Onetime Australian Labor leader less left wing than National Party

Less left wing is about the only descriptor available in NZ politics since National surrendered its principles to Progressives and cultural Marxism. Its not sensible to use the word Conservative or even right wing when it doesn’t describe one millimetre of the available political spectrum.

Fortunately Australia has not sunk to such an irretrievable degree of political debasement. If you’re sick of the status quo there are plenty of options, especially with Cory Bernardi leaving the floundering Liberal Party ship.

Malcolm Turnbull attempted to do to the Australian Liberal Party what John Key did to National, turn it in to a reflection of current disgustingly crude popular political culture, but thankfully, there’s still a working and effective opposition in Australia, and what’s more its gaining ground.

Writers of Conservative opinion abound, in Murdoch papers and on the internet. Too many to even list here. Sky TV runs the Bolt show every weeknight at seven pm, followed by discussion programs where Conservatives are well represented. Right through to midnight.

Radio’s most popular prime time shows on the east coast are presented by Alan Jones and Ray Hadley. Steve Price, and again Andrew Bolt are all given voice.

Political newcomers are a breath of fresh air. Andrew Hastie will be the Australian PM in ten years or less. He frequently uses the term Cultural Marxism, words National Party members, even if they ever understood the concept, would be deathly afraid to utter.

The Australian political scene is a stark contrast to NZ where the Conservative voice has been effectively shut down. In NZ, even popular blogs that call themselves “right wing” are more accurately progressive, and definitely not Conservative. Its laughable for Cameron Slater to try to pretend his liberal/ left echo chamber is NZ’s version of Breitbart. Visiting Israel just because Andrew Breitbart did does not make Slater any less the political pretender.

Hello, Breitbart is a Conservative news site. Whaleoil has always been violently anti-Conservative and as well, has never been able to understand the real political battle being fought today. Breitbart gets it. Whaleoil does not.

An infrequent recent read shows Slater even repeats loony left wing conspiracy ideas such as early marijuana laws being driven by hemp manufacturers. The depth of his commentary is defined by articles like “If Political Blogs Were Dogs”.. FFS.

Kiwiblog similarly reflects the one party state, where Nat party communists endlessly spar with Labour Party communists. Its the same every day, except for a gradual decline into even more mediocrity and subservience to the suffocating progressivism that so permanently defines NZ’s political condition.

Nitwits express their outrage even at Whaleoil’s tame attacks on National, swearing never to return to the blog because they’ve been so offended Slater is (to his scarce credit) not a lame Key sycophant like they are.

Sappy little progs with desperately hurt feelings. Who write to Mr. Farrar protesting “offence” at some truth they may have discovered in another comment, and he obligingly deals with the perpetrator of the  “offence”, as the denouncement based comments policy on his blog says he will.

Its all just going nowhere except deeper into the global socialist mire.

John Key was a political, ideological and cultural traitor. When NZ was sliding deeply into communism under Clark, and should have been stopped from sliding further, he did the opposite, and pushed it even deeper into the swamp, where its now at the point it is irretrievably bogged. Only Venezuelan style disaster can bring freedom. Possibly.

Pro- National propagandists in the style of Cuban bureaucrats (who lied about their education and health care being the best in the world, ) push stories that are intended to impress voters with National’s superior economic management. Labour and National posture and strut like angry roosters, to give the public the impression there is some conflict of ideas, when in fact on the larger political scale, they are virtually the same.

(Next post [in a week or so] will blow the National Party’s claims of good economic management out of the water.)

Steven Joyce flits about the country picking winners like the worst kind of Obama-socialist hand out merchant. Bill English, like every other left wing drone on the planet, criticises Donald Trump for trying to keep his country safe. The Nats embrace the evil concept of “hate speech” with unbridled enthusiasm.

Radio NZ keeps broadcasting LW crap. TV stations run by left wing subversives have not been sold off. Obsolete govt depts pushing identity politics and division still abound. Burdensome and dangerous govt debt still underpins socialist largesse. Private debt fuels consumerism like the credit card never has to be paid off. Schools and or university courses run by yellow predatory communists still brainwash gullible youth.

Immigrants continue surging into the country. Overloading services. Clogging roads and schools. Building high rise apartments, driving inner city populations to unmanageable degrees of density. We need them, even when they destroy our national character and culture, because without them the hopelessly compromised socialist economy would be in desperately dire straits.

The National Party’s platform may as well have been written by the far left global organisation Socialist International. Or the UN’s Agenda 21. In fact it probably was.

Meanwhile ex-National Party stalwart Wayne Mapp is all over the internet telling voters how much the Nats loved Obama and how they earnestly wished for Hillary Clinton to win the US elections.

One can’t even really call the Nats surrender monkeys, because to surrender you have to first engage in a  fight. The sad truth is the modern Nats have never fought, because, being so deeply infected with Progressivism, they don’t have a cause to fight for. They simply agree with and support every atrocious disgusting social and political change going down because THEY WANT TO.

Back in Australia, ex Labor leader Mark Latham has grown his public profile. There are whisperings already (spurred by Trump’s success) about a return to the leadership. Latham’s policies for Australia are below. Read them and think about the fact they come from a left winger in Australia, and then think about how the NZ National Party would find most if not all of these policies deeply repellent. This is how far down the tube we are in NZ at the hands of these traitors and appeasers.

If you claim to be an advocate of liberty, and you vote for the NZ National Party, you’re either seriously deluded or part of the sorrowful deception that is being played on gullible uninformed NZ voters. If you’re true to liberty, you’ll put your vote elsewhere. These Nat traitors have to be removed. Even if Labour has a term, it won’t matter so much as the importance of ridding NZ of the political sewer rats that are the National Party today. A term in opposition may see the clean out that is required.

Vote anywhere. Just make sure you don’t vote for the Turncoat NZ National Party.

Mark Latham’s policies to restore Australia.

1 Big cuts to the Federal Government’s annual 200,000-plus immigration and refugee program, ending the major-party consensus for a Big Australia. Slower population growth would take the pressure off local employment, urban congestion, housing prices and environmental sustainability — a massive win-win-win-win in public policy.

2 An end to social engineering programs, with the abolition of Safe Schools, Respectful Relationships, university safe spaces, Section 18C and man-bashing government agencies such as Our Watch and the Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS).

3 Democratising the ABC, making it a clearinghouse for citizen-based broadcasting. Any Australian should be able to post their blogged, podcast or webcast material on its platforms. The most popular contributors would then be promoted to appear on the ABC’s radio and television programs — breaking the longstanding Leftist monopoly.

4 Reforming the Human Rights Commission so that it serves the public, not political correctness. The Commission’s charter should be recast to promote community building, Australian values and the virtues of Western civilisation. It has an important role to play in pushing back against the spread of radical Islam — the greatest human rights threat to our society.

5 Ending the era of big government. To reboot economic growth and international competitiveness, Australia’s top marginal tax rate should be cut from 49 per cent to 35, with other income brackets also receiving tax relief. To increase the disposable earnings of hardworking Australians, the Federal Government needs to make us a low-tax regime.

6 Big cuts to wasteful Federal spending, especially in transport, higher education, energy subsidies, corporate welfare, Canberra’s defence and foreign policy establishment, arts funding, public broadcasting and mental health rorts. Entire departments and agencies need to be abolished, bringing the size of government back to pre-2000 levels. The profligacy of the past 17 years has given Australia the worst of both worlds: bloated bureaucracies and stagnant economic growth.

7 Slashing regulation on business, especially when it holds back the development of new industries. For instance, Australia should be a global energy superpower with a dynamic mix of coal, renewable, CSG and nuclear energy. But the dead hand of government has knocked out the latter two. With the recent weakening of the economy, we can no longer afford to turn away new sources of jobs and investment.

8 Urgent school education reform, fundamentally changing the face of Australian teaching. On the international league table of academic achievement, we have fallen behind Kazakhstan — a national embarrassment. The top performer, Singapore, has based its success on a highly selective process for teacher recruitment. We need to do the same, increasing salaries for high-quality teachers and weeding out under-performers.

9 A new war on poverty, creating economic opportunity for all Australians. Non-viable indigenous settlements and public housing estates need to be closed down, with residents moving to areas where they can access jobs and services. The intergenerational poverty cycle also needs to be broken through improved teaching and learning programs in disadvantaged schools.

10 Genuine reform of parliamentary entitlements to make rorting impossible. The Turnbull Government’s recent proposals are no more than window-dressing. Entitlement amounts should be bundled together and capped, with travel funding released only after MPs have demonstrated the primacy of parliamentary work in their itineraries. An Anti-Corruption Commission is also needed to guard against the corrosive influence of machine politics and paid lobbyists.

14 thoughts on “Onetime Australian Labor leader less left wing than National Party

  1. Truth be told, Mark has swallowed the Red Pill since he left politics and even attacked Rosie Batty for making a career out of her son’s death.
    I’ve got a lot more respect for him these days. He was portaited in the media as a thug, but I guess that’s what they do to people they don’t like.


  2. Have you seen this video by Paul Joseph Watson? I follow him on Twitter and he’s mostly very good value. This video encapsulates all that’s wrong with the progressive political model endorsed by the National Party. Latham understands this. Its appalling that today’s NZ National Party, founded upon Conservative political principles, does not.


    • Have you seen Kiwiblog today?? FFS, it just gets worse and worse.

      Running a Fairfax media story attacking Trump for criticising the partisan findings of a Bush appointed liberal judge, and another story backing the communist propagandist and enthusiastic purveyor of identity politcs / Cultural Marxism, Andrea Vance.

      Unbelievable what the Nats have become.


  3. And the sycophants show up to support the English speech at Bastion Point but are deaf/blind to what he said in the 2002 speech on Maori that was posted on nzcpr .
    Power corrupts?


  4. I’ve been applying what PJW has been talking about in that video for years already without consciously giving it labels.
    Thanks to youtube, the whole world that can access net has choice to either get dumber and dumber or smarten up and take action. Turn around the last 50 yrs of liberalism back to newly emerging ‘alt-right’.


    • This is what disgusts me so much about the National Party Rodney.

      You know what is going on. I know what is going on. Millions of people across the West can see what is happening.

      In fact we’ve known about it for decades.

      The National Party however remains blind, and pig ignorantly sticking with the leftist/ progressive/ cultural Marxist narrative.


      They’re either cowards, uninformed or so stupid they really can’t latch on to the obvious. Whatever, their persistent refusal to fight the left, combined with their abject willingness to surrender, has finished them as far as I am concerned.

      The Australian Liberals are feeling the heat more and more every day. It will come to NZ eventually too, even with the MSM here being so corrupt.

      NZ can hardly exist as a silly little debt ridden Cuban island of socialist corruption and cronyism while the rest of the West is moving on.


      • The change will come Redbaiter, can’t be avoided now internet access is more popular and accessible. That brings to mind another issue about global surveillance networks thanks to that awareness raised by Julian Assange and Edward Snowden this decade. However I digress.

        Mainstream political groups like National Party are going to be seriously doomed into obscurity unless they “Man up” and change. I feel the LNP here is really starting to naval gaze like never before but reluctant to publicize that via MSM.

        The phenomenon of “fake news” is what’s so disheartening to gaining knowledge about the reality of this world today and that is the biggest fear in my opinion. It cuts both ways on both sides of politics >

        In the end, we have to get our information from somewhere, who, how and where is the deciding factor. Good luck to all truth seekers!


        • It only takes one strong NZ leader ready for their lifetime challenge to step up. Someone out there must be ready to do a Trump. Its a big ask but there could be little more satisfying to rescue your own country surely?

          Cory Bernadi in Australia has decided enough is enough. He is getting shit on him from all the usual low life prog media scum suspects of course but their days are numbered. Good on Bernadi for putting his balls on the line.


          • Its a damn shame Winston wasn’t a bit younger and had a bit more fire. He’s got a good profile for a Trump type revolutionary except that he’s been in politics far too long.


            • Once upon a time I too think Winston had potential to do great things but as the days turned into years he became a legend in his own whisky bottle.

              There is also the small issue that he is a lazy Charlatan who had several chances to introduce the Maori elite to the English Draft of the Treaty and jogged off with the baubles of office instead.


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  6. WTF RB?? Most of those policies are nothing but more communism.

    3. close down the ABC, give the media rights to Murdoch or Breitbart.
    4. close down the HRC. Communists don’t deserve “rights”
    5. 35% tax rate is LOW?? WTFFFFF. Zero corporate tax rate. 15% personal tax rate. Balanced budget amendment. No more welfare.
    6′ “big cuts to welfare, back to 2000?” No, in 2000 there was still Medicare in Aus – which was only bedded in in ’84. Back to Whitlam. Back to well before Whitlam!
    7. zero business taxes. zero business regulation. it’s that simple
    8. 100% charter/private schools. close down all government schools, sell of land to highest bidder. If a parent doesn’t love their kid enough to pay for their education and healthcare, then there’s nothing the government can do to help: schools are just expensive leftist childcare
    9. eliminate public housing etc.
    10. parliamentary allowances? Who gives a f**k?


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