had spoken to tearful Kiwi Holocaust survivors who never thought they’d “witness a return to the politics of hatred, division and racism in their lifetime”.

“We need zero tolerance for hatred not just in our politics but in our everyday lives; we cannot afford to be bystanders and ignore injustice,” she said.

It was a good reminder to New Zealand politicians to “keep it clean” as the country approached the next general election, she said.

This is of course a gross over-reaction, and rather than benefit race relations it merely fans the flames of an already volatile situation. Devoy’s unwise comments, based on her uncritical acceptance of biased and untrue reporting, (fake news) demonstrate she’s just not smart, and too dumb to be part of management running a $10 million budget. Should she also be receiving a salary of near a quarter of a million taxpayer dollars?

Trump was elected by a free and fair election. (well at least fair in the sense that the cheating was all against Trump) Immigration reform was a major part of his campaign. Opinion polls that approve of his action two to one show he has ongoing support for his policies.

The executive order is not a “Muslim ban”. If you’re a Christian or an atheist or of any other religion, born in or a citizen of any of the seven listed countries, you will be affected by the temporary order. Muslims from other countries, including those with the largest Muslim populations, are not affected.

The order is scheduled to only exist for 90 days or until improved vetting procedures are put in place by the Trump administration. (A fairly small inconvenience considering the 15 years of inconvenience of over the top airport security all travelers have had to suffer since Muslims started hi-jacking planes and flying them into skyscrapers.)


Devoy’s statements wrongly attribute so much hate and bigotry to the Trump administration. They again therefore fan the flames of division and dissent.

They assist the anti-democratic global socialist movement who detest Trump as an obstacle to a plan that has so far been going along so well.

The burnings and destruction at Berkeley university (California) are driven and legitimized by the left wing rhetoric amplified by Dame Susan Devoy.

There is further outrageous over-reach in matters political by Dame Devoy, with her threat to NZers to “keep it clean” in the upcoming election. If she has any right at all to control what NZers say and think on these matters, then if this is a civilised country governed on free and democratic principles, she should not have that right.

Dame Susan and her atrocious fascist divisive hate mongering department of thought and speech control are a product of the National Govt and have continued to exist only with the connivance of the National Govt. Think about this fact when you place your vote in the upcoming election.

11 thoughts on “The National party’s thought police

  1. So the race relations commissioner now has a mandate to interfere in other sovereign nations business.

    Has anybody advised President Trump of this.

    I could imagine his reaction.


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  3. National is such a disgrace as a political entity. I am proud to have never voted for them. It is such a pity for NZ voters that Act and the Conservatives have failed in the basic fundamentals as political parties. Both have left it until election year to make an impact on the electorate which is far too late.

    We all thought Joris de Bres was a dangerous fool. Who on earth knew Devoy was worse. Who could support Judith Collins as a leader after picking Devoy? Such appalling judgment there or was it deliberate?

    I fear deeply for the dangerous world we live in right now, especially here in Australasia, where entrenched progressives in power and opposition are still trying to push on with the globalist agenda as if Trump never existed. Bill English is in for a big shock when he calls because English represents all of the globalist UN bullshit that Hillary Clinton stood for. Trump does his homework and I hope he shows him no mercy. He may not even call.

    We should be supporting Trump 100% but instead we hitched our wagon to the incompetent Obama and UN. I am embarrassed for my fellow Kiwis that we have been so gullible.

    Australia is likely to have a new conservative party led by the fearless Cory Bernadi announced this week so the scum MSM will be in attack mode. Pauline Hanson is building on her steady upward polling trend for both state and federal elections which is awesome despite the odd internal glitch. There is talk of a merger between Bernadi and Hanson. Malcolm Roberts shines on and continues to be a fearless advocate for his supporters.

    Whatever happens Turnbull is toast. The Abbott mutineers in cabinet namely Morrison, Bishop and Frykenberg et al, will be scheming and ready to jump. Abbott is sitting quietly and Dutton also knows the writing is on the wall. Expect another Australian PM before the NZ election.


  4. I see the hate speech issue as a government push to accept we are no longer a white anglo-Saxon society. That was the goal all along Guns facing inward / fifth column.


  5. The radicals of the 60’s gained influence (eg a small group of professionals in CARE – two Labour MP’s were members). Critical theory questioned everything European while accepting uncritically Maori essentialism.
    Michael King was a *the* champion of 9that there be) a Pakeha ethnicity; unfortunate that his brakes failed!?
    Britains entry into the EEC was a factor, however the need to be a good pacific neighbour contrasts with Japan who traded successfully without mass migration. The real kicker is the turning of the tap from assimilationism to cultural pluralism. Cultural pluralism means no initiation, minimal compensation, just walk in and be as foreign as you like. A metaphor might be a wealthy school with lots of buildings and lavish grounds that allows pupils of other schools to use those resources while keeping their uniforms and teachers, (but it is hard to find a good metaphor for such an abnormal situation).
    As the status of the host society is reduced and it’s resources stretched dissenters must be suppressed and that is where the Race Relations Office comes in.
    It couldn’t have happened without a business elite which benefits from an inward flow of Chinese and other money.


  6. From the mid-1980s, official rhetoric and official publications, including material used in schools, depicted New Zealand as a multicultural country of immigrants, with Maori identified as the first wave of immigrants to settle in New Zealand and establish themselves as tangata whenua (Indigenous people of the land). Malcolm McKinnon observed that a great deal of attention was paid in the official rhetoric and publications to immigration history at that time as a way of emphasising the legitimate place of non-Anglo-Celtic groups in the wider community, be they continental Europeans, Pacific Islanders or Asians. In the recast version of history, all New Zealanders were portrayed as immigrants, or of immigrant stock, and the population was portrayed as very diverse.[37]

    Click to access ch064.pdf


  7. The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is a United Nations initiative
    that aims to improve understanding and co-operative relations among nations and
    peoples across cultures and religions and, in the process, to help counter forces that
    fuel polarisation and extremism, including ‘clash of civilisations’ theories
    that the world is made up of mutually exclusive cultures, religions, or civilisations,
    historically distinct and destined for confrontation. The United Nations established the
    alliance in 2005, on the co-sponsorship of the prime ministers of Spain and Turkey.
    See further United Nations, Alliance of Civilizations (
    and United Nations (2006). The Ministry of Social Development is leading the
    co-ordination of a New Zealand Plan of Action focused on the alliance’s four main
    fields of action: education, youth, migration and the media. See further Human Rights
    Commission, New Zealand Plan of Action to Support the Alliance of
    Civilisations (


  8. What do Chinese think of the White -left [bleeding hearts at HRC, Asia NZ Foundation, Paul Spoonley, Russell Brown, 90% of journalists etc, etc, etc,]
    baizuo is used generally to describe those who “only care about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment” and “have no sense of real problems in the real world”; they are hypocritical humanitarians who advocate for peace and equality only to “satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority”; they are “obsessed with political correctness” to the extent that they “tolerate backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism”; they believe in the welfare state that “benefits only the idle and the free riders”; they are the “ignorant and arrogant westerners” who “pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours”.
    The stigmatization of the ‘white left’ is driven first and foremost by Chinese netizens’ understanding of ‘western’ problems. It is a symptom and weakness of the Other.

    The term first became influential amidst the European refugee crisis, and Angela Merkel was the first western politician to be labelled as a baizuo for her open-door refugee policy. Hungary, on the other hand, was praised by Chinese netizens for its hard line on refugees, if not for its authoritarian leader. Around the same time another derogatory name that was often used alongside baizuo was shengmu (圣母) – literally the ‘holy mother’ – which according to its users refers to those who are ‘overemotional’, ‘hypocritical’ and ‘have too much empathy’.


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