Trump’s real problem- he doesn’t get the left

trump-oval-officeTrump is a businessman, and he’s been too busy to think long and hard about politics. That’s one of the reasons he doesn’t get what he’s up against. Like a lot of people, Trump does not understand the global force of leftism. He doesn’t know that seething vicious tyrannical ideology that seeks to dominate the Western world.

Trump once thought his opposition was the Democrats. Now he understands the Democrats are the easy part. Since becoming a political target, he’s learnt the real opposition is the mainstream media. He’s not dumb, so perhaps he’ll soon also come to realise that his enemies are not just the Democrats and or the media. In fact the left is much bigger. They’re academia. They’re Hollywood. They’re the bureaucracy.  They’re even the Republican Party.

In fact they’re global. The left are most of the political parties in the Western world. Take New Zealand for example. A laughable farce, two left wing governments trying to fool voters that they represent different choices by bickering over minutiae while largely agreeing on everything else. New Zealand however is only the tip of the iceberg.

Its the same in Australia. Its the same in Canada. In the UK. There is hardly a Western country over the last fifty or sixty years that has not succumbed to the gradual sly slinking cowardly political offensive of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory. A strategy that involved the gradual destruction of any force that represented an obstruction to the left.

They were going so well. Until Trump’s election rocked them onto their heels.

After a period of stunned confusion, the left are coming back. They’re angry like never before. They lost a huge battle. The people won a huge battle. This circumstance has to be reversed as soon as possible, before the global left’s whole Potemkin village is razed, and they fade into history.

The left believe Trump must be removed. They believe he must be taught a lesson. More, the people who voted for him must be taught a lesson. “Those stupid Trump supporting fools need to understand where the real power lies and we, the left, will make that clear by removing Trump from office. See what we did, you ignorant red necked oafs?”

They want to teach us a hard fast lesson about rebellion. They want to show us who is really in charge. While they send their blackshirts into the streets to riot and visit violence upon any Trump support that dares show itself, their allied forces in our cultural institutions and govt attack from within.

Trump, an elected President, is being betrayed and undermined by the security forces of the country he leads. Just think on that readers. What is the most significant attribute of any Soviet or Communist state? The govt you see in the media is only a show, the real govt is the secret services. In Germany the Gestapo, who became the East German Stasi. In Russia there was Stalin’s Bluecaps and later the KGB.

In the US, the tapping of General Flynn’s phone and the release of transcripts to the media show that the force is all the one same murky evil, all part of the global leftist army that seeks to dominate and tyrannize the West.

And all of this demonstrates so clearly how the West has been totally infiltrated and eventually dominated by the ideology born of the Frankfurt School and slowly seeped into our culture over a sixty year period.

Every totalitarian movement has its roots in brainwashing. The Soviet union was built on it. East Germany was built on it. Nth Korea thrives on it. Communist China is another dangerous and belligerent example of the perceived success of left wing brainwashing.

You think the thugs that bayoneted Jews onto railway cars in Germany were well educated? They were not. They were the Hitlerjugend. Hitler Youth, a vile perversion of the country’s children by an evil ideology that was force fed to them by Nazi educators. This pattern has been followed in many other such tyrannies and most notably in the West today.

You know your children are not well educated. They can’t do maths. They can’t spell. They know nothing of the West’s history, its literature and art, its social sciences and its politics. This has all been purposefully erased and we have a modern day version of the Hitlerjugend on the verge of dominating Western culture. Our teachers are mainly traitors and subversives, either knowingly, or they’ve already been brainwashed by their own teachers and do not know what have become. Here’s an example.

So these sad ignorant little communist thugs cleaved from their parent’s culture by the axe of Critical Theory, leave our schools and universities and find jobs in our govts, our bureaucracies and our corporations. Freedom, especially freedom of political expression, is dying, our cities are dying, our countries are dying, as these one world automatons grow dominant in our societies.

This is the force Trump upset when he won the election, and this is the force that is now regrouping to fight him tooth and nail. He needs to understand that although he may not want it, he now has responsibility for the survival of Western civilisation. He needs to realise what he represents, he needs to fully realise who the enemy is, and he needs to marshall his forces and defeat them.

If Trump loses, mucensorship growing.jpgch of the West’s freedoms will be simultaneously lost. And do not be mistaken about the left, when they come back they will come back with a vengeance, and the intent to ensure a Trump style rebellion never happens again.

Think about how they will do that. Take a good long look at their history, the millions of bodies buried in mass graves all over the globe. The bodies of people who could not be persuaded to think like the left. Tyranny and murder, its what the left eventually bring everywhere. It won’t happen overnight of course, but make no mistake, its an outcome that where ever or when ever the left has total control, is always lurking.

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  1. A very timely and poignant post Red. It made my blood boil.

    That mentally challenged leftist trash and her ilk in the Tucker Carlson video must be rounded up by the authorities for inciting violence and committing same whenever they are carrying it out. Milo clearly needs military support as the police are clearly unwilling to do their jobs or they have been told to stand back. Its totally unacceptable.

    I am aghast that Trump is not recognizing the gravity of this situation. There seems to be a hesitance or arms length policy going down. These filth should be smashed for disturbing the rights of free speech.

    The police in that video were effectively allowing that guy to get attacked by the mob and it wasn’t until he was being assaulted they stepped in. Too late then sorry.

    It is clear the left have declared war on Trump from all angles. It is time he and his people got much tougher and used the full range of legal options available to them.


    • Flynn should not have resigned. I am surprised Trump and he capitulated so easily.

      Trump and his admin need to fight much harder against the left. They need to find the leaker of the phone transcript and charge him/ her with treason. (In fact the bugging of General Flynn’s phone took place under Obama.)

      I’d also prosecute Clinton and Obama for the same offence.

      The best way to beat the left is to go on the offensive against them, for really, they never have anything.


      • Yes I was stunned too but maybe keeping Flynn in place was untenable. On the face of the drivel called evidence that we have read against Flynn he should have given them the bird, but who knows, there may have been more to it. I think it was the inference that he intentionally or unintentionally misled Pence that hooked him out.

        The scum media think they have a scalp which grates on me but someone in the IC is going down big time. It looks like Priebus is being fingered but he is too smart to leave fingerprints. When Trump finds who it was and they are exposed things should settle down.


  2. I assure you i am not a commie,i am a bit ” left” i will admit , but believe it or not i was actually glad when Trump won,because i believe that Hillary is a war monger and would have stood a good chance of blowing the whole bloody joint to little pieces.

    I get the impression that Trump would rather be friends with most countries than start a war with them,as opposed to Hillary who wanted to kill anyone she did’nt like,so sometimes we can agree on certain things and still agree to disagree on others……………. Thank you for allowing me to comment on your site.


    • As a generality, business men don’t create wars as they have property and business interests which may be jeopardised by warfare. I believe the world is in safe hands with Trump at the levers for this reason. Either way, what a great article this is! I’ll mull it over for week I expect.


      • Yes the other reason I believe we are in good hands with Trump on nukes is he is a father and grandfather. He is a human being, not a black heart globalist.

        Trump needs to get major reform happening quick so the numbers move his way. I think he will avoid the distraction of conflict.

        When the economic results start flowing he will get a second term. The we get Ivanka.


  3. Absurd. Donald Trump is fighting the left greater than, yes, even Ronald Reagan. The problem is the myopic viewpoint of some shallow self-proclaimed “conservatives” like this article’s author. But true conservatives are not this slow-witted.


    • You’re the one with the slow wits Joseph. This blog supports Trump and wants him to succeed. The purpose of this post is to try and alert him to the fact that the left are a far more evil and potent force than he thinks they are.

      I’m not worried. He’s smart, and he’ll catch up soon enough.


      • I did not draw any insult of Trump from your blog, Rebaiter. In fact, as someone who voted for President Trump, I believe his precise focus – rescuing America and perhaps the rest of the world by extension – from the slide into global Marxism was intentional. He’s smart enough to realize you can’t say that on the world stage and be taken seriously right now. In four years, maybe so.

        At the outset of his campaign, I don’t believe he realized the breadth and width of the forces arrayed against him. But the hiring of Stephen K. Bannon as his campaign strategist and now his White House chief strategist is evidence that he may know more than he’s letting on. He has surrounded himself with trusted people – Washington outsiders mostly – to help him see matters clearly and point out the enemy hiding in the weeds. He’s moving forward – slower than many had hoped but forward is the direction this movement to take back our societies and cultures needs to head – regardless of the organized resistance against him.

        The Left or hardcore, rabid Alt-Left’s hopes were raised by ‘Nobel Prize-winning’ community organizer Barack Obama. It seemed that a clear glide path to a successful global Marxist revolution was in sight and was smoothly and incrementally happening. All the globalists and their somewhat clandestine gatherings in Europe and Asia that never really seemed to produce anything but photo opportunities, proclamations, and murky ‘accords’ were evidence of it. All of that is evaporating as the curtain is slowly pulled back on what is going on and has been happening over the last 30 years.

        As Trump moves forward and gains momentum against a biased ‘free’ press and the headwinds caused by the clueless Hollywood glitterati, shadowy foes within our government, the elitist academia, unabashed globalists like George Soros and techno-billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, more people will become aware of the scope of this cancer and its pervasiveness in our societies and cultures. Eyes will slowly be opened, thanks in part to blogs like this. Trump has given voice to ‘the forgotten man’ in America and others across the globe who realize something is wrong with their countries but have been too intimidated into silence by the Fascist Left to speak their minds.

        It’s that fact which has the Left seething, knowing that its prize was all right within reach and is being snatched further away every day by Trump and his actions. Their response to Trump is exposing their nefarious conspiracy and their foundations of revolution. I would like to be able to say that Marxist dogma is in retreat but I don’t know that it’s safe to say that yet. A year or two from now, if Trump can continue his march to reclaim sanity and our country is not plunged into a civil war, Marxism may be beaten back into retreat.

        Thanks for the thought-provoking article.

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        • Thank you for the most interesting comment Robert.

          I agree with you that Trump has given momentum to the anti-left forces, and it is encouraging to see all over the net an increasing number of Liberals/ progressives writing about how they have awoken from their political slumbers.

          We need to turn that flow into a torrent. 🙂

          On the other hand, we have Washington DC, meant to be the framework by which Trump governs, and that translates his decisions into policy. My view is that they are a nest of snakes, having voted around 90% Democrat ever since they were given voting rights. (as District of Columbia)

          You are right that Trump has surrounded himself with good people. Bannon is no fool, and another person who really impresses me is Sebastian Gorka. This guy is the real deal.

          Trump will have a battle with the entrenched bureaucracy, who will be enthusiastically assisted in their subversion by the media, academia, the Democrats and worst of all, RINOs like John McCain.

          As each day goes by Trump is made more aware of how dangerous these forces are, but as you say, it is his personal characteristics that give us the belief he will succeed. He is strong, unafraid and resourceful, and with enough support, he will win.

          Nevertheless, I think it will be a long hard battle, made so mostly by the utter ruthlessness of the left. Who will fight even harder as their losses become more apparent. Trump needs to be very careful about his personal safety.


        • Michael, an absolutely AWESOME reply and analysis
          Following you on twitter now @Flying_Kiwi68


      • I think Trump got a good taste of how scummy DemScum are during the election… I think it shocked him. It didn’t shock me – I’m only surprised he actually survived it, since they clearly want him dead. Also, remember the death threats to his children… he knows he’s up against something very evil.

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  4. Very, very good piece. This little savage is terrifying, with her school teacher’s authority and smug, self righteous arrogance. Yes, they will regroup and then try to smash everything as they are bitter nihilists at heart, thanks to their love affair with Cultural Marxism. They couldn’t run anything for long for they have no talent and no creative impulse, but they can dog and destroy. I’m glad you made the point about Trump having the responsibility for the survival of Western civilisation in his hands (who the hell *would* want that), sounds like hyperbole, but it’s absolutely true. Europe is about to go through hell – a hell their leaders have asked for, and I mean taken-off-their-panties-and-bent-over-the-kitchen-table kind of asked for.

    It is Trump against the world now… and the Lefties will go after Him & His until their last breath:

    “Think about how they will do that. Take a good long look at their history, the millions of bodies buried in mass graves all over the globe. The bodies of people who could not be persuaded to think like the left. Tyranny and murder, its what the left eventually bring everywhere.”

    Thanks for the chilling reminder.


    • Thank you for your encouraging words Olivia.

      Yes, its interesting how this has turned into such an epic battle, and you’re right, it does initially sound like hyperbole, but it is in fact true, and it has become thus because of the intensity with which the left have gone after Trump.

      Defense of Trump is now so much more that just defending the POTUS.

      As the global left organises against him, they expose their true self, and remind us of just what we would be in for if they ever regain their political hegemony.

      We just cannot let them win.

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      • Absolutely agree Red! As the global left organise and fight, them and their evil is becoming even more blatant.
        It is a war, and will become even more so across the globe. The global extreme left liberals have no solid values, is all based on their ever changing hypocritical opinions and what “they feel” is “right”
        The opposite are those who have solid values based on absolutes, fact and truth.

        Who will be the winners? I do perceive the losers will be the indifferent, the ignorant, the followers, the masses who are “asleep”. It will come to the point though when people just won’t be able to “sit on the fence”.
        Agree like sheeple, or fight like pirates, fight like the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire


  5. What is happening now in good old USA is the left are showing their true colors of totalitarianism with there displays of “my way or the highway” spit in the face of democracy. Obviously Trump was elected under the way their electoral system works, that’s been refined ever since 1788 (an infamous year if ever there was one, not only in USA but Australia too)

    A stable and peaceful democracy ONLY works when the electorate tolerates the outcome of the election. In a country like USA with no compulsory voting, I wonder how many of those anti trump protestors actually voted? If the POTUS is not who you want and you did not vote, then shut the hell up and tolerate it. That’s how it works. Don’t like it, go to another country. No one is forcing anyone to live in USA.

    I have no sympathy for the anti trump protestors, just bunch of spoilt brats that didn’t get their way…

    After 50 or so years of liberalism, the tide is turning back. It’s just that Trump administration is the first one to do the turn around, that’s why they get slapped with all manner of conspiracy theorists paranoia and he has to be strong.. which in turn is taken to be turning into authoritarianism. Even some in the republican camp are calling him out on this approach… but he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. He HAS to be strong to effect the changes he campaigned on during the election build up period.

    May Trump admin hold the good ship of USA on a steady but strong course!

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  6. Trump took down evil Hillary. That said we must face reality. The city dwelling Reds will never be compatible with us Deplorables with American values. We need to stop wasting precious time and resources trying to save a system intent on destroying us. We need a divorce.


    • I could only watch a minute or so of that video before my impatience took over :). Those people are so clueless, they bring nothing to the table but the regurgitated garbage of left wing media outlets in the US. Its not anything informative. Its not news. Its just hopelessly inaccurate propaganda.

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  7. And it’s a story about how consequences finally came for Milo Yiannopoulos too — the worst kind of consequences for a professional troll. Consequences that nobody finds funny. Consequences that cannot be mined for fame and profit.
    As I write, Yiannopoulos, the fame-hungry right-wing provocateur and self-styled “most dangerous supervillain on the Internet,” is fighting off accusations of having once endorsed pedophilia. Former friends and supporters who long tolerated his outrage-mongering as childish fun are now dropping him like a red-hot turd: His book deal has been canceled, CPAC has disinvited him as a speaker, and today he resigned from his job at Breitbart.
    And the German Greens


  8. As a conservative, I am disheartened that Trump and the Republicans have felt the need to rely upon gerrymandering and tighter voting policies, which alienate potential conservatives. They should instead be focusing on outreach with the ideas of conservatism — which are powerful and can stand on their own — rather than rely upon political hackery. It’s hard for me to fully support them while they do these unethical things, to be honest.


    • Don’t agree with you Ray.
      Only citizens and residents (step before citizenship) are able to vote here in NZ, from a registered electoral roll.
      Is completely senseless to allow votes signed with a scribble, with no ID, and not on a roll where their Passport or ID and registered address is verified.
      Unless an election system is ironclad there will be abuse.
      If the alienated conservative voters you mention are illegal immigrants, to bad. The same number or more will be democrats


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