Millennials- under educated and cut off from traditional culture

A post a few days ago referred to apparently unstoppable collapsing education standards in the West, and NZ and Australia in particular. Its no coincidence that in both these countries, the education system is largely govt and union controlled. Seriously, how did education ever end up with such an obvious recipe for disaster?

The idea of making the education system a dysfunctional socialist ruin is to ensure that graduates are more easily indoctrinated with low grade left wing intellectual/ political ideas. Rather than receiving an education that will allow them to choose that point of view. If they are ever so dumb as to want to.

Another important part of this process, let’s call it dumbing down, is the driving of a cultural wedge between parents and their children. Why? Because leftism is all about the new society, and to build the new society we need to scrub any memory of the old society from citizens’ minds. (This is actually recognised govt policy in inwardly collapsing socialist hellholes like Sweden)

The idea is to produce, from the schooling system, a new population imbued with socialist ideas and divorced from the culture that preceded them, and its a plan that’s working like a house on fire.

The post mentioned above details the collapsing educational standards. Now a survey of millennial attitudes shows the cultural disconnection process working just as well.

  • 44% of Millennials are most likely to prefer socialism over capitalism compared to 35% among older adults
  • Millennials are 26% liberal and only 12% Conservative. In the over 30s, Conservatives outnumber Liberals 28% versus 12%. The numbers are almost reversed.
  • 59% of Millennials call themselves Christian, compared to 72% of adults from older generations.
  • 65% of those under 30 support Same Sex Marriage compared to 43% over 30.
  • 15% of Millennials claim to be in the LGBT community, as opposed to only 6% of adults 30 or older

So millennials, as well as suffering from a sub-standard education are far further to the social left than their parents and grandparents. Although people traditionally drift to the right as they grow more mature in their judgment, a starting point way to the left suggests that this normal development will not take them to the point their forbears arrived at.

And what happens when this lot become teachers?

This dumbing down of society, both educationally and culturally, is euphemistically called Progressivism. It isn’t progress, its  a descent into eventual barbarism. Degeneration.

Education needs to become real again, or we’ll all pay a serious price not too far down the line.

(With apologies to the Millennials who have not succumbed. I know you exist.)

2 thoughts on “Millennials- under educated and cut off from traditional culture

  1. The best education, if you could call it that, is to inspire in them a sense of curiosity about how the world really works, not what is portrayed via digital communications.
    We are dealing with very powerful marketing tools awash with psychological manipulation in order to get millennials hooked on digital communications. Once hooked, and it ain’t hard to do, any kind of fabricated illusions about how the nittty gritty of everyday life for everyone can be drilled into them.
    With peer group pressure naturally prevalent in this age group, it only takes a few to take the bait and then the pressure is on to conform.

    Call me a cynic, but sometime I think the entire global internet should come crumbling down, just to bring everyone, especially millennials “back down to earth”. You know, get to talk to people face to face in real time… instead of hiding behind avatars and user’s profiles. Radical, I know!


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