Shame CEOs don’t care about taxes and regulations as much as Same Sex Marriage

Being a Conservative you are about small government, low taxes, personal responsibility, and preserving our traditions and culture. This generally means you’re on the side of free enterprise. Today though its difficult to find real examples of free enterprise to support.

There is so much cronyism. Corporations that should care about the same things we do are apparently happy with the status quo.

Big government. Massive over expenditure underpinned by unsustainable borrowing. Ever expanding regulations. Increasing taxation. An interfering over- reaching bureaucracy. Environmental cuckoo land driven by the absurd and mythical idea that man’s actions direct the earth’s climate.

Why? Why are some corporates apparently happy about this and notable for their lack of complaining? The answer of course is that such a business environment allows them to prosper. They’re not free enterprise. They’re cronyists.

In Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged” she wrote of such corporations. The heroes are steel magnate Hank Rearden and railroad executive Dagny Taggart, two brilliant and productive business people.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are Orren Boyle, a competitor of Rearden’s, and Jim Taggart, Dagny’s brother and CEO of the railroad where she works. Both constantly scheme to win special franchises and government contracts from their friends in Washington and to heap regulations on productive businesses like Rearden’s.

This is why Telstra, Optus, Apple, Holden, AGL Energy, Qantas, ANZ, CBA, Lendlease, REA Group, and Wesfarmers are happy with the current business environment and the only thing they can band together to express dissatisfaction about is the Liberal Party’s election promise to hold a plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage.

To be fair, many companies have refused to be a signatory to the letter, proposed to be sent in the next few days.

To Senior Federal Minister Peter Dutton’s credit he has expressed outrage at what he sees as ill-mannered unwanted attempt by business to force a change to govt social policy. Surprisingly, Malcolm Turnbull has also spoken out confirming his commitment to a plebiscite.

The corporates forget this issue was voted in at the last election. Rather than trying to usurp the power of the voters, they should focus on improving their services. Most of the companies listed above have extremely poor public images. They should shut the hell up on Same sex Marriage and get on with improving the services they provide.

Meanwhile, how to deal with the comfortable corporates and their cronyism? They clearly need a lot more competition. Maybe its more important to vote for outsiders than we think.