Hager- pathetic NZ media like hogs at feeding time

Yesterday an extreme left political activist launched another of his fictional books. He’s an expert, this spieler of extreme left propaganda. Not only at propaganda, but also at manipulating his far left friends who pose as media in New Zealand.

He only has to click his fingers and they come running. Like hogs at feeding time, they run and bump against each other and snort and bellow. Pathetic to watch, and shameful to think this gang of snivelling easily manipulated fools represent the fourth estate.

Here’s an example. The nauseating communist outlet the Spinoff had “live coverage” starting at 07:37 am. Yes. That’s right readers, seven thirty in the morning even when the book launch wasn’t until six o clock in the evening.

This is journalism today. A craft that was built on values of scepticism is now populated by uneducated progressive lame brains who resemble teenagers at a Lorde’s concert.

Hager should make a buck out of their slavish promotion of his fiction anyway, which I guess is his real objective. He uses his easily fooled comrades to enrich himself, and all it costs him is a few beers and cheese biscuits.

As for the book itself, merely the re-hashing of a story that has been around for years and that has been relentlessly pushed by his co-author.  Here’s a report from July 2014, where there’s even statements from Mr Stephenson that seem to strongly contradict his stance today.

Categorical: ‘NZ troops did not kill civilians’

So called reporters are suddenly saying today “shock horror, Mapp has admitted there were civilian deaths..!!”

They’re morons of course. This fact was admitted in the 2014 article above. The real point is this- there was never any evidence that the NZ SAS killed the civilians, and Hager hasn’t said anything that is different and he doesn’t supply any fresh evidence. Just the usual smoke.

I yearn for the time when NZers will cease to be so easily manipulated by a dysfunctional media industry struggling to make a buck and pushing issue after issue and telling us we should care deeply when its just another beat up. Usually of a green left political nature, like this one, because that’s all that’s in their damn empty heads.

Suddenly charging for water is not an issue anymore but an event first reported on 4 years ago is??

Wake up New Zealand. Stop giving this crumbling derelict politically partisan and fraudulent industry your time and money.

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