Education- Deliberate dumbing down to allow left wing indoctrination

There are two things happening in education that should not be happening.

  1. Teachers are assuming the role of parents and deliberately destroying cultural links between kids and their parents, and,
  2. Kids are being deprived of the educational resources they need to recognise the falseness myth and distortions that underpin left wing politics.

Unless this trend is reversed you can kiss your independence and liberty goodbye as generation after generation of dumbed down easily manipulated anti-freedom anti-human adolescents are pumped out of the socialist sausage factories that masquerade as schools.

Evidence for the above assertion continues to grow, and is apparently unstoppable. People with a brain are making plans to divorce themselves from the slavish totalitarian societies these barbarian robots will build.

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One thought on “Education- Deliberate dumbing down to allow left wing indoctrination

  1. So where are the parents in raising their children? outsourcing them to daycare before schooling begins is starting point.
    A quick google presents many links to prove how first 5 yrs of child’s life lay down foundations in brain development, here’s one link from not for profit >
    I worry how today’s parents are too busy working or self indulging somewhere to not put effort & time into this critical period in a human’s life.

    Perhaps the void of negligent parenting is being filled by teachers instead? which raises the question, if kids are too much bother, then why have them in the first place?


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