What feminists are doing to boys’ minds- video from Sydney Boy’s High is unbelievable

Kids once went to school to be educated. Now the prime purpose is brainwashing, and its a problem that needs urgent repair. An unbelievable propaganda video produced by students at Sydney Boys High demonstrates just how urgent that need is.

First, its important to realise that the sad little indoctrinated dupes speaking in this video would once have been recognised as society’s future leaders. Feminists and or Marxists controlling Australia’s education system have made them detached from reality robots and therefore most likely unemployable in the real world.

This video doesn’t exist

Sydney Boys High School is a govt school run by The New South Wales Department of Education. More than 80% of the students enrolled have a language background other than English. The  school captain is one Hugh Bartley, and he said this-

“The video is actually part of a wider campaign running at school … to promote gender equal values within the school to get boys thinking about feminism and the role of men and women in society and what they can do to influence that in a positive way,” he says.

Sydney Boys High principal Dr. Kim Jaggar said

“Their video was a demonstration to our students that women’s equality is a men’s issue. They have a project to raise awareness about inequality in school life and in the wider community. An Equality Committee, made up of representatives from all years, was introduced at the assembly on Monday where the video was also shown to the boys.

Here’s a graph showing how overall education standards have trended downwards in Australia and New Zealand over the last 12 years, as Marxist activists have tightened their grip on education.

This is serious. This is brainwashing every bit as bad as any totalitarian state has ever committed on its young. And its done at the expense of real education, where standards have slipped for twenty years and continue to slip.

Another reason not to vote for the status quo. The New South Wales Liberal Party especially. This has been happening so long, and with the apparent connivance of our political leaders, therefore they just have to go. Any politician who plays along with this is as big a molester of children’s minds as the phoney “teachers” who have done this to students at Sydney Boy’s High School.

You know what this really is don’t you readers. This is a gloating message of victory from the left. They’re signalling us and the message is- ”

“Give up the fight. We have your children, and its over”

I guess Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joe Stalin and Vladimir Lenin all thought the same thing at one time. Surely this despicable video is a bell ringer for Western civilisation. Schools must be returned to education, and teaching kids how to think, not what to think.

Schools must be taken back from these cowardly stinking left wing indoctrinaters.

It can be done. We simply have too start voting for a different type of politician, and not the long standing options that have stood by like cowards and incompetents and let the left steal our children.

12 thoughts on “What feminists are doing to boys’ minds- video from Sydney Boy’s High is unbelievable

  1. Marxist communist is the right word. The communist manifesto says to destroy the patriarchial family, destroy property and destroy religion, and your society will have no resistance to communism. And gender equality is the destruction of the patriarchial family.


  2. The NSW Liberal Party is owned by communists who have been busy over the years infiltrating. Its useless as a political entity and needs to be part of history.


  3. The golden statement in this article – “Schools must be returned to education, and teaching kids how to think, not what to think.”

    The most valued of all life skills imo.

    Totally at the core of the plot in education.

    Must be handful of militant man hating feminists in this indoctrination philosophy from NSW dept of education. Another “swamp” like the ABC & its management that needs thorough draining.

    This generation will probably go the way of gen Y aka “the pussy generation” an appropriate label provided by old time hollywood actor Clint Eastwood.

    What’s even more depressing, is that a typical young woman of today has probably never seen a “real man” in real life.


  4. “What’s even more depressing, is that a typical young woman of today has probably never seen a “real man” in real life.”

    They don’t know what they’re missing do they Rod?


    • Redbaiter, they would not know what to do, tremble at the knees and have raised blood pressure…perceiving them as some sort of “freak” from hollywood horror movie!

      In all seriousness, this feminist movement has given birth to websites that specialize in promoting men to go their own way. Here’s one I stumbled on > https://www.mgtow.com

      Another one geared towards that old school pioneering male > http://www.returnofkings.com/

      Those guys at Syd Boys high should zone in and pick up the vibe from these pro patriarchal oriented websites asap before their penis turns into a vagina.


  5. Young people today, especially males have to build up more self resilience in the face of a world awash with misinformation, propaganda and just plain idiotic extremism.

    Take the popular social media platform of Twitter, they have now teamed up with Reach Out to “ease” the perceived negativity coming to young people these days via internet.

    Reach Out is another form of lefty dribble brainwashing young minds into questioning their gender identity > http://us.reachout.com/facts/factsheet/exploring-gender-identity

    Even the concept of questioning gender identity is like saying humans know more than nature or God! utterly absurd!


  6. Pull your kids out of government school immediately. Home school them. Do NOT let you kids grow up to be marxists robots. That is what they are becoming


  7. Make your sons read Jordan Peterson. He is a powerful voice in the saving of boys and men from the ravages of our feminized/marxist-leaning society.


  8. Thank god for Jordan Peterson. He is helping stupid young boys and stupid young men to wise up and take control of their lives. Otherwise, when the veneer of civility is completely gone from the western world which is the sole domain of feminism, no other countries are that stupid, things will change fast. Women need to be taken care of and protected from other men … We’ve seen those men in action all over the EU where they are raping a beating and killing women by the dozens.
    When there are no real men left in the western world, the REAL MEN of Islam, Central and South America, China, etc will come here and do what they want with our very stupid white women and there will be no one to protect any of them. Want an example? Sweden.


  9. Hitler and Mussolini should not be in the same sentence as Stalin and Lenin.
    Hitler & Stalin went up against the communists. Everything since said against them is victors socialist/communist lies.
    Germany was forced into WWI & WWII. Basic history.
    George Patton said We have been fighting the wrong enemy lets go through and take Russia.
    Patton had his fuel supplies held up so Russia could take Berlin first.
    Patton was murdered.


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