Get your fingers out of my pocket

screenshot023Twitter drew my attention to this group calling themselves “The People’s Commission On Public Broadcasting and Media“. Fairly important group apparently, since they claim to represent the people of New Zealand.

I wondered how they came to represent the people? By election or vote? How were they “commissioned”. By some kind of public selection process? Nope, they’re self appointed, and they represent themselves and not the people. So they bullshitted about all that.

And what do they want, this group who by their very name expose themselves as charlatans? They want to put their fingers into your pocket, take out your money, and use it to pay for left wing propaganda . They don’t say that of course. They camouflage that objective under so many euphemisms like-

balanced public interest media, a new sustainable financial model, high quality unbiased penetrating analysis, quality content, high quality and informative material, properly funded public media, a shared and trusted public media space, trusted independant (sic) journalism, reflect the rich diversity of NZ, celebrate our indigenous culture, explore fully our history, present and our aspirations for the future..

You can tell from this BS language that many of those on the so called “Commission” are the people who have brought media to the low point it deservedly rests at today.

Here’s something else that will make you laugh. They state-

” Our panelists… come from across the political spectrum”

Yeah, from the political spectrum that ranges from the extreme progressive left to the far left. Most have connections to the Green Party / Left wing politics or Fairfax media or previous taxpayer funded cronyists schemes. Examples-

ActionStations (Alinsky style left wing activism)

Coalition For Better Broadcasting  (Yet another communist group seeking to access taxpayer money)

They want submissions. Here’s mine. You’re all well off, with your own pockets lined at least to some extent by the long suffering taxpayers. Give the people of NZ you falsely claim to represent a break. You’ve got financial experts on board. Float an IPO for a subscription funded broadcaster. Then go for it each and every way you want to go for it.

There’s not one good rationally underpinned reason for the long suffering NZ taxpayer to be involved.